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siderinc 01-08-2011 10:56 AM

New Glitch found in Unlocked acts
Oke i need some confermation but i think i found a new glitch. We all now the glitch how to use cheats in story mode and unlock achievmeents. i think i found a way how to get them in the slect Acts section aswell.

What i did, and i am not sure if this works so please some one else try it,

- Start any chapter and put the cheats on
- Play till your first save spot
- Put cheats back on and go back and play
- Let your self get killed
- Resume game from check point and cheats are still on like in the other glitch

Hope some one can confirm this, below is the other glitch for the story mode achievements with cheats on. This will make the kill achievements and the other mopde a lot easier :)

- Original method-

-=="If you unlock an act, and replay it and turn on the cheats, after you get to the point in the level that would have been a save point, the cheats will turn off, because its not your main game it never saved that they were on. Turn them back on, and quit to the main menu and resume your main game. The cheats will still be active, but you can still get achievements."==-

-=="Hint: Easy "Butcher Would Be Proud" and "Dr. Lobotomy" Achievements First, you must beat the game. Begin a new game in Headshot Mode (for Dr. Lobotomy) or Close Combat Mode (for Butcher Would Be Proud) and play the first two scenes of the first level and complete them. When the third scene loads, quit to main menu. Go to Unlocked Acts and click the last level, choose any character, then choose the same difficulty you had it on before. Ignore the message begin the level. Now you just have to beat the whole last level, and you can even use cheats throughout the level --

Sorry for the bad grammer :) Dutch guy ;)

Vulger Spartan 02-24-2011 02:09 AM


Originally Posted by siderinc (Post 3894117)
"you can even use cheats throughout the level

Do You have to do anything special like with the other Main Game 'Cheats Glitch' OR if I turn them on in the Cheat Menu it will still work to get Achievements for Time Attack, Close Combat & Head Shot Mode?

Ab intestato 06-25-2011 08:23 AM

I can say this doesn't work to an extent.
The cheats dont reactivate but it makes getting those 3 character specific kills a hell of a lot easier and fast because you blow through the regular waves of enemies faster

NetroDude 12-04-2012 11:42 AM

Sweet as tits

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