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Tyger7 05-12-2011 10:28 PM

Opinions On Game/Should You Buy Thread
Because everyone and their mother has been creating threads about "opinions" of game and "should I buy?", this thread will be used to discuss your likes/dislikes of the game. All other threads will be locked when created about any topic related to discussions of the above sort. There's just way too many popping up.

Gackt 05-13-2011 05:51 AM

Lag ruins the mp pretty quick. Stupid AI bots don't help make the game very fun. There are to few maps, and the game gets old real quick. I was so excited for this game but it turned out to be very disappointing. Worth a rent, easy achievements...aside from that I don't think it's worth buying.

O4OUR 05-13-2011 07:44 AM

I'm about to pick this up on the UK Launch day, maybe with the fact that more people will be playing (EU) you won't have to play with as many bots. The game is meant to be played with people. Lone Wolves, please do not buy this game. Team Players will be rewarded accordingly and at substantially higher rates. :drunk

Again: Lone wolves, stick to your CoD's :uzi:

TAI JASON 05-13-2011 07:50 AM


Originally Posted by Tyger7 (Post 4220469)
Because everyone and their mother has been creating threads about "opinions" of game and "should I buy?", this thread will be used to discuss your likes/dislikes of the game. All other threads will be locked when created about any topic related to discussions of the above sort. There's just way too many popping up.

Made my day. XD

Itīs very extreme how people react about this game. I pic up my copy today. I play so many crap, this would be not the greatest shit on earth i think. Besides i play it online with friends...

...and so i got a question: Is the game laggy with friends or only laggy if you play online/free for all to join?!? Can i create a private match? Thanks in advance!

Nozza XBA 05-13-2011 08:34 AM

Well I've only played 1 campaign mission so far and it reminded me of Unreal 3's style.

Long, pointless, repetitive and boring. All the tasks are similar and you like 10mins to complete them and trying to do this one Hard is near impossible because of the AI. On 2 objectives I just managed to complete them within the last 30sec.

On another objective I spent 10mins stopping this guy from advancing. Was so boring and tedious! Again, I had to get a guy to a ship, I've spent 15+mins before that doing 2 other objectives and then 10mins later after nearly getting to the end I failed.. Waste of my time!

Why couldn't they of done a normal campaign? So you get put in a level, have an objective to get to and you can just use your SMART stuff to get there with enemies along the way? The way they've gone about it is stupid.

I'm yet to go online due to having no internet, so hopefully that'll pick up, but I think I'll be putting this down when Noire comes out and leaving it to a later date.

I'm disappointed so far and upset that this looked such a great game and so much potential but has been ruined.

Tyger7 05-13-2011 11:22 AM

I've only seen the lag when other humans are playing. Even in an open for everyone Versus match, if it's all bots there is no lag. Lag seems on and off, and if it's on I just quit right away and join something more stable. It's host based.

Was a disappointment, but I do admit it's still fun after playing it for hours. Customizing is okay, but why can't we choose our own colors on clothes besides just their patterns? Why aren't their choices for female characters? Why do I have to exit Versus matches just to change absolutely anything? Makes no sense I go to a Command and choose a weapon but can't change my body type. What if a situation calls for me to be a giant with a mini gun? Nope. I must exit completely out. What if I need to change my attachments? Nope again. The attachements are kind of stupid too, even the game admits some of the stuff are just comsmetic. Then why can't we customize them ourselves!?

Also there needs to be a team death match. And they really need to fix Hacking! You can spend 8 minutes finally getting hacking goin and you die 80% of the way which took forever. Then the enemy comes in and takes it off in mere seconds. I think it was the what if mission with the missile. Was extremely over-difficult for that one objective.

Oh, and Spawning makes no sense to me. Maybe if we take a Command Post we should be able to spawn there if we want to.

Outbreaker XXXX 05-13-2011 12:01 PM

I wasnt sure on this game from the get go but ended up getting it regardless, its pretty easy even on hard once your used to the right class it can be quite simple, the achievements are simply too as most of them can be done in private matches (AT LAST) the only achievement that some people find hard is completing the game on hard or versus the online side i admit is pretty shite what with the lag but reaching level 20 isnt too hard, i am going to say that this game is worth....

A rent :)

acurate bob 05-13-2011 12:57 PM

It entirely depends on each persons viewpoint on multiplayer games. Cause his is clearly a multiplayer game, with solo options to get you ready for the online experience it offers.

I wanted a massive single player story, but didn't get it, instead iv got the best multiplayer game iv bought since BFBC2!

If your into multiplayer then get this game. If your offline, how are you reading this? Lol, then rent it to try it out.

Either way your choice will be weather you have access to XboxLive at home or not. If you do then there no real reason to not pick this up.

Jarimy123 05-13-2011 04:03 PM

Release day I played for about an hour. I played the campaign with AI. I enjoyed the graphis, the originality of the game, and thought it was fun. I didn't like the AI, they are awful, and the campaign story leaves much to be desired.

However - last night I played with numerous buddies (6 I think) and it was a BLAST! I had lag 1 time, that lasted for about 2 seconds. Other then that I had none. It was extremely fun to run around with them and do missions. But if I didn't have a group of friends with the game I would say do not get it. It's 100% better with people you know.

TAI JASON 05-13-2011 09:04 PM


Originally Posted by acurate bob (Post 4221499)
It entirely depends on each persons viewpoint on multiplayer games. Cause his is clearly a multiplayer game, with solo options to get you ready for the online experience it offers.

I wanted a massive single player story, but didn't get it, instead iv got the best multiplayer game iv bought since BFBC2!

If your into multiplayer then get this game. If your offline, how are you reading this? Lol, then rent it to try it out.

Either way your choice will be weather you have access to XboxLive at home or not. If you do then there no real reason to not pick this up.

:whsthis. I try this game instantly in MP and itīs realy fun. I donīt know what all the people scream. Itīs not the best, thats true, but itīs not the end of the world like in the 23.453,33 threads here. I like Team Fortress and this is the same game. More maps, a good patch and the game is good.

By the way: I miss female charas like Tyger7 mentioned in his post. I would take one asap.

ODST Kayne 05-13-2011 10:06 PM

On day one I didn't experience any lag and had a ton of fun. But now it seems every game I get into has unplayable lag, so its either wait for the patch or attempt challenge against the most insane AI seen in a video game to date. So I'm just waiting for the patch so I can go back to enjoying the game. It's really fun, for me at least, so the only issue now is the lag.

Gladius 05-14-2011 03:28 PM

I never played a FPS Online, but I will buy Brink!!

The story seen very good and the customization too!!

I always buy FPS because of Story and SP!!

TheGonnaBeUSMarine 05-14-2011 05:46 PM

I was really looking forward to this game. A game that combined TF2 and Mirror's Edge, but as far as it looks now it is not worth it. But i bet when they patch it it'll be good. But that remains to be seen.

tkhbecker 05-14-2011 06:04 PM

Opinions are like rectums... Everyone has one and sometimes they stink. Dont be a cog in the machine... Think for yourself...

CuddlyClamShot 05-14-2011 07:43 PM

If you are still getting lag I don't understand why, I had tons of lag day one with the patch but it seems to have gotten way better the past couple days.

If you are expecting a strong singleplayer, there isn't a reason to even rent this game. It really is a multiplayer game only, join parties and crap if none of your Friends have the game.

It is an objective based, class based multiplayer FPS. And it is pretty great at being that, I love it.

OblivionsRow 05-14-2011 09:41 PM

Horrible game. If you choose Security team, you're going to lose!

You will have to do every objective yourself because NO ONE online on this game knows what to do and just tend to run off to capture Command Points for no reason.

There's an odd few who help you try to do the objectives but they leave becasue of the lag or get annoyed that the rest of the team arn't helping.

Avoid this game if you're a slightly interested in buying/renting it!

GGDoubleG 05-16-2011 05:37 AM

It's a good game. The occupations, the customizations and the SMART movement make this game very interesting. Most of the time I have good connection, lagging happens about one game per day. Usually me and my friends just quit this game and join another, problem solved! Like someone says in this forum, Bad Ops lags way worse than this game.

What u need to consider before buying are:
1. Do you like the art style? Well, I think it's cool!

2. It takes a lot of ammo to kill someone AND BE KILLED.

3. It's more important to complete objectives than killing people.

Above 3 points are just principles of the game, they are NOT down sides.

The only down side is the limited number of multiplayer maps. Hopefully, they will open more maps to us in a couple of weeks.

WordBearer 05-16-2011 08:28 AM

I was going to quote Tyger7 #6 post but that would be too long. He does point out the most obvious flaws in the game. I too have put quite a few hours into Brink. I love an FPS that isn't so concentrated on nothing but deathmatches. I definitely found the missile level to be the hardest because hacking is so broken.

The odd thing for me is your team AI seems so hit or miss. There have been times in the campaign where I wanted to rip my hair out for their inefficiency and other times they are like a well oiled machine. I have found it does help if you play as an engineer and place mines and turrets near command posts as this seems to focus the AI onto the main objectives.

I also agree with Tyger7 that command posts should act as spawn points. This would make it less likely that they change hands 20+ times a match.

By far the most annoying thing for me is when one of my AI buddies spawns and then doesn't do a thing for the rest of the match. Even more frustrating because this seems to occur for me in the escort missions. Those are the hardest and I'm now one man down...awesome.

I applaud Splash Damage for trying to do something different with the FPS instead of trying to churn out a COD knockoff. That's what is ticking me off by so many people posts they at least tried to do something different. Do you know it took Edison 1000+ times to find the right filament for his light bulbs. What if the Wright Brothers had just said screw it no one else has flown so far what's the point in trying that.

Okay I will get off my soapbox now...

DestinationNYC 05-16-2011 10:59 AM

That's a shame, I had high expectations for this game :O

SiskoBlue 05-16-2011 11:04 AM

I love this game. It is my kind of multiplayer. It's like Left 4 Dead crossed with Team Fortress 2.

This game is definitely not for a lot of people but if you like the forced co-op nature of Left 4 Dead, and the class system of Team Fortress, and the team based tactics of Counter-Strike then I'd say definitely get this.

Pros (for me)
1. I'm actually good at this game. I usually win firefights against people. I complete objectives. I can see where the tactical positions are because the map makes sense. This is far better for me than playing CoD where I die just a little more than I kill. Killstreaks may be awesome but I never get to use them. I'm good at tactics, not so good at the quick-or-the-dead style FPSes so Brink works for me.
2. The focus is on the OBJECTIVE, not just your kill/death ratio. It's all about getting the job down, not just shooting people.
3. You choose a class based on what you think is the most helpful for the TEAM, not the best for yourself.
4. I've not experienced ANY lag with this game and usually do with my connection (post-patch maybe?)
5. It completely discourages selfish lone wolf, thick-heads and the usual dumb run-and-gunners. So if you think CoD is the pinnacle of multiplayer DON'T BUY THIS GAME, you'll hate it. Maybe not great for Brink developers but makes my experience more enjoyable.
5. The game can be a real challenge. People above complaining about cheap losses only lost because they didn't plan properly. It's not the game's fault. I played the last resistance mission 8 times before I succeeded, and all because random people were trying to CoD the thing. Eventually joined a match with sensible players and we did it within 10 minutes. I love that.

I should note I've only played campaign in "versus" mode so I've not played with any bots (if you have a choice why would you?)

Cons (for me)
1. There aren't enough maps. I don't mind playing the same map over and over, with the same objectives, but that's me. Eventually they'll get tedious so hopefully they figure a way to provide more variety.
2. Despite all the tips and tutorial stuff sometimes it's not clear what you're supposed to be doing the first time. For example one mission said "Guard wharehouse door". What it didn't explain is that what you really needed to do was plant an HE charge THEN guard the HE charge. Live and learn though.
3. Although I like the challenges not quite sure how you're supposed to beat the higher ones if you don't have online friends to help you.
4. It's be nice if you could set rally points so that people grouped together as a team before going on the offensive, rather than the treadmill of people running and dying in a stream (which is when the maps get bogged down).

darkhelmet8 05-16-2011 05:07 PM

I personally am really enjoying it. It's been about 50/50 on the lag issue. Suprisingly enough I don't have a major complaint about the AI, sure they are slower to react then a mindful friend but they always seem to at least try to save me. Whether or not they make it to me is a different gripe.

The game is way to short though for a full retail price. While no real single player campiagn is LUDICROUS I tell you. MP only games should only be arcade titles.

I would say rent or buy used.

jules the great 05-16-2011 06:59 PM

i was going to rent this from a local redbox, but i think I'll pass. No single player campaign?? c'mon.

forspeedn21 05-17-2011 01:50 AM

The single player is a bit weak and can be frustrating at times, but the MP can be fun if you have some good team players that know what they're doing.

I say rent it and try it out.

GGDoubleG 05-17-2011 04:06 AM


Originally Posted by jules the great (Post 4228392)
i was going to rent this from a local redbox, but i think I'll pass. No single player campaign?? c'mon.

There is single player campaign. But if you like, you can also co-op with someone.

xtkbilly 05-17-2011 05:54 AM

Hey, I can make a review here.
Alrighty then. I'm going to make this review for those who have yet to play or see the game.

The game is...okay. Maybe I'm being too generous to it, maybe not generous enough, but for me, it's not as great as I thought it would be.

The game has been highly touted based on three things: customization, S.M.A.R.T. system, and multiplayer.

1) SMART system.
  • It's actually kind of cool, IMO. Being able to run to whatever it is I want and the game kind of knows what I want to do speeds up everything you want to do. There would be cases in other shooters where you try to jump over a fence, but get stopped as you are sprinting towards it. This game avoids that. You can quickly jump over small fences, climb ledges, and some other stuff as you are sprinting towards it, since the SMART button and the sprint button are one and the same.
  • That said, it's still not the most amazing thing ever. All it really does is let you play faster, with less thought on "What am I doing wrong?". It's a great addition, and one I hope the developers will keep and modify.

2) Customization.
  • It's not horrendous, but definitely not great. To me, the number of customizations there are isn't very large. Before the game was released, I thought you could pick from a HUGE list of clothes, accessories, weapons, and customize those things using the RGB color scheme. Turns out, it's a lot less than that.
  • The number of guns in the game is probably less than that of CoD. The number of customizations for those guns is also pretty limited. For (almost) every gun, you can pick multiple attachments for them (muzzle or silencer, Red dot sights, grip/speed sling, or ammo casing). But each gun can only have somewhere between 0-4 attachments on them (depending on the gun), there are only about 3 choices for each slot (5 being the most). Not only that, some of the attachments are basically the same thing, the only difference being cosmetic. So there are even LESS choices than what you think there are in the first place.

3) Gameplay (also, MP)
I'm going to ignore the huge lag issue that everyone is upset about. I didn't really notice it the first time I played, but apparently it's a huge deal. Still, it's good to make a review of the gameplay rather than a review of how many bugs/glitches there are in a game. Basically, I'm going to act like the game has zero problems network-wise.
  • The game plays more like BF:BC2 than like CoD (that is, bullets won't stop you from doing whatever it is you are doing, and it takes a lot of bullets to kill someone, with any gun). It's actually surprisingly hard to shoot at someone, unless your gun is very stable (which, it usually isn't, even the Assault rifles have a lot of kickback). Luckily, the guns are pretty accurate, so you can even choose to fire from the hip, which is something I recommend about 80% of the time.
  • The objectives are pretty simple, the difficulty only being acting as a team and everyone doing their part (that is, killing, healing, defending, etc.). Using up on the D-Pad brings up the objective wheel, which allows you to pick an objective for you to pick and "do". When you pick one, your character will announce what you have picked. The main objectives (things that let you get farther and win the match) are yellow, the secondary objectives (things that will help you in the match in general, such as capturing a supply post) are in blue, and other random objectives (like healing someone, giving supplies) are in gray.
  • In SP, your teams bots are DUMB. They hardly ever work as a good team. If you are playing alone, godspeed, because it is DIFFICULT. Unfortunately, the enemy AI isn't as bad as yours. Their aim is quite good, and when you get killed, it will be annoying. Still, they are killable, if you get the first jump on them. But since killing is NOT the name of the game here, the game is pretty tough on you.
  • Now to Multiplayer. It's pretty much the same as the SP, the difference being, you actually have more of a fighting chance. Seriously, it's exactly the same as SP; you go through the missions as Security or Resistance, depending on your character, and you try to complete the same levels and objectives as SP. If your team isn't being a team, and the others is: Good luck winning. If you are on defense, I suspect that you have a better chance of winning (though I'm pretty sure that's how it's supposed to be). It's not bad, but if you play single player story first, you may just think it's repetitive.
  • Unfortunately, I dislike the way they force you to play games. When you want to play a game with a party against other people, you have to join a random game and hope there is enough room to invite your friends. You can't make a lobby, and you can't make a room first, invite people, then make it public. It's honestly VERY dumb, and I hope they decide to patch it to make it better.
That's pretty much the main points that I can think of right now. I feel like this is a pretty poorly done review that doesn't really give a good feel of the game.

The game is still pretty fun for a shooter. However, I would suggest giving it trying the game before buying it, and only if you have XBL-Gold. There isn't enough content (for me) to really call this a good buy. While the gameplay itself is sustainable, and even fun at times, the story is pretty short (about 8 "chapters" for each side), the number of customization possibilities feels a lot less than what was announced, and the number of challenges there are (which I thought was the funnest part of single player) is abysmally small (4, to be exact). Sure, the game could be expanded quite a bit with DLC, but I don't want to spend more money when I have already spent $60 on a game that didn't have enough content in the first place. Unless they release some really good content in the free DLC in June, I might actually sell this game (and I hate selling games). Anyways, if you are considering buying this game, give it a good play first. After that, you should probably be more educated to make a good decision for you and this game.
If anyone wants to know some more about the game, or want some clarification about what I mean, feel free to message me and I will gladly and clearly explain whatever it is you want to know.
If I have some wrong information about the game, please post a reply (not a direct message!) stating what it is that I'm wrong about, so that everyone can be informed. This is only for information, though, NOT my personal opinion of something.

KNIGHTOFSERA 05-17-2011 06:10 AM

where do I start......this game is just disappointing to say the least...which is funny since I really had no expectations going in


Reasons not to buy:

1.'s just terrible, enough said
2.campaign.......or should I say what campaign?..campaign is shoehorned into MP battles...leaving no story to be had really
3.AI is either really stupid or unbeatable..also they focus way too much on secondary objectives
4.I never once got into a match with close to the max players, most of the time I only played with one or two others
5.Parkour which seemed like a big bullet point to this game, is almost useless with the boasts of secret and quick paths, actually being very limited
6.Objectives heavily unbalanced on some maps..making some almost impossible to win
7. the boasting of customization I heard of ends up being pretty limited, with weapon attachments only being able to be unlocked through challenges which once you play will never play again (also you should do those first because once you level up they become almost impossible to do, refer to overpowered AI)
8. limited replayability....since the only MP is the campaign missions gets boring quick especially with all of the unbalanced maps/objectives
9. objectives are not clear sometimes, if your not the right class it might give you a generic defend objective, while only the right class can see the correct, blow this up/hack this objective....leading to confusion if not the correct class

reasons to buy:
1. if you like team/objective/class based shooters
2. although I knocked the is nice to get around places....but as I said no where near its potential
3. if you can stand the pains of the game...easy achievements...although i didnt want to spend another $ could easily get the 1000 with 3 or less days rental

actually there are no reasons to buy, even if/when this game gets fixed everybody will be long gone...and with nobody playing this game is only good as a coaster...Im glad i only had to pay $2 to play this game

DO NOT BUY...stick with TF2 or whatever

Stormy2k 05-17-2011 11:19 AM

I am liking this game.

I didn't buy it at first due to the bad reviews it had over LAG, but I've slowley come around to buying it yesterday and im loving it.

I havn't done Vs. Just coop with 8 real people on my side Vs Bots with zero lag.

Campaign is less than an hour to do both, no story but the gameplay is excellent. Can't wait for the free DLC in June.

Only buy if you have friends to play it with. Playing on your own will be doing the game a dis-service.

Dervius 05-17-2011 11:53 AM

Reading most of the posts above I get the feeling that the select few who did enjoy the game, are those that played with friends.

Perhaps it's not worth the Ģ40 (Or full retail US equivalent) but the game is truly fun. I bought it day one, played for a while enjoyed it, loved the customisation, SMART system and objective orientated gameplay. The AI can be massively useful, or hugely frustrating and useless.

So I then convinced some of my mates and work colleagues to buy it and now I'm having one of the most entertaining multiplayer experiences in ages. Sliding into fire to revive your downed mate who is about to plant the HE charge cana be intense and the assault and defend objective style can make for some truly outstanding moments.

I for one during play do often say "Now that was a Brink moment" when utilisng the SMART system for a kill/objective.

This game is a ballsy, artistic and ultimately flawed FPS with a truly fresh take on MP but it just seems have charmed me and my mates. So if you enjoy playing BF more than CoD and you have a group of mates with the game, it's definitely worth a purchase.

El Loco P3ngu1n 05-17-2011 12:46 PM

I didn't have time to read all that has been said on this thread before, but I only have one thing to say about this game : Just BUY it !!!

I've been playing it for three straight days, it's so much fun playing with your friends, helping each other to clear all the objectives ! OK it doesn't look like it's top of the art new gen game, but honestly I just don't care.. When you're in, you can't leave ! A lot of action, a lot of teamplay, and a lot more subtle than it seems at first sight ! Oh my God that game's good ^^

Unfortunately I tink it'll be very hard to move CoD and Battlefield fan boys from their games.. Too bad Brink has been this criticized 'cause it sure deserves a lot more attention !

And it's an easy grand G's ;)

binda11 05-17-2011 02:49 PM

This game is cack on toast. 5/10 at best. It was supposed to be something really good but turned out to be in the same category as Mindjack. MEDIOCRE.

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