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Mojo I Uk 02-24-2011 09:28 AM

Monster MTX boost feat?
Im currently almost done with the game, except 30 online wins. And i have only managed to accumulate 5 of the Monster MTX feats. Im currently trying to get them on the first jump on Dambuster in Tournament mode. I just dont seem to be able to land on anyone? Anyone have any ideas or strategies to get this damn achievement done?


The strategy im now doing and seems to be working. Quick Event on Dambuster, with 11 AI, Boost Madness ON,

From the start just hold RT dont boost and let the computer get ahead and hit the corner. As they do and press X once to boost, as you turn the corner boost a bit, and go up the left side of the ramp and stay left.You will have about 5-6 computer players to your right coming across underneath you. Its a balancing act how much boost to use etc,after a few attempts you will know. This is far more consistant than other methods i have been trying to figure out.

If you dont get one, Restart the race, if you get one, Restart the race. It saves without having to finish the race.

Hopefully this will help others

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