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GirDraxa 11-06-2010 07:52 PM

Only 2 players for online? Easy(er) ways to get "Striker" & "What Happened?" achives
Easier Striker achievement with only 2 people.

Step 1: The one who wants the achievements has to host, and invite the second player.

Step 2: Player 2 chooses the opposing team.

Step 3: Player 1 has to score a goal (the first one, bouncing off one of the other players if going for the "What Happened?" achievement), or player 2 could knock it in their own goal, which will then leave the puck re-appearing near player 2's side.

Step 4: If player 2 holds still, the computer will briefly stagger off toward the bottom of the screen during the restart. Player 1 can rush in and score a goal right past player 2.

Repeat step 4 until time expires.

This tactic can be used for the What Happened? achievement. Player 2 has to score a goal in their own goal. Then subsequently, player 1 can rush in and score goals by bouncing them off the stationary player 2 and into the goal. These goals won't count towards the Striker achievement though.

Hope it helps a little.

webhead05 11-14-2010 09:27 AM

Thanks for the tip. Myself and one other person are attempting to get these knocked out. Would you possibly be available to help with What Happened? We have found that the computer controlled characters are just stupid aggressive!

GirDraxa 11-16-2010 01:08 AM

Time permitting, perhaps this weekend (11/20 or 11/21). But the computer aggressiveness shouldn't be too big a factor for either achievement, it's just a matter of aim so you can bounce the shot off your human opponent's car before it goes in the goal. But if player 2 moves at all, it changes how his computer team mate reacts. So don't let them move until you're achievement pops. It may take several games depending on your aim.

2 players can crank this one out for each other in about 60 min or less, depends on how straight your aim is. Just use the dash option to make sure you get there. This works even if player 2 scores the first goal in his own goal for you as the puck lines up on his side, so technically you have 3 players. 2 on your side, one on the opponents side.


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