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Iceice3030 02-17-2011 02:06 AM

Big bumpin tournament / sequel ?
What an awesome game, does anybody know if they are going to be holding an annual 'Big bumpin' Tournament like they do for the Madden football games where the winner recieves television time and a large sum of cash money?

Would be a great idea, I think we should start a petition to make it happen.
I only play with Whopper Jr. as I do enjoy the bang bang shooter McGavin like finger guns you get for the win.

What about a full 1000 gamer score follow up, could you imagine the possibilities. Mabey you could eventually play as a plastic sweet n sour container or one of those wet floor signs you always see out in every Burger King.

SIMPLYMIDGET 02-17-2011 02:11 AM

I totally agree. I have been a strong supporter of this game since it came out. I have even sent letters to game developers asking that they consider making a full retail [1000G] version.

I am excited that others are taking interest in this game. Please spread the word. More Brooke, more meat, and more tender fatness.


Rasgar 02-17-2011 03:47 PM

If nothing else, there should be DLC for this game for some additional characters. I would love to play as the homeless guy who sleeps in the booth at the BK near my house, or maybe even a slice of pie (one can only dream).

I think the real question on everyone's minds should be when the release date is for Burger King X McDonald's: Secret Sauce Turbo Edition. Who wouldn't want to grind Ronald McDonald into the ground using the fluffy buns of Whopper Jr.?

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