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burnoutbabe 12-06-2010 01:47 PM

the carousel
So nearly at the end!!!!!!!

i've watched someone do it on a video guide, so i know the gist.

how did other people do it?

My technique has been stick to the edge, following the moving (on the floor) light and dodging round the fixed overhead light. But this doesn't seem to be getting me anywhere. will it eventually get me round the thing or do i have to try and skip ahead of the light every 2-3 times? or use the middle doors?

or wait for a particular light to pass me buy before i start?

any tips at all?

SerenitySunbeam 12-14-2010 09:53 PM

With great difficulty, this took me a while to do and frustrated me so much.
i took to following close behind a light until there was enough room between it and the fence then quickly ran in and around the light to do the same at the next fence and if i happened to notice a clear doorway on my way round i would run through and make it back to the edge before the light caught up with me, Ive since had to do it a few times more while on the hunt for collectibles and find it nowhere near as hard as i did the first time i tried it. guess its just one of those that gets easier the more times you do it.
good luck

thepaxman 12-15-2010 07:38 PM

I found the Carousel dead easy.

I went round to the right walking along the outside (just inside the path of the lights) until there was room to run through the gap and into the next section, and you basically repeat that. The only different bit is when you'll have to go to the inside of the carousel to go through a gate instead, but it's the same method.

mavryk 05-22-2013 03:34 AM

konami joins activision and capcom on my fuck you list after making this pile of horseshit,I crapped a better game earlier.

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