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DarthTrist 05-12-2011 10:42 AM

Corrupted Data
Just letting everyone know to be careful downloading this game, I started downloading it last night and turned console off part way through to take a break as i've done before when downloading arcade games and when I turned it back on later in the night my xbox lagged on the 360 logo and said my gamer profile was gone and my hard drive was unformatted.

I have contacted microsoft and they think I could have downloaded corrupted data and they are replacing my hard drive.

I'm pissed at losing my save games for Lost Planet 2 (Noms) and Street Fight 4 (Trials) mainly. :(
Hope no one else has the same problem, make sure to download this game in one sitting just in case.

TRICKY1976 05-12-2011 11:41 AM

Thats why i dont turn my 360 off during DL any arcade games or add ons!! if i do iv turned the option on to carry on downloadling whilst the 360 is turned off but i normally just leave it on and do something else!

DarthTrist 05-12-2011 03:07 PM

I had that background feature turned on and it was downloading it that way but I turned my 360 back on during download.
I've turned it off now, don't want to lose a second hdd.

ruslan74 05-12-2011 06:02 PM

My download was interrupted but my X360 wasnt powered down. Now I am not able to download anything related to Gatling Gearts, not even the trailer. I am able to download other content. Whenever I try to download the Gatling Gears Trial I get a message Cannot download Trial Content. Any clues?

I cannot find any indication of interrupted download content on my HDD which is usually marked with a yellow exclamation sign. Region block of some sort?

MakotoShinobi 05-13-2011 01:10 AM


Originally Posted by ruslan74 (Post 4219881)
I cannot find any indication of interrupted download content on my HDD which is usually marked with a yellow exclamation sign. Region block of some sort?

Probably there is a region block, but I'm not too sure if that's true. While downloading, I decided to sit back and relax and play my current games I'm playing. However, I didn't realized that I'm getting some sort of lag until I read this thread topic. While I'm playing Feeding Frenzy, I noticed and feel the odd freezing (for few seconds) and show results screen after I downloaded the trial game. No wonder it happens to me for some obvious reasons, but I can't say it much as I cannot find any possible clue on some odd error I encountered.

neverendr 07-06-2011 01:33 PM

I'm extremely sorry to hear that you lost all of your's happened to me a few times in the past, so I feel your pain on how bad it sucks.

My solution, which can be a bit time consuming and annoying to do all the time, is to back up all of the save data I really care about to a 16gb USB flash drive when I finish playing whatever game I'm working on. It honestly only takes me a minute or two to go to the storage menu and do it for whatever I just finished playing, since all of my other saves are already backed up...on arcade games with no separate save files I'll just copy the game over or just play it from my flash drive. I personally use a Corsair Extreme XMS ultra high speed 16gb USB 2.0 drive, I picked it up from about six months ago as one of their daily deals, it was regularly $69, on sale for $39 plus it had a $20 mail in rebate on top of that. I keep it in one of the front USB ports on my 250gb slim 360 and periodically back everything on it up to a directory I made on the desktop on my laptop. I've had things go completely corrupted since I started using it, Microsoft had to send me a new 250gb drive, which actually worked out in my favor as they told me I could discard the corrupted works perfectly fine again since I did a format on it. The other perk was that I could still play my games since my saves were all on my flash the time I had been playing CoD black ops & Battlefield Bad Company 2 a lot and just re-downloaded the two Blackops map packs & title updates as well as all of the BFBC2 maps and updates directly to the USB stick, backed it up on my laptop to be safe, recovered my gamertag to USB and went back to playing as if nothing had happened for the ten days it took for my new 250gb to arrive from Microsoft. I highly recommend my method, as it safeguards your data completely -'even if the flash drive somehow ended up corrupted I could simply format it again and copy all of my data back onto it from my laptop. I don't know if my method would be practical for you, or even if you'd want to bother with it, but I can honestly say it's saved me a ton of time and frustration when my console has screwed up on me.

Again, I'm truly sorry to hear you lost everything, and I hope that my method of backing up data might be useful to you.


E vee dub 09-18-2011 05:06 PM

Game doesn't advance...
I make it to the end of Level 5-1 "Katharsis: Terminal" on EASY.

The game won't advance any further. A large tank comes through a gate. I destroy all the enemies. I walk around, even through the gate, but nothing.

The game is just sitting here doing nothing.
I'd hate to delete the game and redownload it.

Anyone else having this problem?


I just deleted the game and downloaded it again.
I destroy all enemies, and the large tank that comes through the gate at the top of the screen. There are no more enemies. I circle the whole area and shoot everywhere again. No advancement.

Any help or suggestions?
Microsoft, how about my Microsoft Points fully refunded and you can keep your game?

Finally, it went through. I decided to go through gun-ho. I killed the large tank as quickly as possible and stood in the gate. As soon as I killed it, AREA CLEARED ! Finally, sheew!

GATLING GEARS ... 200/200G ... Sept 21, 2011

E vee dub 09-21-2011 12:50 AM

It did it again...
On Chapter 5: Mission 1 "Katharsis: Terminal ", the game will not advance after I destroy that last tank that comes through the gate on HARD difficulty.

I think I may have figured out how to avoid it.

Save your spark bomb.
As soon as the tank begins to enter the screen, hit your "Y" button to detonate the spark bomb and destroy that tank as quickly as possible... AREA CLEARED ! Finally!

I hope this helps if any else runs into the same problem.

GATLING GEARS ... 200/200G ... Sept 21, 2011

E vee dub 09-21-2011 04:53 AM

Another faulty stage...
Chapter 5 ... Katharsis
Area 5 ........ The Butler

When I choose to skip the intro cut scene of the large walker, my walker just stops at its feet and won't advance. Can't move or shoot.

When I don't skip the intro, it continues fine.

So watch the intro cut scene.

GATLING GEARS ... 200/200G ... Sept 21, 2011

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