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Toathy 01-27-2011 09:25 PM

Fashonista guide.
How to get:
Win a tournament with each character fully customized.

You will need a second account (not guest)
You will also need a created hole (opptional)
Now start a local MP and just play 1 hole letting the 1st player (you) win.

Extra: Switch characters on your 2nd account to see the default clothin on any specific character.
Extra: You do not need to play with avatar.


>Multiplayer - Local MP - Custom - (any hole)

-Hair and Headwear.
Trojan helmet
First shirt (white)
2nd (stripped brown and white pants)
Black Sandals
Red nose and sunglasses (2 items)
-Ball designs
Eye Ball

-Hair and Headwear
Trojan helmet
First (red with white stripe)
Camouflage pants (army)
Last on list (black and yellow)
Red nose and sun glasses
-Ball Design

-Hair and Headwear
Santa Hat
Stiped white/black sweater
Green shorts
Black Boots
Red nose and brown mask (under duck)
-Ball Design
8 ball

-Hair and Headwear
Santa hat
Black sweater with a little green.
1st option white jeans
Black Shoes with a little green.
Red Nose and brown mask (under Duck)
-Ball Design
last option green ball.

Well there you go.

Also keep in mind this has glitched for some people.
If this happens just delete and re-download your game.

If all that does not work.
Take your time and beat the tournaments with the options ive posted up top.

Good luck.

Chomsky360 04-18-2011 12:22 AM

I had trouble with this achievement unlocking, I must've still had one of the default items on a character when I beat the tournaments in single player. I followed this guide exactly and the achievement unlocked on the second character. Many Thanks

Toathy 04-20-2011 03:21 AM

You are welcome. Sorry it took me so long to replie.
Have not checked this game in a while. :)

bwfcskillsinhd 04-30-2011 01:45 PM

good work mate

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