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ljay6880 04-29-2011 06:18 PM

Snowboard Cross Master
Hey everyone! I have not finished all of the achievements yet, but this one is the hardest one of the lot so far. I have been going at this one over and over for about three hours now. I just canít do it; the best I did was 2:20:09 ... which was .09 seconds too long. That run I didnít fall once and I was leaning forward the entire time. A few of the jumps I get this crappy game to detect I am doing a trick, but at least half of the time itís just a land (no trick or no falling). If anyone can help me out with this someway, I'd love the help. Apparently this game is so bad that there is hardly any achievement information available, except for a list of them.

ljay6880 05-02-2011 12:13 AM

Just an update ... After all that trouble, I changed teams and selected someone with maxed out speed. Needless to say, I did this on my second try with 1.75 seconds to spare, and I fell down twice. Does it make a difference or was this just chance ... I'm not sure but I wanted to post this to see if it could help someone else who is struggling.

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