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Samurai Kadaj 03-25-2011 02:20 AM

Without Considering Achievements; Is the Game Good?
That's all I want to know. There's already plenty of discussion on getting the achievements but I want to know; is the game good as a whole? What do people think of it? Is it anything like Dynasty/Samurai Warriors or did KOEI actually pull something different out of the bag?

furysblade 03-25-2011 10:35 AM

If you like the other Warriors games then I think it's worth getting. It is a little different in a few ways but the fundamentals are the same.

I've enjoyed it, the secondary objectives are not to easy, not too hard but keep me playuing on the harder Difficulties. Combat is less outagous and more realistic than other warriors games but I feel it fits the style better like that.

I would certainly play a sequal. My only real complaint is I would prefer a few more of the characters in it to be playable, even if only in free play. Also, the movesets could be a little more varyed.

Just my thoughts.

Azrael008uk 03-26-2011 12:29 AM

Yes it's a good game.

They do a great job presenting events in and around the Trojan War.

Most of these are right out of Homer's "Iliad" and while many liberties have been taken in some areas for the sake of artistic license it all comes together fairly believably and everything is rendered with the in game engine.

Combat seems clumsy at first because your character has very little skill.

This is accrued and built up through the items you aquire and there are LOTS of items to aquire.

Even your basic combos have to be equipped as items.

Once you understand this you have the building blocks to getting the most out of your game.

Good fun if you like to chop people with swords.

Penthesilia, Queen of the Amazons and her Axe feels especially rewarding.

They've been pretty good with DLC for the other Warriors games. I wonder if this will be the same?


Calib4n 04-17-2011 07:26 AM

I have never played a "Warriors" game before in my life, and the game, at first, seems very mediocre. But I love the Iliad and goddamn.. I'm totally hooked after only a couple hours in.
I don't care if there's no DLC, I plan on getting at least 900/1000 out of this game! I would recommend it if you really like niche games. This one certainly has found a home in my Xbox!

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