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rowain 12-02-2010 05:41 PM

Doom fans: favourite classic "official" levels?
By official levels, I mean Ultimate Doom, Doom II, or Final Doom (TNT Evilution/Plutonia Experiment). No player WADs or mods and nothing from Doom 3.

I've got a few. Perfect Hatred, the infamous E4M02 that everyone loves to hate. Romera says this took him a mere 6 hours, probably the shortest time he's ever worked on a map, but he managed to make it downright cruel. Limited supplies, hordes of enemies, and almost zero room to maneuver. Very cruel, especially if you were used to the relatively ease of the first three episodes.

MAP08 from Doom II. Tricks n' Traps. The name says it all, this is a gimmicky level that loves to fuck with you. From the starting room, you're surrounded on all sides by doors, each leading to a different challenge. The whole level has a very carnival sideshow feel to it. My personal favourite is the Cyber-Demon guarding the Blue? key. When you enter the room, he's facing you, with about 20 Hell Knights facing him (with their backs to you). The idea being the Cyber-Demon will immediately start firing rockets at you, but hit the Hell Knights instead and set off a huge chain reaction of monster fighting.

MAP11 from Plutonia. Hunted. Great name for what the map is. From the start you're in a room surrounded by arch-viles you can't see you. Pressing a switch or stepping on a teleport, don't remember which, teleports all the arch-viles out into a massive maze. You've then got to proceed through the maze, constantly aware that you're being hunted by a dozen arch-viles, hearing them shriek at you all the while. Very unsettling and a very cool idea.

zippy100012 12-14-2010 06:10 PM

i agree with you on the E4M2 Perfect Hatred level. if anything, that level is one of the biggest bitches you will ever have to play. especially on Ultra-violent +, theres like 6 cacodemons right at the beginning you've got to take care of, while imps are unleashing hell on you (90% of the time they will hit a demon so that takes care of 1 or 2) but man, once you run out of shotgun bullets you are screwed. you only have a limited amount of health to get the yellow and blue key while there are 3 barons giving you shit as you dash for the teleport. if you can get the yellow and blue key with 5% health you can pretty much finish off the level as there is shitloads of medikits and you dont really need to kill the cyberdemon so you just gotta open the final door, take care of the 6/7 caco's and you've completed one of the biggest bitches on that game.

(THANK GOD they don't tele-spawn like on E4M1)

another level i like has got to be E3M9 Dis. same beginning of E3M1 right up to the end as you think it is. step into the supposed exit, walls lower, you see a supercharge, you decide to get it, few steps away from it, you hear the cyberdemon and think 'holy shit'. you then have to run all the way back to beginning of the level to the red skull key area which can be a complete bullet whore to you (that is if you dont have the invulnerability, otherwise just get out your rocketlauncher and enjoy yourself)

i completed DOOM on ultra-violent on 12th of december. that is probably, the only time i have EVER played doom and enjoyed it to its full. (the other times being on the PC playing on "im too young to die!".

DOOM II? not any time soon :P

MetalSmasher86 12-19-2010 03:19 AM


Originally Posted by zippy100012 (Post 3826683)
another level i like has got to be E3M9 Dis. same beginning of E3M1 right up to the end as you think it is.

I think you're thinking of Warrens. Dis is the final boss level.

As for my favorite levels, I always liked E2M6, the Halls of the Damned in Doom 1. I like how the exit is near the beginning, but you need all 3 keys to get to it. The evil music is also a very nice touch, and let's not forget the fake exit!

In Doom 2, I always liked Level 23, Barrels Of Fun. The level's name describes it perfectly, all set to a MIDI rendition of Alice In Chains' "Them Bones."

In Final Doom, I haven't really played TNT Evilution all that much, but I played the hell out of The Plutonia Experiment. Some of my favorite levels from that WAD are Level 6: Baron's Lair, Level 15: The Twilight, Level 24: The Final Frontier, and the two secret levels. I like how they made the secret levels the hardest in the game.

kaseywc98 08-12-2011 03:26 AM

DOOM: Favorite would have to be E4M8: Unto the Cruel. Knowing it's the Final Level, it pumps me up, and I Kill everything in my sight.

DOOM 2: Map 30. Icon of Sin. Fun to just see how long you can survive on Ultra-Violence. Record is 3:15. Longest I ever went without getting Tele-fragged.

Final DOOM: Never played this game, but Go 2 It looks like a lot of fun.

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