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rdrunr89 10-28-2010 05:27 PM

Achievement Guide and Roadmap

-Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
-Offline: 10 (150)
-Online: 0
-Multiplayer: 2 (50)
-Approximate amount of time to 200 12-14 Hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 4-6 (More may be needed for The Hungerer achievement because if you don't have your health down a lot, you won't get that many health packs)
-Number of misable achievements: None
-Glitched achievements: None
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats

(From Enter the Haunted House, if you dare. Atari’s classic groundbreaking game is back with more chills, cool new unlockables and plenty of spooky new enemies. Discover hidden secrets, mystical tombs, and new towers and catacombs, as you follow your grandfather’s footsteps on an epic adventure, searching for the magical urn that will lead you to his whereabouts. But beware – danger lurks behind every corner! Are you brave enough for the task, or are you afraid of the dark depths of The Haunted House?

Step #1: Normal Playthrough

I gave this a 4/10 on the difficulty more so not because it's hard, but it's time consuming. The majority of this game can be done on one play-through, although you can go back and play any of the levels at any time, once you have unlocked them to retrieve missing items and health. More may be needed for The Hungerer achievement because if you don't have your health down a lot, you won't get that many health packs.

There are 4 levels: Mansion, Attic, Basement and Catacombs. There are also 3 difficulty levels: Spooky, Frightening, Horrifying. The difficulty does not effect the achievements so for an easy 150, I suggest playing on Spooky (easy).

There are different Treasures to pick up along the way, only 5 are needed for the In the Attic, with the Knife achievement. There are 3 different keys to unlock doors (Emerald, Skeleton and House). Some door may require 2 of the same keys or a combination of keys. There are doors that can only be opened by using a lever (just press X when near it). Also, there are 4 lanterns (yellow or normal, red, green and blue). Each lantern will allow you to move through secret doors. When you have the correct lantern, the door will have that color outline.

Step #2: Multiplayer

There are 2 achievements for Multiplayer. They are Locksmith Apprentice and Veni, Vidi, Vici. Multiplayer is local only and cannot be played over Live. The Locksmith Apprentice may take mulitple playthroughs as well in order to get 50 doors opened.

Clean Up:

For some of the remaining achievements such as Exorcist, The Bright Side, and The Hungerer, you may need to play multiple times. I got The Bright Side on my full second playthrough and got The Exorcist after 2 full playthroughs plus the first floor in the Mansion. Depending on how many health packs you get throughout the game will also determine how many times you will have to play to get The Hungerer. Personally, I replayed floor 2 of the Mansion 4 times in a row. Three times I got 2 health packs on it, the other time, only one. So it is very random.


*Play through the game on Spooky (easy) level as difficulty doesn't effect the achievements. If you do not get all the achievements on your first play-through, then replay the levels to find what you are missing.

*If you die at all, then you would need to start a New Game for the Immortal Beloved achievement. Starting New Games will erase all your stats.

*Multiplayer is local only. For the Multiplayer achievements, you need to start a new game and cannot just play the final boss level.


Haunted House is a decent upgrade from the old Atari version. This game is not hard to master, just takes a little time in going through the levels. The nice part is you can continue your game at any time and not have to restart. 5 GS

This belongs in a Museum!

Find your first treasure

As you move through the house, you will find various artifacts by searching through chests, dressers and closets. When you find the first one, this achievement will unlock.

List of Artifacts:

Winged Shoes
Tongue of the Beholder
Crowned Jewels
Jack O' Lantern
Black Cat Statue
Neutron Pack
Shearing fingers
Emerald Dagger
Magnifying Glass
Gold Rod
Bronze Rod
Silver Rod
Hockey Mask
Bladed Glove
Empty Revolver*
Rusty Knife*
Bloody Candlestick*
Lead Pipe*
Rope (Noose)*
*Needed for "In the Attic, with the Knife" achievement.
Maltese Falcon Egg
Cup of a Plumber
Gold Crown
Bronze Crown
Silver Crown
The Only Ring
The Bronze Fleece
A Hair

Grandpa's Journals = 32
Amanda's Diary = 28
Zachary's Chronicles = 24

There are also Gold Coins to collect along the way, however, these are not that important.

Here is a breakdown by level for Treasures and Journals:

Mansion 1: 0 Treasures; 7 Journals
Mansion 2: 2 Treasures; 5 Journals
Mansion 3: 2 Treasures; 6 Journals
Mansion 4: 2 Treasures; 4 Journals

Attic 1: 2 Treasures; 3 Journals
Attic 2: 2 Treasures; 6 Journals
Attic 3: 4 Treasures; 2 Journals
Attic 4: 3 Treasures; 2 Journals

Basement 1: 2 Treasures; 6 Journals
Basement 2: 2 Treasures; 6 Journals
Basement 3: 1 Treasures; 4 Journals
Basement 4: 2 Treasures; 5 Journals

Catacombs 1: 1 Treasures; 9 Journals
Catacombs 2: 1 Treasures; 5 Journals
Catacombs 3: 1 Treasures; 8 Journals
Catacombs 4: 2 Treasures; 6 Journals

Boss levels do not have any treasures or journals. 25 GS Beastmaster

Defeat all four bosses in Haunted House

You will get this as you go through the levels. At the end of each Level (4th floor of each part) is a boss. This achievement along with Heart of Stone and Immortal Beloved (provided you did not die during the game)will unlock once you leave the Mansion.

Mansion = Bats - Beat them by lighting 4 fireplaces.

Attic = Stone Monster - Beat him by destroying his minions using the Eye of Sour-On (obtained during the attic level)

Basement = Giant Spider - You have to navigate around the maze in order to find the 4 sections the spider is in. Make sure you have the Flaming Branch (obtainable right before the battle) to beat him.

Catacombs = Zachery Graves - To defeat him, you will need to use the Skull of Enlightenment, the Eye of Sour-On or the Flaming Branch to beat his minions, then pick up the Hand Grenade and go near him and press A to set it off. Do this three (3) times then run straight up to exit the mansion when it starts shaking.

**Note: Don't bother stopping on the Zachery Graves level to find anything while you are running out, you cannot search. 5 GS Boo!!!

Get frozen in fear 100 times

When you run into Ghosts and Monsters in the house, some will freeze you. You will be prompted how to get "unfrozen" (usually move the L stick side to side). Have this done to you 100 times to get the achievement. 20 GS Exorcist

Kill 100 ghosts

All the monsters, ghosts, spiders, bats, skeletons can be killed by having a light around them. The ones that work for lights are the lanterns, candles (on some), torches, flares, flaming branch and the Eye of Sour-On. This achievement however, only pertains to the ghosts. You can go back and replay levels for this achievement. I got this after 2 full playthroughs and then level 1 of the Mansion. 20 GS Heart of Stone

Complete game without dying while frozen in fear

You "die" when you are sent back to the last fireplace you stopped at. The fireplaces are checkpoints. Basically, for this achievement, when you are frozen, quickly follow the on-screen prompts to get out of it before your health is gone. This will unlock as long as you don't die while frozen once you leave the mansion.

rdrunr89 10-30-2010 01:52 AM 25 GS Immortal Beloved

Beat the game without dying

While similar to the above achievement, this one means you can't die at all. You die when you are sent back to the previous checkpoint or fireplace. You can get this and the above achievement if you complete the game without dying.

Watch your facial expressions. When your face is basically a skeleton looking face, your next encounter is death. Find small or large health to get you back to normal.

Also, if you die, you would need to start a new game to get this achievement. Starting a new game will erase all previous stats though. 20 GS In the attic, with the knife

Collect the Empty Revolver, Rusty Knife, Bloody Candlestick, Lead Pipe, and Rope

Search every closet, chest, and bookshelf for these items. I found the Lead Pipe in the Mansion Level on floor 2 and the Rope on floor 4. The Bloody Candlestick was found on floor 3 of the Mansion. The Empty Revolver and the Rusty Knife were found in the Attic Level. 25 GS Locksmith's Apprentice

Unlock 50 doors in multiplayer mode

This is a multiplayer achievement as stated. Multiplayer can only be done locally and not over Live. You will need to begin a new game under Multiplayer to unlock this achievement. 10 GS The Bright Side

Use light sources a total of 1000 times

Light sources come in the forms of Matches, Candles, Torches, Lanterns (there are 4: Normal, Red, Green and Blue), Cell Phones, Eye of Sour-on, Flaming Branch, Staff of the Magi-Straight and the Skull of Enlightenment. Cell Phones last the longest but don't give up that much brightness. The Eye of Sour-On, The Flaming Branch, Staff of the Magi-Straight and the Skull of Enlightenment can be used for quick hits on monsters, but they need to recharge, while the others you can only carry a few at a time.

Turn them on for this achievement. I got this on the last level of Catacombs during my 2nd playthrough. 10 GS The Hungerer

Consumed 100 health packs

During your searching, you may get small or large health packs. Find 100 and the achievement is yours. 25 GS Veni, Vidi, Vici!

Escape the mansion after defeating Zachary Graves in multiplayer

As stated, this is done in multiplayer. Multiplayer is local only not over Live. Also, while the last Boss level will be unlocked once you finish the game in Single Player mode, you actually need to play a full game under Multiplayer for this achievement. 10 GS You call this Ocheology??

Kill 50 enemies with a magical light source

Using the Eye of Sour-On, the Flaming Branch,
Staff of the Magi-Straight or the Skull of Enlightenment on your enemies multiple times will net you this achievement.

ShaneForWax 10-30-2010 04:29 AM

Well today I got a health pack and I was at full health. lol

I just got the game today and wondering how much time it'll take to get all 200gs if I have to keep going back through.

rdrunr89 10-30-2010 12:26 PM


Originally Posted by ShaneForWax (Post 3679068)
Well today I got a health pack and I was at full health. lol

I just got the game today and wondering how much time it'll take to get all 200gs if I have to keep going back through.

I figure maybe 8-10 hours. So far I'm up to about 6 hours of playing time and have 1/2 of the achievements. My first play through took about 4 hours, but that was stopping in between. Once you complete the game, replaying the levels moves quicker. If you don't die, you can get at least 7 achievements.

I just started going back by replaying the levels to get the the rest. The multiplayer achievements are local only and cannot be played over XBL, so you need a friend to help. You can do it with just 2 controllers but its a pain because you need to move both.

ShaneForWax 10-30-2010 01:36 PM

Why in the world do they insist on making co-op games that are local only? The reason I have xbox LIVE is because I don't have people near me to play.

TRICKY1976 11-01-2010 12:46 PM

Doubt it needs to get sticky this forums dead so itll stay on 1st page anyway!! lol

And you should have stuck the roadmap on the guide instead of making 2 threads (just easier to look at)

rdrunr89 11-01-2010 05:06 PM


Originally Posted by TRICKY1976 (Post 3688086)
Doubt it needs to get sticky this forums dead so itll stay on 1st page anyway!! lol

And you should have stuck the roadmap on the guide instead of making 2 threads (just easier to look at)

Yeah, I had that initially, but I didn't "reserve" enough spots for expansion of the achievement guide so I moved it to a different thread. This is only my second guide and first with a roadmap so I will learn for next time.

DERVISH888 11-06-2010 06:42 PM

Thanks for putting this guide together. Great work. I was thinking that the "Immortal Beloved" achieve meant that you couldn't be frozen in fear at all. That would be a potentially brutal achievement. Appreciate the work you put into this.

TheFarewell 10-28-2011 12:11 AM

The bright side.
You can actually get The Bright Side by turning on and off the same light source 1000 times in a row. I had a hunch and did a little experiment and it worked. use something that burns forever that you don't mind wasting. I preferred a cell phone. You'll need a few. Just press the button really fast so that you don't need to get like 10 cell phones or something. Makes this achievement really really fast. Took 5 minutes. That's a few hours of needless gameplay saved, since you don't need to keep going through the game to pick up tons of matches, candles and whatever else to get this one.

Kairi 02-08-2013 09:23 PM


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