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Tyger7 05-19-2011 11:45 AM

Useful Links Thread
Send a PM if you would like to see a link added here. It may or may not show up after request. Don't be impatient after the request.

Achievement Guides:

Achievement Guide by IISpiderII

Achievement Gudie by Nozza x360a

Case Guides:

Case Guide by Tyger7 (Currently Case 1-11)

Info for 5-Star Cases by jbaruch76

100% Case Guide by II oe II

Misc Guides:

Landmark Map and Video by Predni

Gold Film Reels Video Guide by TWest72

Investigation Guide by Wikicheats (temporary link) - outside resource, you will be redirected to another website.

Street Crime guide by Osakamitsu

Weapon Guide by TWEST72

Vehicle Location Guide by Grifftuitous with videos by Doobs
(Warning, 80+ videos.)

Vehicle Location Guide (PS3TROPHIES)


Interactive Map by MSXBOX WORLD


Basic Game FAQ by Laundryman

Rockstar Social Club

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