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ChiefStyx 09-19-2010 08:37 PM

Need HELP : Last coin in Hot Springs
Hi guys !
I've a big problem to get my last coin.
In Hot Springs, there's a coin and a waterfall close to it or something.
Please help me :(
BTW how can I beat "Snake Smash" from the "Tanzaku Minigames"?
Thank You.

*Sorry for my english, I really hope it's understandable.*

Here's a map with a Red Square where you can find the annoying coins.

SpinelesS 01-29-2011 09:11 PM

If its the coin I think it is (I have all the coins in that lower area so Its kind of hard to check) I believe the coin is behind the waterfall and you have to water walk to it.

As for beating snake smash the key is to not miss a snake for as long as possible (if you swing the mallet and don't hit a snake the bonus is reset and you start getting 1 point for each snake instead of 4) And hit the snakes in the order they appeared, not whichever is closest to your mallet (the stick has a high sensitivity so its not like distance is an issue)

ALL4WON 02-17-2011 05:43 PM

Thanks man, i was having problems with this one also, i thought of everything, even thinking of the water running to it, but i thought i was on the wrong trail, looks like my idea was onto something.

ValorsWolf 04-16-2012 11:21 PM

This helped me too thanks. there's a little boat next to little bit of lan near a fishing place. jump on the boat, then sprint jump to the little bit of land. You need to tap pretty fast to reach the waterfall without falling, so try resting the controller somewhere an tapping with a finger.

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