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Mister Buds 08-19-2010 06:12 PM

4 Nightcrawler Elites in a Row on Extreme...
i'm at the end of interval 3: bio-research right now, on extreme difficulty, and am completely stuck at this part.

it's the area where you ride a lift down into the area that's covered in blue fog. you watch the atc guys get killed by a couple nightcrawlers, then you have to kill them.

after that though you have to walk across a glass catwalk and fight off two nightcrawler elites simultaneously. once you do that, you go down to the bottom platform, through a vent, and into an identical area. except this time you start at the bottom, and there's two more nightcrawler elites you have to kill.

i just don't ever see myself getting past this part. the nightcrawler elites move so fast and their guns kill me in half a second. usually before i can even hit the button to give myself a first-aid kit. on top of that they take hundreds of rounds to kill. i can't even finish one off in one full slo-mo usage. then i have to fuck around and try to deal with them in real time while my slo-mo refills.

after about two hours of attempts, the closest i've come is defeating the first three. i only had one first-aid kit left and the last one of course murdered me. problem is, even if i made it past him, one first-aid kit isn't enough to finish the game.

i know this forum's dead but i could really use some help here.

edit: oh, also, the weapons i have on me right now are the g2a2 assault rifle, k3-bt grenade launcher, and the ves advanced rifle. i've also tried switching out for the asp rifle and vk-12 shotgun available in the ammo room but those didn't make much difference.

edit #2: well, that was fucking difficult. next checkpoint ended up being even more frustrating because nightcrawler elites kept spawning behind me while i was trying to deal with the guys in the room. i killed about seven nightcrawler elites in all and there was still at least one shooting me when i left (was completely out of ammo and first-aid kits). hope this doesn't void my achievement for killing all the enemies because those nightcrawler elites would not stop spawning.

i also read that the lightning arc is effective on them. which would be awesome if i had even come across ONE in my whole playthrough up to this point. haven't been any laying on the ground or enemies carrying them and i've been checking everywhere. it's like they're just not spawning in my campaign.

AcidGlowx81 08-25-2010 08:34 AM

Nvm. I see you finished it all now.
Instant Action is harder then campaign.

Mister Buds 08-25-2010 01:42 PM


Originally Posted by AcidGlowx81 (Post 3440878)
Nvm. I see you finished it all now.
Instant Action is harder then campaign.

indeed it was.

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