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Goots 88 10-25-2010 11:06 PM

I will survive Achievement

The I will survive achievement is impossible!!! Even if you look at the leaderboard there is only one person with over 7 mins of survival...

Does anybody have tips for this cause I seriously am about to give up??? The best I have gotten is 2:48:00

fuzz n ga 10-30-2010 10:31 PM

the highest i got was 2:40

deadly doll 10-31-2010 12:23 PM

Someone on the ps3trophies website posted his strategy for making it to the 7minute mark.

Nesher Lavan 11-01-2010 02:47 AM

I've copied and pasted the post below. Original post by 'bodigard'

I got the "I Will Survive" trophy early this morning and if you are having any problems here are some tips:

1. aim under the chin of the wolves (leads to a one shot kill with HEARTSHOT);
2. memorize where the wolves come from;
3. hit the 2 caribou in the camp site and then the 3 that run in the next area (will unlock a bear sequence that will last about 15-20 seconds with 0 chance of getting hit);
4. in the area right after the camp site wait until you are about to change areas and there will be a wolf that has an unlimited ammo power up, grab it and unload in the next area and build up your health early;
5. finally, the first rotation kills only take 1 shot, the next 2 shots, and so on so forth. so learning to quick shot and reload is a huge skill.

Here is how you should run through each area

CAMPSITE: Hit the first two wolves and let the first 3 wolves go by, the next set of three will either come from the right or 2 to the left and 1 to the right. Now the ducks should fly out, hit the one with the Marksman Power Up (nuclear symbol), hit the 2 Caribou that pop up and unload in the same area to kill 3 wolves....move to next site.

HILL: Immediately kill the first wolve on the right and then move to the left and unload quickly to kill the 3 Caribou. There should only be two wolves that pop up so quickly hit them. Now a bear will appear and as long as you are aiming under the chin you will waste some time killing it with 0 wolves attacking. Now after the bear is dead prepare for 3 wolves to come from the left and and right. Finally keep an eye on the right side for a chance to kill a wolf that has hte unlimited ammo power up. move to the next site

DOWNHILL: We are now aiming downhill. You will see 2 wolves go left to right, hit them quickly and then one from the left will arrive. Take him out and then you will see 2 Caribou run from the right to the left (one has health so grab it if necessary). There will be about 5-8 more wolves that appear. Once you see a lone one come from the right aim to the right to hit the one behind him for more health. Move to the next site.

TREELINE: Immediately aim mid right to kill two closing in wolves and then aim to the left to kill another set of 2. Stick to the left side as the wolves will spawn there. When you see a multitude of Caribou stampede look for one on the mid left to carry health grab it. Move to the next site.

RUINS: Quickly shoot 3 wolves on the left side and then aim to the right for a wolf with the unlimited ammo. Use it and get the one that is hiding the in brush to the right and unload in the middle of hte screen any wolves that show up. With the unlimited ammo none of hte wolves should get near you.

NOW YOU START OVER AND IT TAKES 2 SHOTS TO KILL THE WOLVES. Just repeat the above-state guide and you should last the full 7 minutes. It will take practice but once you can memorize and anticipate where they are coming from you will get the hardest silver in the game.

hazemonster 01-04-2011 04:27 PM

Great guide. Here's a few helpful tips. At the end of the second screen,grab the unlimited ammo but don't use it immediately on the 3rd screen. Instead, if you have enough health,save it for the second half of screen 3. Unfortunately, you'll have to pass up the first health carried by the wolf because you can only hold 1 power up at a time. When you see the 2 caribou pass with the second health, use your unlimited ammo power up as they are about to exit left and grab the health IF YOU NEED IT ONLY. If not, let them pass and a wolf will immediately enter from the left. After you lay him down, use the unlimited ammo and spray the incoming wave of wolves. You should be able to pick up the 3rd health carried by a wolf quickly moving in the same path as the caribou.Be sure to use it as soon as you get it so you can pick up the slow timer power up to save for the next screen. If you use the unlimited ammo late enough on screen 3, it will carry over to the beginning of screen 4, making it very simple to quickly eliminate the first 2 or 3 wolves. If not, the slow timer should help you clear the first few, and will allow you to immediately get the first health power up from the wolf entering from the right instead of waiting for him to circle around and come back. Also, I highly recommend the rifle as your primary weapon because it's faster and holds 3 shots. However, the shotgun will help for close range kills like the end of screen 2 where you get the unlimited ammo, and the beginning of screen 4 where the wolves start right in front of you. Hope this helps.

#3 on the leaderboards for survival mission "Night Fangs" with 7:58!

shoe478 05-08-2011 04:27 PM

I made a video of it just to show it is possible :)

Dreamkiller SKX 07-19-2011 07:26 PM

Id like to see your video of the 360 version shoe as you seem to have so much time on ps3 - Also it seems to lag on the downhill screen for us and before you know it the wolves are on you - and another 6:05 - 6:20 wasted....

Goots 88 09-20-2011 09:44 PM

Does anybody know if this is possible with 2 players. I have read contradicting statements. Some say you can get it with 2+ players, others say absolutely not, has to be single player. Can anyone confirm 2 player?

Edit: FINALLY Just got the achievement on my lunch break from work... SOLO

All the points HazeMonster has made, truly helped me get this achievement. A big thanks to him for helping me with one of the hardest achievements I have faced.

Here are a few additional tips I used to help easily get to the 7 minute mark…

For the first part use the above guides… My guide starts at the ruins, last level on the first playthrough.

After the first playthrough, the last level the ruins, after eliminating the 3 wolves on the left side of the screen and the lone wolf on the right (Unlimited Ammo) activate Unlimited Ammo. Now quickly eliminate all wolves and using this area to fill your health up. Soon in the middle background you will see a wolf with a Slow Motion Perk, DO NOT HIT THIS WOLF YET!!! Get the wolf that comes from the left to the middle close with the health, use the Health if needed then kill the wolf with the Slow Mo. The reason this is done, as HazeMonster mentioned before, is you can only hold one perk at a time and getting any other perk it will replace the current one you have.

2nd Time Through – 2 shots for kills
At the campsite, Play through normal as the previous guides mentioned; however, do not use the Slow Mo yet and DO NOT GET THE MARKSMAN PERK, this will take away your Slow Mo. As soon as you are done with the Campsite you will come to the Hill Stage. As soon as the hill stage starts, ACTIVATE Slow Mo, this will ensure you kill the middle closing in wolf and eliminate the 3 caribou that enter from left to right (as long as you got the 2 caribou at the campsite, which is an extremely simple task) and guarantee yourself the Bear (Trophy) Sequence. Completely ignore the Bear and aim to the right side of the tree to kill 2 wolves, another wolf will appear on the near left side quickly kill him. After the last kill quickly switch to your shotgun and be prepared to eliminate the wolf on the far near right side of the screen (Unlimited Ammo).

Downhill section. SAVE YOUR UNLIMITED AMMO. The first 4 wolves will enter the screen, 2 gray wolves and 2 black wolves. The black wolves usually trailing behind the gray wolves. Eliminate the black wolves. After this aim mid left of the screen, all wolves (I believe 4) will enter the screen and stop on the left middle of the screen. Next a caribou will come out with a health, from right to left, ONLY IF YOUR HEALTH IS LOW, activate Unlimited Ammo and shoot to get the First Aid (as mentioned in the guide by HazeMonster). If you do not need health, hold the Unlimited Ammo until after you kill the wolf that enters from the left side of the screen after the caribou. ACTIVATE now and kill the wave of wolves that are closing in quick; however, keep your eyes open for the wolf in the background (under the archway) with the Slow Mo Perk. Now that you activated the Unlimited Ammo so late in the stage it should last into the 4th level, the tree level. Just be sure you do not hit any other perks or you will lose your Slow Mo Perk.

Tree Stage. (as HazeMonster mentioned) Since you still have unlimited ammo, immediately open fire on the right side of the tree to kill the first 2 closing in wolves. After they have been killed you will be out of Unlimited Ammo, now it is time to use Slo Mo, this will make it a breeze and you should not be hit at all. Now just aim to the left of the tree and the remaining wolves will spawn there. After this kill the caribou that comes left to right if health is needed, then its back to the Ruins… which IMO is the best place to completely fill your health and there is no way you will be hit since all the wolves come dead center and you will have unlimited ammo. Be sure to get the Slo Mo again, for the start of the next playthough, beginning of stage 2 as previously mentioned.


Worth mentioning – I used the Top Shot Elite which works amazingly (Shooting Galleries only lol). Please note, I read online the best thing to do when setting up the sensor bar for the Top Shot Elite is to place it at eye level, DO NOT CALIBRATE it, instead set the Sensor Bar location to TOP. Also, set the time for the sensor bar to 3 hours, mine has shut off mid round on me. Then when you’re done playing, just turn it off manually. Primary weapon was the rifle, I only used the shotgun to get the Unlimited Ammo at the very end of stage 2. Don’t get frustrated. IT CAN BE DONE. Just takes practice and memorization. It took me 3 days, total of 10 hours.

BEST OF LUCK! Message me on live or post here if you need any additional help.

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