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frenzy2585 04-11-2011 04:25 AM

How am i supposed to get thru "fired up" without dying???
im trying to get 100% on the fired up level and for that i have to rescue all ooganis (no problem with that) and beat the level without dying. But at the end, there is a bunch of regular baddies that can be killed but there is also a giant and apparently invincible one that i cant kill at all and im unable to avoid getting hit by him which result in me dying. Is there something special i have to do or something that i missed? Or do i have to progress to a certain point of the game before i can do anything about it?

TrizTriz 08-26-2011 07:52 PM

fired up and no dying
AGREED! i've looked everywhere and no one seems to show how to pass the giant ogre @ the end... i've noticed he "grows" out of one of the dudes to the far left, by the gate that doesn't open... i wonder if you kill all of them first, you'll pass w/o dying... i'm gonna try that next.
fyi: don't watch the one on youtube that's like 9min long. the player is an idiot and plays it like hes a noob at platforming and strategy.
but, yes! does ANYONE know how to get thru fired up to get the achievement? i'm sick of :uzi:the #@$@% giant ogre and having no effect.

tincann 12-05-2013 08:12 AM

Okay this is going to have to be a record for the longest time for a correct response with so many reads (over 1860 reads) on this site. Here it is:

To get 100%, you must change to The great Spirit or switch to the Gate Keeper Oogani before the Big Booli gives you the final death blow.

What I did was this: After talking to the Healer, that says my sacrifice will save many Oogani, I moved a little to the left of him & then faced right. I started spamming :bbut: to shoot the fireball, barely over the edge.

A little bit later, the screen focused down & showed the Big Booli spawning. I then ran & jumped over the edge. As soon as I jumped, I pressed :lbbut: to go into spirit mode & to the Gate Keeper (I never actually switched to him.).

A second later, I got the Level-ending cut scene (I never even saw the Chief getting Attacked or Killed.) & there you go 100%:woop:

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