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II OE II 05-31-2011 12:21 PM

100% Case Completion Guide (with DLC)

I thought i should make my case guide more professional, so im going to add more information, possibly video's and images to make things more easy to 100% each case. Also, I enjoy the nice L.A. Noire image above.

Although the Patrol Desk cases do not need to be done 100% in full, I thought I should list everything from them for some fun and overall guide completion.

Below is a color legend of things that are in my case guide that I will be using. I chose all darker colors so it is hopefully much easier on people's eyes so they can read it without trouble.


CAUTION!: It appears that if you find evidence in a different order, it will result in some questions to appear out of order. Please use caution when questioning people!

WARNING!: Some cases require you to drive yourself to locations so you can gain clues from KGPL. I have put notes in the cases when you need to drive yourself.

TIP: If you are having trouble getting 5 stars following this guide, it must be because of the damages you are doing to property during the cases. While doing cases try not to cause any damage.

WARNING!: This guide will contain spoilers, so read at your own risk. You have been warned!

jbaruch76 (original interrogation guide poster), Dirty130, Ph1l0z0ph3r, QBalu V2

x360a for allowing me to post my guide, the community for reading the guide, people for giving support for me to keep working on the guide, and last but not least, people who have been correcting me on things that i have either missed or originally posted wrong in my old threads.


Upon Reflection
Armed and Dangerous
Warrants Outstanding
Buyer Beware


The Driver's Seat
A Marriage Made in Heaven
Fallen Idol
A Slip of the Tongue (DLC)


The Red Lipstick Murderer
The Golden Butterfly
Silk Stocking Murderer
The White Shoe Slaying
The Studio Secretary Murder
The Quarter Moon Murders


The Black Caesar
The Set Up
Manifest Destiny
The Naked City (DLC)
Reefer Madness (DLC)


The Gas Man
A Walk in Elysian Fields
House of Sticks
A Polite Invitation
A Different Kind of War
Nicholson Electroplating (DLC)

II OE II 05-31-2011 12:21 PM


Investigate crime scene

Alleyway Crime Scene
Newspaper 1: check along the right side of the alleyway beside a set of yellow stairs
1 - Bloodstain: check the door at the end of the alley
Inspect the open window beside the bloodstain door to notice the gun is on the roof
2 - Smith & Wesson revolver: on the roof of the building to the left (inspect further)
Objective: Investigate gun store

Gun Store
3 - Gun Store Ledger: Automatically obtained after entering the gun store
Search the ledger's second page for the gun description (Schroder, Errol)
Investigate Schroeder's apartment

Schroeder's Apartment
Search the mailboxes as you walk in for Schroeder's apartment number.First door on the right as you go upstairs. After fighting with Schroeder you can search the apartment.
4 - Schroeder's Notebook: check the open drawer (inspect further)

Subdue robbery suspects
Drive to the bank and have a friendly shootout with the robbers. This is the only case you can get kills with your .44 Magnum so be sure to score at least 1 kill by dropping the shotgun with LB. After getting a kill with your .44 Magnum, pick up the shotgun again.


Pursue suspect
After chasing Wendell to the roof you get to have a fist fight with him. Once you knock him out the case will be over.


Nunn Bush Shoes
Search crime scene
1 - Shooting: Obtained automatically
2 - .32 Shell Casings: check to the right of the victim close to the curb
3 - Layaway Voucher:
check the victim's left pocket
4 - FN Browning Handgun: check the trash bin close to the body
Interview witness
Interview the man in the orange shirt
Interview incident eyewitness
Go into the shoe store and talk with the woman

Clovis Galletta

Eyewitness Account: Lie / Layaway Voucher
Possible Murder Suspect: Doubt
5 - Suspect Positively Identified
6 - Possible Religious Motives
Details of Shooting: Truth
Once you leave the store you will have a short cut-scene and get a new objective. But dont go to the jewelry store just yet. We need to make a stop at the gun store first.
Investigate Hartfield's jewelry

Eagleson's Gun Store

7 - Murder Weapon Serviced: Obtained automatically after talking with the gun store owner
Now head for Hartfield's to get your suspect.
Hartfield's Jewelry Store
Question Mr. Kalou
Once you go into the store and start talking with the man behind the counter, he will run out the back door.
Apprehend Edgar Kalou
Here you must chase him for a while and then aim at him without shooting to fill up a circle around your aimer. Once full you will fire a warning shot into the air.
Wilshire Police Station
Obtain a murder conviction

Edgar Kalou
Argument with Gage: Lie / Suspect Positively Identified
Possible Relgious Motives: Doubt

Achievement Unlocked: Police Academy

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Investigate P.E. Freight Depot
1 - Abandoned Vehicle: Obtained automatically

R.E. Freight Depot

2 - Blood Splashes: Obtained automatically after talking to the officer at the scene when you approach the vehicle
Make sure to talk with the coroner and inspect the vehicle before leaving this location so that you can gain the Swine Blood clue later.
3 - Receipt for Live Hog: Check the trunk of the car
Achievement Unlocked: One For the File
4 - Wallet: Check near the "A" Evidence square in front of the car (inspect the identification)
Interview Mrs. Black
Don't run off and complete this one just yet, there is still much to do at this crime scene
5 - Glasses: Check near the "A" Evidence square in front of the car
6 - Bloody Pipe: A little to the left from the wallet and glasses beside the "C" Evidence square

Nate Wilkey
Purpose At Scene: Truth
Knowledge of Adrian Black: Truth
Contents of Wallet: Doubt
Bloodstained Pipe Found: Truth
Now that you have done everything at the crime scene, drive to the Black Residence
Black Residence
Investigate black residence
Newspaper 2: check the dining room table
7 - Cavanagh's Matchbook: check the dining room table (check inside) OR check the bed side table in Adrian's room OR the counter beside the stove in the kitchen
Trace address of Cavanagh's Bar
Use the phone to get the address for the bar
Investige Cavanagh's Bar
Don't go run off to complete this one yet, there is still lots to find
8 - Instaheat Flyer: check the kitchen table (check both sides)
9 - Instaheat Receipt: check the kitchen table
10 - Glasses Case: check the dresser in Adrian's room (check inside)
11 - Concealed Message: check inside the picture on Adrian's dresser
12 - Train Ticket: check the closet in Adrian's room
Head out the back door in the kitchen to the side yard on the right. Solve the Water Heater puzzle to gain two clues
13 - Water Heater: obtained by completing the water heater puzzle outside
Updated "Bloody Pipe": obtained by completing the water heater puzzle outside
Achivement Unlocked: The Plot Thickens

Margaret Black
If you have 4 intuition points for questioning and use them, you will earn an achievement. Make sure you use the point to "Remove Answer" and chose the correct one from the list below.
Slaughterhouse Receipt: Truth
Cavanagh's Bar Matchbook: Truth
Location of Adrian Black: Truth
Stenzel Glasses Case: Truth
Achievement Unlocked: The Hunch
Photograph signed "Nicole": Lie / Concealed Message
Achievement Unlocked: The Straight Dope
Alibi for Mrs. Black: Truth
Now that everything is done here, head to Cavanagh's Bar
Cavanagh's Bar
Talk with the bar tender to find out that Frank is sitting in the back
Frank Morgan
Link to Abandoned Vehicle: Lie / Receipt for Live Hog
Location of Adrian Black: Doubt
Investigate Frank Morgan's Apartment
Arrest Frank by pressing the A button
DRIVE YOURSELF to Morgan's Apartment. On the way KGPL will notify you that the blood found in the abandoned vehicle is not human, but swine.
14 - Swine Blood

Morgan's Apartment
Check the mailboxes to find out that Morgan's Apartment is #2. Once you knock on the door, Adrian will answer and will flee.
Apprehend Adrian Black
All you need to do is chase down Adrian until your partner cuts him off with your car.
Achievement Unlocked: The Third Degree
Achievement Unlocked: Golden Boy
Achievement Unlocked: The Up And Up

Investigate Ray's Cafe
1 - Hit-and-run Vehicle: Obtained automatically

Ray's Cafe
2 - Insurance Letter: check the left pocket of the victim
3 - Wallet: check the right pocket of the victim (inspect the ID)
4 - Coroner's Report: Obtained automatically after searching the body for clues and talking with the coroner
5 - Bloody Knife: check the first garbage can in the alley
Achievement Unlocked: Stab-Rite

Shannon Perry
Eyewitness Report: Truth
6 - Argument Overheard
Suspect Vehicle Description: Truth
Call in suspect vehicle
This one will not be done right away, there are still questions to ask and more clues to get.
7 - Red Lincoln Continental
Argument Overheard: Doubt

Newspaper 3: On the bar next to Dudley

Dudley Lynch
Hit-and-run Accident: Doubt
Association with Victim: Truth
Argument Overheard: Doubt
8 - Lynch's Statement
Joint Business Venture: Doubt
Now that the questions are done with, make sure to use the phone in the back of the bar to get information about the Red Lincoln Continental
Investigate Shelton Residence
Now that everything is done at Ray's Cafe, drive to your next location.
Pattison Residence
When you arrive at the residence, knock on the door and Mrs. Pattison will answer. Sit down on the couch, a short cut-scene will happen, and then you will ask some questions.
Lorna Pattison
Hit-and-run Victim: Doubt
Nature of Arguement: Doubt
Partnership with Leroy Sabo: Lie / Insurance Letter
After questioning Mrs. Black she will ask you to leave, but before you do make sure to use the phone in the back room to get a message from KGPL to drive to the morgue and on to your next location.
Report to Central Morgue

Central Morgue
Here all you need to do is go into the autopsy room and talk with the coroner to learn some interesting information and a clue.
9 - Pattison Stabbed
Apprehend Lorna Pattison
Don't go complete this objective just yet, we still need to go investigate the Shelton Residence
Shelton Residence
When you arrive, you will see Mr. Shelton leaving his apartment with packed suitcases. As you talk with him, he will flee in his vehicle.
Apprehend William Shelton
Chase him down and try not to destroy things with your vehicle, but you need to ram his to make him stop. If you decide not to ram his car, he will stop at the train station and you need to fire a warning shot at him.
Pattison Residence Pt.2
When you arrive, Lorna will try and pin everything about the murder on Leroy. He will then show up with a gun. After some conversation he will shoot Lorna and flee.
Apprehend Leroy Sabo
While chasing him, try to fire a warning shot while he is in a long stretch of open space. The best place to do this is in the alley after he crosses the street for the first time. If you don't, he will keep running and take a woman hostage. If he does, you will need to shoot him before he kills her.

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Investigate Crash Site
1 - Chevy Styleline: Obtained automatically
2 - Victims Drugged: Obtained automatically

Crash Site
3 - Underwear: check on the trunk
4 - Letter From Mother: check the purse on the trunk
5 - Prop Shrunken Head: Talk to the coroner and inspect the head

June Ballard
Doping Allegation: Doubt
Injured Female Passenger: Lie / Underwear
Fake Shrunken Head: Doubt
Suspect "Mark Bishop": Doubt
Interview Jessica Hamilton
Now that things are done here, go to your next location
Central Receiving Hospital
6 - Evidence of Abuse: Talk with the doctor outside Jessica's room
Updated "Evidence of Abuse": check Jessica's chart at the foot of the bed

Jessica Hamilton
Crash Incident Report: Lie / Underwear OR Evidence of Abuse
Evidence of Criminal Abuse
Contact with Parents: Lie / Letter from Mother
Association with Bishop: Doubt
Evidence of Criminal Abuse: Truth
7 - Mermaid
On your way out you will see June leaving with someone suspicious.
Tail June Ballard
Follow her in your car (do not fast travel) without her noticing, and she will lead you to a diner. Once there, take cover at the right side of the diner and watch her until she starts to use the phone. Quickly (without running) go inside and hide in the booth on the left with the newspaper by pressing the A button.
Achievement Unlocked: The Shadow
Investigate Bishop's Apartment
Quickly drive to the apartment yourself by going south on Broadway and then taking a right onto 7th street (easy to spot your turn if you mark it). When you arrive, the person at the desk will tell you some goons went upstairs to apartment 803. If you successfully beat them without losing your hat, you will earn "Keep a Lid On It". Search the apartment for clues.
Bishop's Apartment
8 - Saddle: check the saddle near the front door
9 - $20,000 check: check the floor in the room closest to the front door
10 - Movie Set Photograph: check the green table in the second room
11 - Movie Set Replica: check to the right of the photograph
12 - Prop Store Photograph: check the table to the left of Gloria

Gloria Bishop
Domestic Disturbance: Doubt
Whereabouts of Bishop: Truth
Trace address of Prop Store
Check for $20,000: Doubt OR Lie / $20,000 check
13 - Blackmail
Abuse of Jessica Hamilton: Doubt
When you're done with the questions, use the phone to learn the location of the Silver Screen Prop Store, then head there.
Silver Screen Props
When you arrive you start talking with Marlon and he will lead you out back to the sound stage.
14 - Chloral Hydrate: check the shelf on the right side of the stage
Check the mirror on the left side of the stage before you leave to learn about a secret room, but dont forget about the newspaper and clue in the outside area.
Newspaper 4: check a worktable outside across from the dumpsters
15 - Prop Shrunken Head Molds: on the worktable to the left of the newspaper (check the colored one next to the white one)
Inspect the alley image to the right of the dumpsters to reveal the door for the secret film room.
Secret Film Room
16 - Film Reel: check the orange film case on the metal shelf
17 - Bishop's Whereabouts: check orange film case on the metal shelf
18 - Empty Film Canister: check the film case on the wooden table (look inside)
Now that you have all the clues, its time to ask Marlon some questions.
Marlon Hopgood
Association with Bishop: Lie / Chloral Hydrate OR Empty Film Canister
Whereabouts of Bishop: Truth
Locate Mark BishopRelationship with Ballard: Lie / Empty Film Canister
Evidence of Blackmail: Lie / $20,000 check OR Blackmail
After you finish questioning Marlon, Roy will show up and start throwing his weight around. After a friendly conversation with him you leave. Next some goons will show their faces and try to threaten you. After this cut-scene you need to either lose them while driving to the set, or just take them out with your pistol.
Investigate Movie Set

'Jungle Drums' Set
When you arrive at the set you will find Mark Bishop, but he will flee right away, chase him down and you will finally get him at the top of a rickety set.
Get Bishop off the Lot alive
You will have to escort him to your car while protecting him from McAffe's goons. The enemies here will have M1 Garand Rifles, Thompson SMGs and Tommy Guns.
Achievement Unlocked: Paved With Good Intentions

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Investigate "The Moors' Crime Scene

Crime Scene
1 - Size eight Shoe Prints: check the shoe prints at the "C" Evidence square
2 - Blunt Force Trauma: check the right side of the victim's head
3 - Missing Jewelry: check the left hand of the victim
4 - Writing on Body: check the lower torso of the victim
5 - Lipstick: check the victim's purse at the "A" Evidence square
6 - Bamba Club Lighter: obtained after solving the rotating globe puzzle at the "B" Evidence square
Rotate each row to the left to make an image of North and South America.
Investigate Bamba Club

The Bamba Club
See McColl in the back.
Suspect Seen with Victim: Truth
7 - License Plate 2B8899
Achievement Unlocked: Round Heels
Trace License Plate 2B8899
Ring Stolen from Victim: Doubt
Knowledge of Husband: Doubt
8 - Husband's Alibi
Investigate Celine Henry's Residence
Use the payphone before you leave then drive to the Henry Residence.
Henry Residence
Your partner will go around back to check things out, kick in the door after seeing a broken window then unlock the front door for you.
Newspaper 5: On the floor in the living room when you first enter
9 - Female Shoe: On the floor in the diving room
10 - Forced Entry: check the broken window in the kitchen
11 - Note on Fridge: while not actually listed as a clue, it is required
Investigate Jacob Henry's Apartment
Canvas the neighbors

12 - Update "Missing Jewelry": check the ring box on the dresser in the bedroom
13 - Picture on Dresser: while not actually listed a clue, it is required
Now go outside and talk the neighbor for some information.
14 - Marital Problems: Obtained from speaking with Jennifer Horgan
Drive to Jacob Henry's Apartment
Jacob Henry's Apartment
When you get to his apartment you kick in the door.
15 - Death Threat Note: obtained after using the pencil to shade out letters on the notepad in the kitchen
16 - Size eleven Shoes: check the open suitcase in Jacob's bedroom
Once you have these two clues, go talk with Jacob.
Jacob Henry
Movements of Victim: Lie / Bamba Club Lighter OR Husband's Alibi
Last Contact with Victim: Truth
Motive for Murder: Lie / Death Threat Note
After talking with Jacob, you will have to fight him. Use the phone to check messages.
Interrogate Jacob Henry
Investigate Mendez' Apartment
Go to the Police Station and interrogate Jacob first before going to Mendez's apartment.
Central Police Station
Head into interview room 2.
Jacob Henry
Access to Murder Weapon: Lie / Husband's Alibi
Lipstick Markings: Truth
Deterioration of Marriage: Lie / Marital Problems
Missing Jewelry: Truth
Drive to Mendez' apartment to finish up the case.

Mendez's Apartment
Inspect the mailboxes when you arrive to learn his apartment is #16. Just before the stairs inspect the sign to learn his apartment is on the top floor.
Go into his bedroom in the back to find your last three clues. DO NOT SEARCH THE BLOODY BOX FIRST! If you do, you will miss out on the other clue and have to repeat the case.
17 - Size eight Shoes: check the shoes beside the bed
18 - Used Lipstick: check the bloody box in the bedroom
19 - Socket Wrench: check the bloody box in the bedroom
After searching the box, Mendez will show up and flee.
Achievement Unlocked: Traffic Stop

Investigate crime scene

Crime Scene
1 - Rope Pattern: check the left side of the victim's head
2 - Small Men's Footprints:
check the chest of the victim
3 - Missing Jewelry: check the left and right hand of the victim
Make sure you talk with the coroner to learn more about the victim's cause of death.
POI "Deidre Moller": while not actually listed as a clue, it is required to move forward. Check the name tag inside the purse at the "B" Evidence square
Interview Hugo Moller

Moller Residence
When you arrive, knock on the door to have little Michelle Moller answer the door.
4 - Size eight Work Boots: check the floor of the master bedroom
5 - Missing Watch and Ring: check both the watch box and the ring box on the dresser in the master bedroom
Now that you have the clues from the bedroom, go talk with Michelle.
Michelle Moller
Missing Watch and Rings: Truth
Last Contact with Victim: Doubt
6 - Husband's Alibi
State of Parents' Marriage: Doubt
7 - Butterfly Brooch
Hugo will come through the front door. Now you have to question him about a few things.
Hugo Moller
Footprints at Crime Scene: Lie / Size eight Work Boots
Missing Persons Report: Doubt
Alibi for Hugo Moller: Lie / Husband's Alibi
History of Violence: Lie / Butterfly Brooch
Once you're done, you get let out, but don't leave just yet. A friendly neighbor across the street will grab your attention.
Question the Neighbor
Talk to her and find out that Hugo is trying to burn things in a barrel.
Take Hugo Moller Into Custody
You will return to the barrel where he was trying to burn things.
Achievement Unlocked: Asphalt Jungle
8 - Bloody Shoes:
check the incinerator
Be sure to use the phone before you drive off to get the address for Belmont High School. When you start driving, KGPL will notify you to head over to the morgue because the coroner has information and that a crime going on at Belmont High School. Go to the Morgue first.
Investigate Belmont High School
Apprehend Lurker

Central Morgue
When you arrive, go into the autopsy room and talk with the coroner. After your chat, check some rope on the counter to get a positive match. Use the bottom rope. Before you leave the autopsy room, check the molds on the counter beside the samples of rope.
"Size eight Shoe Prints": check the shoe molds on the counter beside the samples of rope.
Use the phone in the office. You will get a message from KGPL about Hugo's vehicle being found at the high school.
Belmont High School
After a conversation with him, he will spot the molester and you now have to chase after him.
9 - Updated "Butterfly Brooch": Automatically obtained after apprehending Eli Rooney
10 - Rope:
check the bloody rope in the trunk of the car
11 - Bloody Tire Iron: check the bloody tire iron in the trunk of the car
12 - Overalls: check the bloody overalls in the trunk of the car
Call Central
Use the phone on the sidewalk beside your car then drive over to the police station.
Central Police Station
Charge a Suspect with Murder
Talk with Hugo first.
Hugo Moller
Disposal of Evidence: Truth
Access to Braided Rope: Doubt
Victim's Vehicle Recovered: Lie / Overalls
Access to Tire Iron: Lie / Bloody Tire Iron
Don't convict Hugo Moller with the crime. The evidence may point his way, but he is not the right man. Go interrogate Eli.
Eli Rooney
Footprints at crime scene: Doubt
Place of Employment: Doubt
Access to Braided Rope: Truth
Motive for Moller Murder: Doubt
Even though the evidence doesn't seem to point to Eli Rooney, he is the one to convict.

II OE II 05-31-2011 12:23 PM

Investigate Downtown Crime Scene

Crime Scene
Check the right side of the victim's head. Next her left hand. Check her right hand for half a library card. Then finally her torso for another message.
Half of Library Card: while not even listed as a clue, it is required to be found.
1 - Bloodied Stocking: check beside the "A" Evidence square
2 - Blood Trail: check the blood trail beside the "C" Evidence square
3 - Ladies Hat: Follow the blood trail and check the purple hat
4 - Personal Effects: Follow the blood trail to a garbage can and check the shoe inside
5 - Key: Follow the blood trail and inspect the large pipes
6 - Dot Pattern Note: Follow the blood trail till you find a piece of paper on the ground
Follow the trail some more and it will lead to a fire escape ladder, check the blood beside the ladder then climb up. Keep following the blood trail to the chicken coop.
Updated "Personal Effects": inside the chicken coop on the right side
Follow the trail and you will find a makeup kit along the way.
Makeup Kit: not actually listed as a clue
Follow the trail and it will lead to a pipe. Inspect it before climbing up. At the top there will be a vent. Check it.
Wedding Ring: not actually listed as a clue
Follow the blood trail and climb up to the next roof.
Updated Blood Trail: check the paint brush beside the bucket
Clue 7 - Library Card: check inside the purse just past the bucket and paint brush.
Investigate Antonia's Residence

Antonia's Residence
After arriving and knocking on the front door, you will be greeted by Mrs. Lapenti. She will let you inside. Go into the living room and have a brief chat with her. Go upstairs to Antonia's room.
8 - Iron Picket: check the broken window to the right when you enter the room
9 - Broken Window: check the broken window the to the right when you enter the room
Hop out the window and get the picket on the balcony for more information then return inside.
10 - Attorney's Letter: check the open suitcase on her bed
Investigate Maldonado Residence
11 - Charm Bracelet Photograph: check the open drawer across from the bed
Go downstairs and ask Mrs. Lapenti some questions.
Barbara Lapenti
Possible Suspects: Truth
Movements of Victim: Doubt
Objective: Investigate El Dorado Bar
Evidence of Break In: Lie / Broken Window OR Iron Picket
Breakdown of Marriage: Lie / Charm Bracelet Photograph
12 - Religious Necklace
Drive over to the El Dorado Bar.
El Dorado Bar
Talk with the barman Diego.
Updated "Divorce Papers"

Diego Aguilar

Missing Jewelry: Doubt
Investigate Fruit Market
Movements of Victim: Truth
Don't worry about going to the fruit market yet. Go to the back of the bar and inspect the pay phone. Now go to the Maldonado Residence.

Maldonado Residence
Check the mailbox beside the front door to learn that the apartment you need is 304. When you get to the top floor, your partner will go and kick the door in. Have a fight with Angel and his brother.
Canvas the neighbors
There are two clues in the apartment to be found before talking with people.
13 - Fruit Crate: check the floor of the kitchen. While not listed as a clue, it is required.
14 - Bloodied Shirt: check the two blood stains on the shirt beside the kitchen door
Talk with the resident of apartment 301 at the opposite end of the hallway from Angel's apartment. He doesn't offer much information, so knock on the door of 302.
15 - Husband's Alibi: talk with the resident of apartment 302
When you get into your car, KGPL will notify you that you need to come back to the station for another Black Dahlia letter.
Return to Central Station

Central Police Station
When you arrive, you are told to go downstairs and talk with the Captain and Pinker. Follow your partner. A cut-scene will happen. Check the envelope and letter.
Interview Angel Maldonado

Angel Maldonado

Last Contact with Victim: Lie / Husbands Alibi
16 - Brown Ford Coupe
Divorce Proceedings: Lie / Divorce Papers
Jewelry Taken from Body: Truth
Bloodstained Shirt Found: Doubt
Drive over to the fruit market.
Just Picked Fruit Market
Talk with the man behind the counter at the back of the store.
Clem Feeney
Distinctive Necklace: Doubt
Contact with Victim: Doubt
Movements of Victim: Truth
You are now free to search for clues. There is a room to the left of the counter you need to go in. After you enter, check the open filing cabnet to find a wooden box. It needs a combination. 2-5-3 is the correct one. It will open up and reveal a few items. Check all three items before moving on.
17 - Scalpel: check the left desk
Apprehend Clem Feeney

II OE II 05-31-2011 12:24 PM

This case requires you to drive yourself so you can collect all clues!
Investigate Signal Hill Crime Scene

Crime Scene
1 - Time of Death: Obtained automatically after arriving at the scene
2 - Laundry Label: check the victims head, turn to the right then left
3 - Boot Prints: check the foot prints at "B" Evidence
4 - Tire Tracks: check the tracks at "C" Evidence
As you leave the crime scene, a police car will show up.
Catherine Barton
Suspicious Persons: Truth
Locate Disfigured Suspect
Use the telephone nearby to learn the address of Superior Laundry Services, and the address of a hobo camp.
Investigate Superior Laundry Services

Superior Laundry Services
Talk with the clerk at the back.
5 - Laundry Ledger: obtained automatically after opening up the ledger
Read the ledger for the information F1363 to find out a name and address (Mrs. T. Taraldsen, 43 Emerald Street)
Investigate Taraldsen Residence

43 Emerald Street
Knock on the front door and Mr. Taraldsen will answer. After a brief conversation you go searching for clues.
6 - Matchbook: check the dresser in the master bedroom
Investigate Baron's Bar
Inspect the turned over picture on the dresser beside the matchbook. Next, on your way into the kitchen you can inspect a model boat on the bookshelf. There is also another matchbook close by, on the table next to the chess set.
7 - Victim's Handbag: check beside the sink in the laundry room
Lipstick: inside the handbag, not actually listed as a clue
Identification: inside the handbag, not actually listed as a clue
8 - Muddy Boots: check the floor of the laundry room
9 - Wet Jacket: check beside the back door in the laundry room
10 - Bow Rope: check the bow of the boat in the yard outside
Now you have all the clues, go back inside and question Lars.
Lars Taraldson
Possible Suspects: Lie / Bow Rope
Alibi for Lars Taraldson: Doubt
Victim's State of Mind: Doubt
Last Contact with Victim: Lie / Muddy Boots OR Wet Jacket
Before you leave for Baron's Bar, use the phone.
Baron's Bar
Head inside and talk with the barman.
Benny Cluff
Last Contact with Victim: Truth
Clue 11 - Yellow Cab 3591
Locate Yellow Cab 3591
Vagrant Male Suspect: Doubt
Locate Suspect 'Sailor'
Yellow Cab 3591: Truth
After chatting with the barman, he will point out Richard Bates for you, but he will run off.
Apprehend Richard Bates

Richard Bates
Contact with Victim: Doubt
Account of Movements: Doubt
Make sure to use a telephone nearby so you can put an APB out on the Yellow Cab 3591. You get a message from the Captain that James Jessop is at the police station and waiting to be questioned. MAKE SURE YOU DRIVE YOURSELF AT THIS POINT! As you get into your car and start heading for the station, KGPL will notify you that they found they Yellow Cab. Drive to where they have spotted the cab. If you set your notebook to the location "Yellow Cab Trace" you can find it easily.
Yellow Cab Trace
12 - Victims Movements: Obtained automatically after talking with the cab driver
Head back to the station to question James.

Central Police Station
The officer behind the desk will notify you that James is in room #2. Head over and start your questions.
James Jessop
Contact with Victim: Doubt
Incident with Bates: Doubt
Movements prior to Murder: Doubt
Clue 13 - All American 249
Cab Ride with Victim: Doubt
After the questions, an officer will notify you that the hobo has been sighted. Don't go running off to the hobo camp yet, the bus driver needs to be tracked down first.
Investigate Hobo Camp
Investigate Interstate Bus Depot

Bus Depot
Talk with the lady behind the desk and she will pull out a route map for you to look at.
14 - Bus Route Map: Obtained automatically after looking at the bus route map
Locate All American 74
YOU NEED TO DRIVE YOURSELF AGAIN! Follow the route marked in red on your mini map until you find the bus.
All American 249 Bus
Talk with the bus driver to get more evidence.
15 - Victim Last Seen: Obtained automatically after talking with the bus driver
Now go search the hobo camp.
Hobo Camp
When you arrive, there will be a short cut-scene followed by a brawl.
Arrest Disfigured Suspect
Knock him out to take him into custody. Then search his hut for clues.
Newspaper 6: Inside the hut on a crate when you walk in
16 - Bloodstained Rope Piece: check the bedside table inside the hut
17 - Purse: check the table across from the bed
Interrogate Stuart Ackerman
Crystal Ballroom Ticket: check the inside of the purse
Check the photo on the table beside the purse before you leave to learn that your suspect was in the army. After finishing here, drive over to the police station and have a word with your suspect.
Central Police Station Pt.2
Stuart is waiting for you in Interview Room #1.
Stuart Ackerman
Motive for Murder: Doubt or Lie / Bloodstained Rope
Contact with Victim: Doubt
Alibi for Stuart Ackerman: Doubt or Lie / Purse

II OE II 05-31-2011 12:24 PM

Investigate Globe Loan & Jewelry
Investigate Railyard Crime Scene

1 - Pawned Rings: Obtained automatically
Drive over to the pawn store first.

Talk with the owner. He will pull out two rings. Be sure to inspect them both. The ring on the left you will learn about a "maker's mark". The right ring you will learn about the rings hallmark. Now drive over to the railyard.
When you arrive, an officer will lead you to the crime scene.
2 - Vagrancy: check the right side of the victims head
3 - Missing Ring: check the victims right hand
4 - Time of Death: obtained after checking the victim for clues
5 - Handbag: check the handbag on the Yellow tarp
6 - Upper Half of Torn Letter: check the white paper in the handbag
7 - Movie Lot Job: check the red paper in the handbag
Check the matchbook and the piece of paper on the yellow tarp to gain new objectives, but don't leave yet. Talk to the negro first, then talk to Jamison.
Investigate Mensch's Bar
Trace Address of Levine's Liquor

John Jamison
8 - Lipstick
Interference with Evidence: Truth
Discovery of Victim's Body: Doubt
Before leaving, use the phone nearby to get the address of Levine's Liquor Store.
Investigate Levine's Liquor Store
Dont worry about the liquor store yet. Drive to Mench's Bar.

Mensch's Bar
When you arrive you will have a chat with the barman and owner. He will tell you to ask the regulars around the bar for information. Grosvernor is the man in the green booth reading a book.
Grosvenor McCaffrey
Criminal History: Doubt
Investigate Rawling's Bowling Alley

Last Contact: Doubt
Drive to Levine's Liquor Store.

Levine's Liquor Store
When you arrive you will speak with the owner. He will introduce himself as Robbins and lead you to the victim's living area.
9 - Book: check the ground beside her bed (look inside)
There are a few other things here to check out as well: A photograph next to the book. A photograph on the crates behind you. A Keystone Films trophy on the floor at the foot of her bed, a nameplate and a bowling pin next to the trophy. Now talk with Robbins.
Contact with Victim: Truth
10 - Liquor Purchase
Relationship with Victim: Truth
Knowledge of McCaffrey: Doubt
After speaking with Robbins, you must drive back to Mensch's Bar and have another word with McCaffrey. Ignore KGPL's message to return to Central Station!

Mensch's Bar Pt.2

Grosvenor McCaffrey
Relationship with Victim: Lie / Book
11 - Victim Last Seen
Now head back to Central Station. The officer at the desk will tell you to head downstairs and speak with the Captain and Pinker. Head downstairs to get an updated about the Black Dahlia case. When you're done here drive to the bowling alley.
Trace Address of Grosvenor McCaffrey
Use any phone in the station to get the address, but go to Rawling's Bowling Alley first.
Investigate McCaffrey's Apartment

Rawling's Bowling Alley
After you arrive, you will talk with a lady behind the shoe desk. She will tell you that Tiernan will be in the back. Had down the left side of the lanes to the open door. Tiernan will be suprised and run out the back and steal a car. Chase him. After you get him, go to McCaffrey's Apartment.
McCaffrey's Apartment
Check the mailbox out front when you arrive to learn his apartment is #6. Head up to the second floor and kick open the door.
12 - Lower Half of Torn Letter: check the right side of the desk beside the front door
13 - Torn Letter
14 - Tire Iron: check the floor beside the desk
A lady will walk in and tell you that McCaffrey is on the roof in his pigeon coop. Go up to the third floor and use the access. When you reach the roof, he will run and you must chase him.
Return to Central for Interrogations

Central Police Station Pt.2
NOTE: You will need to go back and forth between the two suspects. Their interrogations will be listed in order. When you arrive, head into room 1.
James Tiernan
Relationship with Victim: Lie / Victim Last Seen
Victims Book Found: Doubt
Alibi for James Teirnan: Lie / Liquor purchase
Access to Murder Weapon: Doubt
15 - Teirnan's Accusation
Don't charge Tiernan with the crime. Talk to McCaffrey in room 2.
Grosvernor McCaffrey
Last Contact with Victim (Already crossed off)
Alibi for McCaffrey: Lie / Torn Letter
Access to Tire Iron: Lie / Teirnan's Accusation
16 - McCaffrey's Accusation
Use a phone in the station before talking with Tiernan again. You will learn that McCaffrey was in discharged from the army for beating a woman.
17 - McCaffrey's Criminal Record
Now go talk to Tiernan again.
James Teirnan Pt.2
Events Prior to Murder: Lie / McCaffrey's Accusation
He is still not the man to convict. Talk to McCaffrey again.
Grosvernor McCaffery Pt.2
Military Service: Lie / McCaffrey's Criminal Record
McCaffrey is your man. Charge him and end the case.

II OE II 05-31-2011 12:25 PM

The locations will not appear in your pocketbook, so i will include an address if you have not found them already. Also, if you are still unsure, consult the maps for each location.
Central Police Station

You will start the case here. Check the envelope, red book, and the folded letter!
1 - Black Dahlia Letter: obtained after reading the envelope
2 - Shelley Excerpt: obtained after reading the letter
You will decipher the excerpt and then you must make for Pershing Square.
Investigate Pershing Square
Located a southwest of the polices station, between 5th and 6th street, and between Olive and Hill street.
Pershing Square
Climb up the fountain when you arrive to find some clues.
3 - Second Excerpt: found on top the foutain
4 - Social Security Card: found on top the fountain
Decipher the second excerpt
If you wait around long enough (approx 5 minutes), you will decipher the excerpt. Mark the Hall of Records on your map and drive there. Located on Broadway street, just north of the police station.

Investigate Hall of Records

Hall of Records

Scale the Chandelier
Talk with the man at the front desk. He will tell you there is an access panel on the top floor. Your partner can lead you there. Climb the ladder and open the door. Here you will have to balance across the chain using the left stick.
5 - Deidre Moller's Watch: Found on top of the chandelier
6 - Third Excerpt: Found on top of the chandelier
After finding the clues, the chains will break, and you need to swing the chandelier enough to jump off.
Decipher the third excerpt
If you wait long enough, Phelps will decipher it, otherwise mark LA Public Library on your map. Its located on 5th Street, between Flower and Grand (directly below the letter "E" in Central Division)
Investigate the Public Library

Public Library

Climb the Library Tower
1. Climb the pipe
2. Climb the scaffolding and wall
3. Climb the scaffolding and the ladder to the right
4. Cross the wooden plank
5. Climb the pipe
6. Climb the ladder
7. Hop two gaps
8. Climb the ladder
9. Cross the wooden plank
10. Descend the ladder
11. Descend the scaffolding
12. Climb the ladder to the top
13. Move to the northwest side for clues

7 - Fourth Excerpt: Found at the top of the Library in the northwest corner
8 - Antonia's Medallion: Found at the top of the Library in the northwest corner
Decipher the fourth excerpt
Mark Westlake Tar Pits. Its located on San Marino Street. (look at the map and go straight south from the letter "R" in WILSHIRE until just above where the map goes dark.)
Investigate Westlake Tar Pits

Westlake Tar Pits

Reach the Island
Here you will need to cross the tar pit on foot. Here is a handy list for the way to cross safely. Each spot with 4 posts sticking up through the tar is a safe spot.

1. Right
2. Left
3. Straight
4. Right
5. Straight
6. Right
7. Left
8. Left
9. Right
10. Left
11. Straight
12. Straight
13. Left
14. Straight
15. Straight
16. Left
17. Right
18. Straight
19. Straight
20. Right

Search beside the tree for clues.

9 - Theresa Taralden's Shoe: Found beside the tree
10 - Fifth Excerpt: Found beside the tree
Decipher the fifth excerpt
Mark L.A. County Art Museum on your map. Located just north of your location on Hoover street, between 8th and 9th.
Investigate the LA County Art Museum

L.A. County Art Museum
Reach the Center of the Maze
Here is a list of the directions to take from the maze entrance.

1. Follow the path until it splits
2. Go right
3. Follow the path until it splits
4. Go right and immediately go left
5. Follow the path past the split
11 - Celine Henry's Garnet Ring: Found at center of hedge maze
12 - Sixth Excerpt: Found at center of hedge maze
Decipher sixth excerpt
Mark the 'Intolerance' Set on your map. Located on the corner of 8th street and Francisco. (southwest of the letter "C" in CENTRAL)
Investigate 'Intolerance' Set

Intolerance Set

Climb to the Throne
Climb the big set of stairs at the back of the set and go through the tunnel. Here you will need to balance yourself so that the pillar does not fall until your partner slides out a board for you to jump on. Finally, Descend the ladder in front of you.
13 - Evelyn Summers' Ring: Found on the throne
14 - Seventh Excerpt: Found on the throne
Escape the Intolerance Set
Hop the gap in front of you, then turn to the right and keep running until you escape.
Decipher the seventh excerpt
Mark Christ Crown of Thorns on your map. Located a little southwest of your current location just south of 9th street.
Investigate the Church

Christ Crown of Thorns
Abandoned Church and Presbytery
When you arrive head into the building in front of you. you will find the real killer of all those murders. He will introduce himself and run away. Run to the altar to find he has escaped through the sewers.
Enter the Catacombs
Go through the door on your right and go into the next building. In the room to your left, there will be a door to kick in. This room offers some clues, but aren't needed. The left room will have a ladder to the sewers.
Kill Garret Mason
Chase him through the sewers. He has a shotgun, and will pop out from around corners and shoot you. Eventually you will finish him off and end the case.
Achievement Unlocked: The Simple Art of Murder

II OE II 05-31-2011 12:25 PM


1 - Army Surplus Morphine: Obtained automatically
Investigate Crime Scene

Yucca Street Crime Scene
When you arrive at the scene, go up the stairs and follow the balcony to the right. Check the victim on the floor first. His wallet is in his shirt pocket. Make sure to check his identification.
2 - Radio Station Clue: check the wallet of the victim on the floor
Check the floor for another wallet and inspect the identification.
3 - Numbers Slip: inside wallet on the floor
4 - Popcorn Cups: check underneath the popcorn cup beside the wallet
5 - Strange Doodle: check the table in the living room.
You can also inspect the music sheet on the table if you like.
6 - Morphine Syrettes: check on the floor near the kitchen.
There is another popcorn cup and a used syrette on the floor as well.
7 - Popcorn Cups with Morphine: check underneath the popcorn cup on the kitchen counter
Search Black Caesar Food Hut
As your partner suggests. Go across the street and investigate.
Black Caesar Food Hut
When you arrive you will speak with the man running the place. But he will flee.
Apprehend the Fry Cook
You will chase him until he finds a friend on top of a building. Knock him out and you will return to the Food Hut.
Interview Fleetwood Morgan
Search the area for clues before asking your questions!
8 - Numbers Racket: inspect the trumpet attachement inside the brown case
9 - Blue Room Pass: inside the trumpet case (check both sides)
10 - Morphine Syrettes: check inside the big box
Now you can go ask your questions.
Fleetwood Morgan
Morphine Overdose Victims: Lie / Popcorn Cups with Morphine
11 - Distributer Identified
Numbers Slips Recovered: Doubt
Trace Jermaine Jones' Address
Investigate 'Ottie's'
With your questioning done, use the telephone close by to get the address you need.
Jones' Booking Agency
When you arrive, check the building directory before going in. Take the first door on the left and talk with the man at the desk. Check the radio in the corner opposite Jones' desk. Another 'puzzle' awaits.

1. Change the middle knob to FM
2. Use the right knob and tune the station to 275

Subdue Jones' Goons
Easy enough, knock them out. They aren't very tough.
Interrogate Jermaine Jones
Make sure to search the radio for clues first!
12 - Updated Morphine Syrettes: inside the radio
Check the numbers slip, the bag of drugs, the stack of money, and the green sticker as well.
Find Ramez Removals Address
Don't leave this area yet, you still need to interrogate Jones.
Jermaine Jones
Army Surplus Morphine: Doubt
Invovlement of Ottie: Lie / Distributer Identified
13 - Finkelstein Identified
Link to Ramez Removal: Doubt
After questioning, Jermaine and his goons are arrested. Use the phone to your right before going anywhere to get the address of Ramez Removals, but don't go there yet. Drive to the Numbers Operation first.
Numbers Operation
After you arrive, open the door in front of you and go up the stairs. You find Merlon Ottie. Behind him in the right corner you will spot a red slot machine. Go over and inspect it. Its another puzzle. The solution is the strange doodle you found at the crime scene: Cherry, Bell, WIN.

1. Pull the arm of the slot machine until one or more of the symbols show up.

2. Hold any symbols show up.
3. Repeat step 1 and 2 until you have all three symbols.

Now that you have solved the puzzle there are a few things to check. First the morphine. Then the numbers slip. Then the green sticker. Afterwards, Ottie will run.

Apprehened Merlon Ottie
After catching him, you will return to his operation.
Interrogate Merlon Ottie
You have a cane in front of you. Inspect it first.
14 - IOU Note

Merlon Ottie
Army Surplus Morphine: Lie / Finkelstein Identified
IOU Note from José Ramez: Truth
Merlon is arrested, so drive to Ramez Removals.
Ramez Removals
As you arrive, a worker out front will notify you that you just missed Jose.
Pursue the Removals Truck
Easy enough, chase down the truck until you get your man. You will return to the Removals location when finished. Take a look inside the warehouse. First on your left there are two desks. On the first desk is a ledger. Inspect it for "Polar Bear Ice Company" on the first page and Merlon Ottie on the second.
Newspaper 7: On the second desk, behind you
Next, there will be a puddle close to the desks. Follow it through the maze of furniture to the back. You will find a blocked freezer.

Climb the ladder and follow the sign to the cargo crane.
Use the crane to move some crates blocking the freezer door. Aim the light over the crates closest to the door and pick them up.

Next go back down the ladder and inspect the freezer. Inspect the big ice block when you walk in.
Use your gun to break the ice then inspect what's inside.

Apprehend José Ramez
José will make a run for it into the warehouse. Chase him down and shoot him.
Search Polar Bear Ice Company

Polar Bear Ice Company
When you arrive a man will talk about the factory being closed for years. Pulls a gun and your partner shoots him. Enter the building.
Apprehend Lenny Finkelstein
Advance through the warehouse and shoot enemies. They will be carrying Ithaca 37Shotguns, and one enemy will carry a Thompson SMG. After Lenny's last stand search the large green crate marked "SS COOLRIDGE" and finish this case.

II OE II 05-31-2011 12:26 PM

Investigate Fighters' Dressing Rooms
The start of the case has you going to Hammond's locker room. Two guys will be there banging on the door. Move up and kick it in.

Boxing Stadium

Locate Albert Hammond
Newspaper 8: check the second red training table
1 - Bookmakers' Odds: search Hammond's locker
Trace Telephone Number through R&I
Use the phone nearby to trace the number. It will return as Hotel El Mar. Drive there.

Hotel El Mar
Talk with the man at the counter and he will pull out a ledger for you to search. Inspect the name "Winston Churchill" on the second page. Go up to room 207.
2 - Telegram: check the knocked over trash can underneath the window
3 - Movie Ticket Stub: check the dresser
There is also a box of chocolates to inspect on the dresser.
4 - Magazine Coupon: read the bottom right of the open magazine on the table beside the dresser
Investigate Candy Edwards' Address
There is still another clue here to find first.
5 - Bookmakers' Payouts: check the left nightstand
Drive to Candy Edwards' Address to find the Aleve Motel.

Aleve Motel
Speak with the lady at the desk. She will tell you which room is Candy's. When you get close to the room, you will here a commotion. Kick in the door and fight with the man. After he is knocked out, search his left pocket to find a swtich blade. His right pocket contains a book.
6 - Bus Ticket: check the dresser
7 - Cunard Ascania: check the dresser
After finding the clues, Candy will wake up.
Interview Candy Edwards

Candy Edwards

Whereabouts of Hammond: Lie / Magazine Coupon
List of Odds Recovered: Lie / Bookmakers' Odds
Plans to Leave Town: Doubt
The next morning you will spot Candy leaving her motel room.
Tail Candy Edwards
Here is a chance to earn another achievement if done correctly.

First, use incognito to hide yourself behind the newspaper on the bench.
Wait until she walks past you a ways, then get up and follow her slowly.
Hide behind the truck when you get the chance as she will look around.
Now all you have to do is follow her at a distance to Thrifty Liquor.
Achievement Unlocked: The Moose

First Bookmaker's Office
Enter Thrifty Liquor only to she is gone, but not before using the phone. Check the payphone before leaving!
8 - Bookie's Notepad: shade the notepad at the phone
Investigate Examiner Drugstore
As you get into your vehicle. KGPL will notfy you about three bookie locations. Drive to the Examiner Drugstore first.

Examiner Drugstore
Head inside to find out that Candy cleaned him out and called for a cab.
9 - Yellow Cab Co. Card: check the table beside the phone
Use the phone to get the cab number that picked up Candy. Before you leave, talk with the bookie, then drive to Ray's Bookmakers.

Ray's Bookmakers
When you arrive, you find the cab, and Candy leaving in it.
Tail Yellow Cab 179
Follow the cab for a while. It will lead you in a few circles around and finally stop.

Interstate Bus Depot

Investigate Bus Depot
When you arrive, use the newspaper in the first row of seats to go incognito. You will hear a scream coming from the bathroom.
10 - Revolver: on the floor beside the purse (inspect further)
11 - Movie Ticket: check inside the purse
Investigate Egyptian Theater

Egyptian Theater
Enter the theater and a gunfight will be the finale for this case. Enemies here will have basic weapons except for Carlo Arquero, who will have a Thompson SMG.

II OE II 05-31-2011 12:27 PM

1 - Morphine: Obtained automatically
Investigate the 111 Club

111 Club
When you arrive you will enter the crime scene and talk with your partner from Traffic. Time to do what you're good at. There is a victim at "A" Evidence to learn that he has had a few too many bullets put into him. Over to the "B" Evidence.

As you open the case you will see 3 small pieces. Inspect all of them to open up a secret compartment.
2 - Blue Room Pass: hidden inside the wooden case at "B" Evidence
Investigate Blue Room
Still more clues to find here first, as well as a potential witness.
Updated "Morphine": hidden inside the wooden case at "B" Evidence
Updated "Morphine": check the right pocket of the victim at "C" Evidence
3 - Valor Cigarettes: check the crate in the back room
4 - BARs: check the gun rack in the back room
5 - Coolridge Heist: Obtained automatically after finding the "Valor Cigarettes" and "BARs"
Meet with Robbery Detectives
Don't leave yet. You still have the hostess to walk with.
111 Club Shooting Incident: Doubt
Knowledge of McGoldrick: Truth
Drive to the Blue Room.
The Blue Room
Enter the Blue Room to have a short cut-scene then you question Elsa.
Elsa Lichtmann
Army Surplus Morphine: Doubt
Morphine Overdose Victims: Doubt
After questioning Elsa, your partner will come in and suggest making a visit with Mikey.
Interview Mikey Cohen
Tail Elsa Lichtmann
Don't go driving off to the club yet. Tail Elsa first. She will lead you to her apartment. The next morning, you arrive at The Mocambo Club.
The Mocambo Club
The waiter will show you to Mikey's table. After exchanging a few friendly words, start your questions.
Mikey Cohen
Finkelstein Drug Operation: Doubt
111 Club Shooting Incident: Doubt
After questioning, you will arrive at the police station.
Hollywood Police Station
You see reporters swarming the front doors. After speaking with the lieutenant, head over to the squad room. He will pull out a manifest.
6- Stolen BARs: inspect the #5 listing on the second page
7 - Stolen Valors: inspect the #9 listing on the second page
There are two listings to also look at. #3 and #11.
8 - Manifest: Obtained after searching the ledger
Attend Bus Stop Shooting

Bus Shooting
When you arrive you will find a man on the roof shooting at the bus.

You need to use cover to get closer to the building he is on.
1. Use the big table that is holding papers
2. Use the small sign that says 5% off all marked prices.
3. Run behind the building for a fire escape to climb.
4. Shoot the "sniper"
Search the Sniper's Body
Inspect his weapon to learn it was one of the stolen BARs.
9 - Sniper's Pocketbook: Search the right pocket of the sniper
After you will be on the street and notice Alvarro. Ask him a few questions.
Felix Alvarro
Informed of Coolridge Heist: Doubt
Motive for Shooting: Lie / Sniper's Pocketbook
Achievement Unlocked: The Fighting Sixth
10 - 6th Marines

Locate Jack Kelso
Use the phone nearby to get Kelso's address.
Interview Jack Kelso
Drive to his apartment.
Kelso's Apartment
When you arrive you will see Jack. Take him to the station.
Hollywood Police Station Pt.2

Jack Kelso
Army Surplus Morphine: Doubt
Ex-Marine McGoldrick: Truth
Arms Stolen from Coolridge: Truth
SS Coolridge Robbery: Doubt
An officer will come in and notify you of a shooting at Robert's Diner.
Robert's Diner
When you arrive, you will see two men leaving. Chase them down to an alley and shoot them.

Alleyway Crime Scene
Again, this shooter has a stolen BAR.
11 - Copy of Manifest: check the left pocket of the first body
Investigate Grauman's Chinese Theater
Investigate Hollywood Post Office
There are still clues to find and a newspaper.
12 - Shooter's Notebook: check the right pocket of the first body
Newspaper 9: check the ground in the alley beside the second shooter
Drive to the Post Office.
Hollywood Post Office
There will be a shoot out with the cops when you arrive. Take them down.
After its finished you will be in front of Beckett. As you start to search him, you find out he's still alive.
13 - Beckett's Confession: Obtained automatically
14 - Business Card: Check Beckett's left hand
Go to the other side of this room and you will notice some paper on the floor, follow it to a small mail room.
15 - Note: check the left pocket of the victim
Investigate 1640 North Las Palmas.
Drive to the Theater instead of going to the Meeting Place.
Grauman's Chinese Theater
As you arrive a masked man will shoot two others then drive away in a red car. Follow it and shoot the men. After, drive to the Meeting Place.
Meeting Place
When you arrive, have a gunfight with Cohen's goons. Enemies here will have Thompson SMGs, Itheca Shotguns or pistols. After, KGPL will notify you that Courtney Sheldon is at the station waiting for you.
Interview Courtney Sheldon

Hollywood Police Station Pt.3
Go into room 2 to find Courtney and Dr. Fontaine.
Courtney Sheldon
6th Marines being targeted: Lie / Note
SS Coolridge Robbery: Lie / Beckett's Confession
After questioning, Courtney will try to make a deal, but the Captain and Commander will come in and bust you with adultery. This ends the case.
Achievement Unlocked: No Rest for the Wicked

II OE II 05-31-2011 12:27 PM



Investigate Steffens House Fire
Investigate Sawyer House Fire
Drive over to the Steffen Residence first.
Steffens House Fire
You arrive to find the house burnt to the ground.
Interview Mr. Steffens
Search the yard for clues first.
1 - Heater Serviced by Ryan: check fried box along the left side of the house
Now speak with Mr. Steffens.
Don Steffens
2 - Competition Ticket
Investigate Gulliver's Travel Agency
Travel Competition: Truth
3 - Suburban Redevelopment
Suburban Redevelopment: Doubt
Use the phone close by to get information on the Suburban Redevelopment Fund and an address.
Investigate Suburban Redevelopment
Don't worry about this yet, drive to Gulliver's Travel Agency.
Gulliver's Travel Agency
Speak with the travel agent John Cunningham when you arrive. He will pull out a ledger for you to inspect.
Make sure to inspect the Steffens listing as well as the Sawyer listing.
John Cunningham
Suburban Redevelopment: Truth
Promotional Travel Contest: Doubt
Drive to the Sawyer Residence.
Sawyer House Fire
You arrive and have a chat with the fire chief. He gives you a happy welcome to arson. Head inside the crime scene and talk with the coroner. After, check for clues.
4 - Regulator Valve: Found on the ground, front side of the house on the right
There will be a small chat with a neighbor, but the fire chief will notice someone suspicious and you chase after him. If you dont manage to tackle him, you will have to knock him out. After talking with him, drive to the Redevelopment Site.
Suburban Development Site
You don't learn much here when you arrive.
Investigate Fire Station No. 32
Things are done here, drive to the fire station.
Fire Station 32
Enter the station and talk with the fire chief.
5 - Instaheat Model 70: Obtained automatically after speaking with the fire chief
6 - Heater Serviced by Varley: Obtained automatically after speaking with the fire chief
The chief will now talk you through his little experiment on the table. Solve the puzzle.

1. The Gas Bubble goes beside the burning coil (yellow piece)
2. The Regulator goes in the center (blue piece)
3. The Gas Pipe goes on the left side
4. Pull the lever on the left to complete the puzzle

He now gives you a modified regulator valve to take with you to the Instaheat Factory.

Investigate Instaheat Factory

Instaheat Factory
Walk inside and talk with the receptionist. She will tell you to speak with Mr. Rasic. There is a sign for the new Instaheat model in this room if you want to inspect it. Go to Rasic's office.
Ivan Rasic
Instaheat Model 70: Doubt
7 - Ivan Rasic's Statement
Heater Service History: Lie / Heater Serviced by Varley OR Heater Serviced by Ryan
After talking with Rasic, he will pull out a list of installers.
8 - List of Glass Fitters: Obtained automatically
Now you need to use the phone to cross reference the list.
9 - Varley's Criminal Record: Obtained after cross referencing the list
10 - Ryan's Criminal Record: Obtained after cross referencing the list
11 - Clemen's Criminal Record: Obtained after cross referencing the list
Speak with Mr. Rasic again.
Interview Walter Clemens
Interrogate Matthew Ryan
Interrogate Reginald Varley
Don't leave yet. Mr Rasic will guide you to their lockers so you can search for evidence.
12 - Clemen's Anarchist Pamphlet: search the lockers on the left
13 - Ryan's Anarchist Pamphlets: search the center set of lockers
14 - Mosquito Coils: search the right set of lockers (check inside the mosquito coil box)
Things are done, drive to Clemens' Worksite.
Clemens' Worksite
When you arrive you will pull Clemens aside and question him.
Walter Clemen's
Knowledge of Varley: Doubt
15 - Walter Clemens' Statement
Employment with Instaheat: Doubt
Knowledge of Ryan: Lie / Clemen's Anarchist Pamphlet
Things are done, drive to Varley's Worksite.
Varley's Worksite
After you arrive Varley will run for it. Make sure to fire a warning shot! You arrest him after he's caught. Drive to Ryan's Worksite.
Ryan's Worksite
As you introduce yourself, Ryan will flee in his truck.
Apprehend Matthew Ryan
Catch him and arrest him then return to the police station.
Wilshire Police Department
The officer at the door will tell you Ryan is in room 1, and Varley in 2. Go speak with Ryan first in room 1.
Matthew Ryan
Anarchist Literature: Lie / Ryan's Anarchist Pamphlets
Instaheat Model 70: Lie / Ivan Rasic's Statement
Suburban Redevelopment: Doubt
16 - Matthew Ryan's Statement
Attempted Murder Charge: Doubt OR Lie / Ryan's Criminal Record
Don't charge him yet. Go talk to Varley first.
Reginald Varley
Work at Sawyer Residence: Lie / Heater Serviced by Varley
Suburban Redevelopment: Lie / Walter Clemens' Statement OR Matthew Ryan's Statement
Instaheat Model 70: Lie / Mosquito Coils
Charge a Suspect
Don't charge Varley, he is not the right man. Go charge Matthew Ryan now that you have done everything.

II OE II 05-31-2011 12:28 PM

Investigate Residential House Fire
Simple enough. Drive to the House Fire location.
House Fire
When you arrive, speak with the coroner out front. Follow him inside.
1 - Bodies Moved: Obtained automatically after speaking with Lynch
2 - Family Photograph: check the floor opposite the bodies at the "B" Evidence square
Leave the house and speak with Biggs.
Interview the Neighbor
Before talking with the neighbor, search the yard for a clue and newspaper.
Newspaper 10: search the right side of the front yard
3 - Water Heater: check the side yard on the right side of the house at the "C" Evidence square
Now go over to the neighbor's yard. There are two clues here to find before speaking with him.
4 - Cigarette Butts: check the neighbor's yard underneath the tree
5 - Boot Prints: check the neighbor's yard underneath the tree

Dudley Forman
6 - Weekend Away
Morelli Fire Witness Report: Doubt
7 - Houses to be Demolished
Planned Demolitions: Doubt
Promotional Travel Contest: Truth
Suspicious Activity: Doubt
Biggs will return with an origami crane.
8 - Origiami Crane: Obtained automatically
9 - Elysian Fields Flyers: Obtained after opening the Origami Crane
Trace Address on Elysian Fields
Dudley will come out with a flyer himself. Check it out. Next, use the phone nearby to trace the address for Elysian Fields Developments.
Investigate Elysian Fields
Investigate Rancho Escondido
Drive to Rancho Escondido first.
Rancho Escondido
There will be a riot when you arrive.
Disperse the Riot
Easy to do, just knock a few of the people out. After check the house for clues.
10 - Poor Cement Quality: check to the right of the chimey for a loose brick
Drive to Elysian Fields now.
Elysian Fields
Speak with the receptionist when you arrive to get a meeting with Leland. Head upstairs. You can search his office for models of the subdivision and house plans, but they aren't required.
Leland Monroe
Elysian Linked to Arsons: Doubt
Promotional Travel Contest: Lie / Elysian Fields Flyers
Local Land Acquisitions: Doubt
Rancho Escondido Fire: Lie / Poor Cement Quality
Achievement Unlocked: Huckster
After speaking with Leland, check the secretary's desk before leaving!
11 - List of Contractors: check the paper on the secretary's desk
Inspect the name Herbert Chapman, #3 on the list.
Trace Address for Herbert Chapman
Go downstairs go into the room on the right. Use one of the phones in here. You find that Chapman was released. Drive over to his apartment.
A cut-scene will now happen. Cole will be at the Blue Room watching Elsa sing. Your vice partner Roy will walk in and warn you to stay away from Elysian Fields.

You will appear outside Elsa's apartment. After entering your car, KPGL will notify you on Chapman's address.
Investigate Chapman's Residence

Chapman's Apartment
You will arrive and find a man out front. He hasn't seen Chapman. Search his car.
12 - Mosquito Coils: check the trunk of his car (check inside the box)
13 - .45 Caliber Ammunition: check the trunk of his car
There is also a box full of Elysian Fields Flyers in the trunk. Inspect them if you like. After, you will spot Chapman leaving the laundromats. He will pull out a gun and hijack the cable car.
Apprehend Herbet Chapman
Halt the Trolley
Chase down the cable car and bring it to a stop. Shoot Chapman to finish the case.


California Life & Fire
Deal with Female Client
1 - Settlement Letter: check the letter given to you
2 - Buchwalter Case File: read the sheet underneath the pink slip in the case file

Elsa Lichtmann
Disputed Claim Payout: Doubt
Connection to Buchwalter: Doubt
Motive for Distpute: Truth
3 - Slip of Paper: Obtained automatically
After Elsa leaves your secretary will come in telling you to go see Mr. Benson in his office.

Visit Curtis Benson's Office
Follow the secretary to his office. You'll have a friendly chat with your boss.
Investigate Elysian Field's Site

Elysian Fields Site
When you arrive, walk into the subdivision office and search for clues.
4 - Cement Delivery Receipt: check the first desk as you walk in
5 - Demolition Order: check the large piece of paper on the third desk
6 - Company Memo: check the small piece of paper on the third desk
As you leave, a man will tell you to get lost. Beat him up.

Investigate Accident Site

Demolished House
There are a few things to search here, but the only one required is at the back left side of the house.
7 - Broken Wood: check the red flag marker at the back of the house
After inspecting the broken wood. A Bulldozer will come driving at you!

You can slow the bulldozer down by turning around and aiming at it with your gun or pressing the LT button (sometimes it wont turn around and aim for you). Climb the ladder at the end to escape.
Trace Address of Keystone Films
Use the phone nearby to get the address.
Investigate Keystone Films

Keystone Films Studio
Talk with the security guard when you arrive. He will leave for lunch, so hop the fence to gain access. Go around the building on your right until you come across the lumber storage.
8 - Lumber Delivery Receipt: check the short stack of lumber near the security hut
9 - Inferior Quality Lumber: check the stack of lumber opposite from the Delivery Reciept
Now go back around the building and enter the Screening Room.
10 - Film Canister: check the table behind the film reel case
Now, open up film machine box and start the film. Another puzzle awaits.

1. The top dial changes to focus of the flim. Turn it to the center
2. The bottom dial changes the speed of the film. Turn it to one spot left of center
3. Flip the switch at the bottom.
4. Watch the flim.
11 - Flim: Obtained by solving the film reel puzzle
Telephone Curtis Benson's Office
Leave the screening room and use the phone in the security hut.
The Blue Room
A cut-scene will be shown with Jack Kelso talking with Elsa.
Investigate Elysian Fields Site Two

Elysian Fields Site Two
When you arrive at the site, a flickering light in the house across the street catches your eye. Go into the house and investigate. Go upstairs and check the room in the back. Some goons will jump you. Eventually you will break free of the trunk.
Get in a Vehicle
After breaking free of the trunk, find the closest vehicle and start driving.
Escape Pursuers
This one is a bit tricky to do since there are a lot of them. You can drive down alleys and take lots of turns. Eventually you will lose them.

Get to Elsa's Apartment
Easy. Drive to Elsa's Apartment to finish the case.

II OE II 05-31-2011 12:28 PM

1 - Inferior Lumber: Obtained Automatically
2 - Redevelopment Fund: Obtained automatically
Pay Curtis Benson a Visit
Leave the medical clinic you wake up in and drive to Benson's Apartment.
Curtis Benson's Apartment
Check the mailboxes out front to learn his apartment is #2. It's upstairs to the left. Knock on the door and force yourself in. After a short conversation, you are able to search for clues. If you feel like, check his bedroom if you dare.
3 - Insurance Agreement: check the desk beside the front door
4 - Share Certificate: check the glass table beside the desk
Talk with Benson now that you have the right clues.
Curtis Benson
Motive For Fraud: Lie / Share Certificate
Suburban Redevelopment: Lie / Insurance Agreement
Buchwalter Case Settlement: Doubt
Investigate California Fire & Life

California Life & Fire
When you arrive, use the elevator. Next, go into your office and search the case file on your desk.
5 - Improved Land Value: read the pink slip of paper (tap the row labeled Development)
6 - Buchwalter Case File: check the top right of the blue house plans (it will give you latitude and longitude coordinates)
After, Cole will show up and have a chat with you. You then appear outside the Hall of Records.
Hall of Records
Investigate Hall of Records
Enter the building and talk with the guard at the front desk. He will tell you the Land Registry Office is just upstairs.

Here, talk with eh clerk and he will lead you to a shelf of books labeled "S"
Flip the page, and then tap the name "C.Sheldon" on the second page.

Next, the clerk will show you over to a coordinates machine. Input theses coordinates
1. Change the Latitude coordinates using the Left Stick to 34'04'29
2. Change the Longitude coordinates using the Right Stick to 118'17'58
7 - Elysian Lot Number 1876988

The clerk will show you to an adding machine where you need to convert your lot number into a letter.
1. punch in 1,876,988
2. divide
3. 90,000
4. pull the handle
5. = 20
Updated Elysian Lot Number 1876988

Now search the bookshelf labeled "U."

On the second page, tap the Lot Number 1876988

Goons will show up and you must shoot your way out. Enemies will have pistols, shotguns, and Thompson SMGs.
Kelso's Apartment
Answer the Telephone
Simple. Answer the phone in your apartment. It's Leland Monroe. He wants you to meet him at his place.
Meet Leland Monroe
Drive over to his mansion.

Leland Monroe's Mansion
When you arrive, part of your old squad is waiting for you. Time to blast your way in. Enemies in the courtyard will have shotguns and pistols.
An enemy at the back door will be carrying a BAR, the other a Tommy Gun.

Kick in the door and shoot your way through the mansion.

You will come across a lady with a gun. She will shoot you in the arm, but you only knock her out.

Continue through the mansion shooting enemies you come across until you find Monroe.

After shooting him in the leg you get to search his office.
Search Leland Monroe's Office
First check the safe for a few things: a green book with payroll information in it. Blank shares worth $400,000 each. Finally a file on Dr. Fontaine.

Next, search the table behind the desk for a picture of the Suburban Redevelopment Fund as well as a newspaper.
Newspaper 11: check the table behind Monroe's desk
Finally check the folder on his desk for names of the people who wouldn't sell their houses. A cut-scene will occur and the case will finish.
Achievement Unlocked: Shamus to the Stars


Identify 'Bug Sprayer' Arsonist
Track Down 'Bug Sprayer' Arsonit
First, drive to Rapid Exterminators
Rapid Exterminators
Talk with the man behind the counter about the arsonist. He doesn't know anything. But before you leave, check the counter for a newspaper.
Newspaper 12: check the front counter
Drive to your next location. Nuclear Bug & Rodent Control.
Nuclear Bug & Rodent Control
Enter the shop and talk with the clerk. Nothing to be learned here, drive to Westlake Pest Control.
Westlake Pest Control
Enter the business and talk with the guy behind the desk. He gives you the information you need. The arsonist lives at the Ranch Bunkhouse.
Doctor Fontaine's Office
Investigate Murder Scene
Follow your partner into the crime scene. The second room will have a clue.
1 - Morphine Cabinet: check the big gray cabinet
Head into the office and search for more clues. Check Fontaine's left hand for a lighter inscribed "I.H." Check the right side of his neck as well. Check the broken glass on the doors if you feel the need to.
Newspaper 13: check the desk for the last newspaper
Next move to the desk and check the sketchbook. Use the charcoal and shade an image. Next, compare it to the Newspaper to your right.
2 - Freeway Route: after using the charcoal to make a map, check the newspaper clipping
3 - Crystal Ball: check the floor opposite the desk
4 - Fontaine's Blackmail Letters: check the table to the right of the crystal ball (tap the name SAWYER)
A cut-scene will occur and you figure out the entire plan.

Ranch Bunkhouse

Investigate Rancho Rincon
Head inside and take a look around.
5 - Flamethrower: check the table to the right as you enter
Next, go to the back room. Its filled with origami cranes.
6 - Photographs of Okinawa: check the wall behind you as you enter the back room
7 - Origami Cranes: check the right table in the backroom
After checking things here, make sure you check the River Tunnel plans on the window.
Wilshire Police Station
Escort Jack Kelso to LA River Tunnels
Reach LA River Tunnels
Escort Jack Kelso to the sewer tunnels by knocking cop cars away from him.
L.A. River Tunnels
Follow the tunnels and shoot the enemies along the way. Enemies here will be carrying a nice assortment of weapons. Thompson SMGs, M1 Garrand Rifles, BARs, Shotguns.

The first weapons room is located to your right just after climbing a ladder to get out of the water. In here there is a BAR, Thompson SMG, and Shotgun.

The second weapon room is located just before you go into the room that starts flooding with water. It has an M1 Garrand Rifle, BAR, and a flamethrower.

Keep following the sewers until you find Elsa.
Chichester Temple
A cut-scene here concludes the story.

Achievement Unlocked: Moth to a Flame

II OE II 05-31-2011 12:29 PM
When a suspect caught behind the wheel of a stolen car claims to have bought the vehicle fair and square, Detective Phelps and Bekowsky are unimpressed. When he produces a pink slip and bill of sale as proof, they sit up and take notice. There follows an investigation that will throw up bumbling car thieves, double talking auto dealers, and a theft racket that stretches across Los Angeles and the state line.


1 - Stolen Vehicle: obtained automatically
Investigate Stolen Vehicle Report

Stolen Vehicle Call
When you arrive at the location, the car will pull out of the driveway and speed off.


Achievement Unlocked: Nowhere in a Hurry
After catching him you will have a nice chat, and he will show you a receipt.
2 - Receipt: obtained automatically
Investigate Coombs Automotive

Cliff Harrison
Vehicle Reported as Stolen: Truth
3 - Harrison's Ownership Papers (make sure to check both sides)
Motive for Flight: Doubt
Vehicle Purchase Details: Truth
Things are done here, drive to Coombs Automotive.

Coombs Automotive
You arrive to find Mr. Coombs himself out in the lot trying to sell you a car. Exchange some words and he will lead you to his office. Follow him in and take a seat.
4 - Archer's Ownership Papers: inspect the pink slip on the desk (check both sides)
Investigate Jean Archer's Address
Trace Address for Marquee Printing

5 - Bill of Sale: read the white paper on the desk

Richard Coombs
Details of Transaction: Truth
6 - Check
Description of Suspect: Truth
Association with Marquee: Truth
Investigate Marquee Printing
Check Payment Details: Doubt
Suspicious Transaction: Doubt
Before leaving the area, make sure to use the phone nearby to put out an APB for Jean Archer.
Interrogate James Belasco
Don't head to the Police Station just yet. Head to 146 North Fremont Avenue.

146 North Fremont Avenue
You arrive to find an empty lot and a false address.
7 - Fake Address: obtained automatically
Drive to the Police Station.

Central Police Station
You arrive to find out James is in room 2. Head over there and ask him some questions. Enter the room to find he will has papers ready for you.
8 - Belasco's Ownership Papers: obtained automatically

James Belasco
Stolen Auto Courier: Doubt
9 - Auto Theft Racket
10 - Stolen Auto Courier

Association with Archer: Lie / Archer's Ownership Papers
Auto Theft Racket: Doubt
Stolen Vehicles Warehoused: Doubt
After finishing your questions, Pinker will have a chat with you.
11 - Note from Ray Pinker: obtained automatically
12 - Pink Slips:
obtained automatically
As you leave to go to the Marquee, a clerk will notify you about Jean Archer.
Apprehend Jean Archer
Run to the location automatically tracked when you leave the station!

Western Union Office
Head inside the office to find Jean. Ask her some questions while your partner calls for a pickup.
Jean Archer
Stolen Kaiser Frazer: Doubt
Association with Belasco: Lie / Belasco's Ownership Papers
13 - Known Associates of Archer
Stolen Auto Courier: Doubt
Investigate 58 Industrial Street
Achievement Unlocked: Femme Imbécile
Don't go to 58 Industrial. Drive to Marquee Printing first.

Marquee Printing Company
Enter the office and speak with the man behind the counter. He introduces himself as Gordon Leitvol. Speak with him again to start asking questions.
Gordon Leitvol
Knowledge of Theft Racket: Doubt
Pink Slip Supply: Doubt
Coombs Auto Deliveries: Doubt
Go to the other side of the desk and open up the ledger.
14 - Delivery Ledger: Tap the name "Bigelow" on the second page
Things are done here. Drive to 58 Industrial Street.

58 Industrial Street
You enter the warehouse with your gun drawn. Make your way through the warehouse shooting some goons. They will have pistols and shotguns.

Achievement Unlocked: Chop Shop
Go upstairs and kick in the door at the end to find Bigelow. Before talking to him, search for evidence!
15 - Delivery Note: check the wooden table on your left
16 - Betting Slips: check the wooden table on your left
17 - Box of Pink Slips: check the desk behind Bigelow
Achievement Unlocked: Racing for Pinks

Steven Bigelow
Pink Slip Supply: Doubt
18 - Gambling Debts
Association with Leitvol: Lie / Delivery Ledger
Apprehend Gordon Leitvol
Drive back to Marquee Printing.

Marquee Printing Company Pt.2
Storm into the office and arrest Mr. Leitvol, but not before asking him a question.
Gorden Leitvol
Deliveries to Industrial Street: Lie / Betting Slips

Achievement Unlocked: The Printer's Devil

II OE II 05-31-2011 12:30 PM
Julia Randal, a stunning young fashion model with the world at her feet, is found dead, floating in her own bathtub. To the Homicide Squad it looks like a textbook society suicide a glamerous life come to a nasty end - but coroner Malcolm Carruthers remains unconvinced. It falls to Detective Phelps and Earle to work the scene, and determine which of Miss Randall's many vices finally killed her.

Investigate Crime Scene
1 - Morphine: obtained automatically

Murder Scene
An officer will tell you that the scene is on the second floor, apartment 6 when you arrive. Don't go directly upstairs yet.
2 - Morphine Syrette: check the trash can between apartment 1 and 2
Head upstairs and to the end of the hallway. You will meet up with Bekowsky and Rusty, exchange some words, and then search for clues.
3 - Possible Suicide: obtained automatically after entering the apartment
Check the right side of the victim's head, the inside of her right forearm, and her left hand.
4 - Black Sapphire Ring: check the left hand of the victim
5 - Two Suspects: automatically obtained after inspecting the victim
Head into the bedroom and inspect the pills laying on the ground at the foot of the bed. Next check the bedside table.
6 - Sleeping Pills: inspect the pill case on the bedside table
7 - Benzedrine Prescription: inspect the pill case on the bedside table (further inspection)
Check Dr. Stoneman's Practice
Achievement Unlocked: A Good-Looking Corpse
Don't leave yet, there is still much to do here.
8 - Men's Smoking Jacket: inspect the jacked on the changing screen in the bedroom
Next, go into the living room and check the table beside the record player. Inspect the insides of all three pictures.
9 - Modeling Job: inspect the middle picture
Investigate D'Assine
Don't leave yet, there is still someone to question.
Virginia Reynoldson
Victim's State of Mind: Lie / Sleeping Pills
Victim's Personal Life: Lie / Men's Smoking Jacket
10 - Housekeeper's Statement
Relationship with Victim: Doubt
Things are done here, drive to Dr. Stoneman's Practice.
Dr. Stoneman's Practice
Enter the building and check the right placard for the office. 5th floor, 505. Enter the office and speak with the secretary then into his office and ask him some questions.
Dr. Stoneman
Relationship with Victim: Lie / Benzedrine Prescription
Additional Medications: Doubt
Drive to D'Assine's Dress Store.
D'Assine Dress Store
Enter the store and speak with the lady at the desk on the left.
Dress Store Owner
Victim's Employment History: Truth
After speaking with the owner, she will get one of Julia's friends for you to talk with.
11 - Pearl Ring: obtained automatically after speaking with Heather

Heather Swanson
Relationship with Victim: Truth
Informed of 'Mr. Henderson': Truth
After speaking with Heather, use the phone nearby. You will check messages. First you speak with the coroner.
Investigate Hollywood Morgue

Hollywood Receiving Hospital
Enter the hospital and speak with the lady at the administration. She will point you to the autopsy room.
12 - Murder: obtained automatically after speaking with the coroner
Inspect the desk for a harmonica.
Interview Henry Arnett
Walk across the parking lot into the police station and into interview room 2.
Hollywood Police Station

Henry Arnett
Relationship with Victim: Doubt
Informed of 'Mr. Henderson': Lie / Housekeeper's Statement
Burglary Suspect Leblanc: Doubt
After a short cut-scene you will be outside in your car.
Tail Henry Arnett
If you manage to tail him without being noticed you have a chance to unlock an achievement.
Pawn Shop
Follow Henry on foot to see what he's up to. If you successfully tail him without being spotted you have unlocked an achievement after the cut-scene at the travel agency.
Ao Kuewa Travel Agency
After tailing Henry you will end up outside the travel agency in the parking lot talking with Roy.
Achievement Unlocked: Fakeloo
13 - Train Ticket: obtained automatically
14 - Fabergé Cigarette Case: obtained automatically
Make sure to inspect the inside of the case. Next, use the phone nearby to check your messages.
Return to Hollywood Police Station
Meet with Patrolman Wallis
Drive to Hollywood Ninth Beat and speak with Wallis.
Hollywood Ninth Beat
When you arrive you find Wallis chasing some people. Help him out. After you can gain some information. Now drive to the Police Station.
Hollywood Police Station Pt.2
As you arrive a cut-scene will happen with you speaking to Bekowsky and Rusty. After speaking with them talk with an evidence clerk.
Inspect Recent Burglary List from Watch Commander
Make sure to tap the "Fabergé Gold Cigarette Case" near the top, the "Black Sapphire Ring" below it, the "Silver Pillbox" near the middle, and the "Pearl Ring" near the bottom.
15 - Contraband List: obtained automatically after searching the list
Investigate Evestrom Residence

Evestrom Residence
A maid will answer the door and show you to Mrs. Evestrom.
Mrs. Evestrom
List of Stolen Items: Lie / Fabergé Cigarette Case
Burglary Incident Report: Truth

Interrogate Henry Arnett
With Heather in the backseat of the vehicle. Drive to Arnett's Apartment.

Doing so will get you an achievement.

Arnett's Apartment
If you managed to make it here without damaging you vehicle you get an achievement.
Achievement Unlocked: Chauffer Service
Enter the apartment building and speak with the man at the front desk. He will tell you the apartment you need.
Apprehend Suspect
Chase him down, only to have him beat you over the head with a piece of wood, knocking you out. You wake up in Arnett's Apartment.
Investigate Arnett's Apartment
Inspect the inside of the suitcase for Arnett's train ticket.
16 - Vacheron Constantin Watch: check the suitcase beside the couch
Next, talk with Arnett.
Henry Arnett Pt.2
Professional Burglary Ring: Lie / Fabergé Cigarette Case
Motive for Randall Murder: Lie / Train Ticket
Identity of 'Mr. Henderson': Lie / Contraband List
A cut-scene shows Henry being arrested.
Interrogate Doctor Stoneman
Drive to the practice again.
Dr. Stoneman's Practice Pt.2
Head into the office and speak with the good doctor. He will give you all the information you need to close this case. After a turn of events, use the phone on the doctor's desk.
Locate 'Willy'
Drive or run to Willy's Apartment, it's only a block away.
Willy's Apartment
When you arrive, you will be told that he plays the harmonica. Follow the sounds of the harmonica until you find him. Once you do, he will pull out a gun and run away. Chase him through the building to the top. You will see him climbing up the BROADWAY sign.


Achievement Unlocked: Give My Regards
Now shoot him to end the case.
Achievement Unlocked: Eight Million Stories

II OE II 05-31-2011 12:31 PM

Vice Narcotics receives a tip from one Freddie Calhoun, junkie, snitch and all around no-hoper. Freddie seems to be playing it straight for once, sharing information on a city-wide marijuana distribution ring. Detective Phelps and Earle will search, question and raid their way to the top of the operation, and in the process learn how the crooks could be smuggling fifty pound shipments of dope in plain sight.

13 Clues (1 not tagged, but if you follow the guide you will get all 13.)

Majority of Information thanks to: Wolven Freak


Interview Freddie Calhoun
Drive over to Mike Lyman's Bar. Simple.

Mike Lyman's Bar
Enter the bar and Roy will notice your man in the back. Chat with the smoking man in the blue shirt.
Investigate Cruz Residence
Leave the bar and drive to Juan Garcia Cruz's Residence.

Juan Garcia Cruz's Residence
As you arrive a man will start shooting at you from the front window.
Subdue Juan Garcia Cruz
Using the concrete barrier and cover, follow it right to the car. Next go around the back, kick the door in and shoot the two armed men. Be careful as they are using Thompson SMGs.
Achievement Unlocked: Forcible Rear Entry
You will appear inside the house with the coroner nearby. Time to search the area for clues, starting with the body in front of you.
1 - Gunman's Silver Dollar: check the left coat pocket
Check his right coat pocket and tap the ID to confirm it is Juan.
2 - Updated 'Juan's Silver Dollar: you are not actually notified of the update, but it is required.
Next turn to the left and check the boxes.
3 - 'Masangkay': check the note on the boxes
Now check the stack of boxes beside the kitchen entrance to learn about Parnell's Soup Company. Next go into the back bedroom and check the newspaper on top of the boxes.
Investigate 20th Century Market
Next, use the phone nearby to get the address of Parnell's Soup Company. Leave the house and an officer will notify you of a neighbor to speak with.

This neighbor will tell you that Juan spent lots of time in a chicken coop. Now, go to the backyard and kick in the door to the chicken coop.

Check the middle shelves with four tins and then inspect the flour tin (second from left) to reveal a secret room.

Inspect the golden tin next to it for a nice suprise! Enter the room and inspect both of the soup tins on the right shelf.

4 - Soup Cans: obtained after opening the first soup tin
Achievement Unlocked: Soup In The Pot
After opening both cans, inspect the blue ledger on the desk. Tap any information containing "Tijuana"
5 - Tijuana Dope Shipments
NOTE: If you want to obtain the "High Flyer" achievement you have to leave for 20th Century Market now. You must drive yourself to the market. Skip below to 20th Century Market for more information.

Otherwise, leave this location and drive to Parnell's Soup Company.

Parnell's Soup Co. Factory
Enter the building and speak with the receptionist. She will lead you upstairs to Mr. Parnell's secretary, and finally into his office.

After a chat with Mr. Parnell, a ledger will be placed in front of you. Open it up and on the second page tap "Jorge Garcia Cruz, 1452 N. Las Palmas Avenue". You now get your chance to ask some questions.

Howard Parnell
Factory sealed soup cans: Doubt
Parnell's Soup Company: Doubt
Knowledge of Cruz Brothers: Doubt
Inside man Jorge Garcia: Truth
After questioning, Mr. Parnell will opt to give you a tour of the factory. Follow him around until meeting a man named Sergio.

Before speaking with him, inspect the ledger on the desk nearby. Tap any listing for "20th Century Market" and then talk with Sergio.

6 - Sergio's Silver Dollar: automatically obtained after talking with Sergio

Sergio Rojas
Factory sealed soup cans: Doubt
20th Century Market: Lie / Sergio's Silver Dollar
Things are finished here, for now so drive over to 20th Century Market.

20th Century Market
You arrive to find lots of people coming and going from the market. Roy will radio KGPL for officers to arrive. When they do, you will enter the store, but the clerk will make a run for it.

Skip the note below if you came from Parnell's Soup.

NOTE: If you came here directly from Juan's Residence, the same cut-scene will occur, but you will unlock an achievement.
Achievement Unlocked: High Flyer
Apprehend Grocery Clerk
Follow him out the back door, through the alley and up a ladder. Chase him around the rooftop until he gets a surprise hit on you. Give him a taste of what marines are made of.

After, you will come back to the market with the clerk in tow. He hands over a small bag of reefer. Next, he will clean out his pockets, revealing another silver dollar.

7 - Shopkeeper's Silver Dollar: automatically obtained
Next, he will give you his wallet. Inspect his ID.
8 - Updated 'Airto's Silver Dollar'
Now you get to interrogate him for information.
Airto Sanchez
Knowledge of 'E.J': Lie / Airto's Silver Dollar
Parnell's Soup shipments: Doubt
Juan and Jorge Cruz: Truth
After your questioning you will appear in an alley across the street from Parnell's Soup Company.

Parnell's Soup Factory Pt.2
Raid Parnell's Soup Factory
As you pull up to the factory you will be prompted to grab a gun from the trunk. Do so if you wish, then head inside and kick open the door to the back work area.

There will be a fairly large gunfight to deal with. Majority of enemies will have a Colt .45, but a few will have Thompson SMGs or Tommy Guns.

After the gunfight an officer will have found something of interest. Follow him into the side room and inspect the body.

9 - Gunman's Silver Dollar: inspect the open left hand
Check the wallet and tap the ID. Next, leave this room and Roy will get your attention. Search the boxes beside him.
10 - Boxed Marijuana Shipment: check the boxes
After, another officer will grab your attention, so follow him upstairs to another body. First, check the shirt pocket.
11 - Jorge's Silver Dollar: inside the shirt pocket
Now check the left hand for a large roll of cash. A cut-scene will occur and a puzzle awaits you on the desk. You will spot three letters on each of the coins. Arrange them in the following order:


Solution: Masangkay Metals
12 - Collected Silver Dollars
Achievement Unlocked: Spare a Dime
Investigate Masangkay Metals
Everything is done here, drive to the next location.

Masangkay Metals
You arrive to find what looks like an abandoned factory with locked gates.

Follow the building to your right around into the alley. Climb the pipe, then descend the pipe on your right to gain access to the lot.

Go to the back of the building to gain entrance and another gunfight waiting for you.

Shoot your way to the very top office to find a man by the name of Victor Sanders.

Achievement Unlocked: Every Herb Bearing Seed

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Explosion Site
As you arrive in the ash covered streets an officer will tell you to stop the looters. One will shoot at you.
Subdue the Looters
Chase the looters until you shoot them. Easy enough.
Investigate Explosion Site
As you walk in, another explosion will be seen. Talk with your old partner and the coroner to learn the details. Inspect the three bodies near the coroner. Follow down the left path to the officer.
1 - Laundry Tag: inspect the piece of cloth
Trace Address for Superior Laundry
Don't worry about that yet. There's still lots to do here. Follow this path to the end and inspect the locker.
2 - Espionage: inside locker suitcase
3 - Spy Camera: inside locker suitcase
Don't forget to inspect the blue business card and inspect the small golden item before moving on.
4 - Undeciphered Message: inspect the piece of paper
Now use the cipher on the right of the paper.
1. Turn outer ring to "H"
2. Turn inner ring to "K"
3. Turn outer ring again to letters K-S-B-O-J-L-K-Q-X-S-B
4. 133 North Vermont Ave
5 - Clue Updated "Deciphered Message"
Investigate Deciphered Address
Follow back to the split and go left. Take this path to the end and inspect the pieces of metal beside the officer. Another puzzle. Turn the metal to make it read "P&W WASP MAJOR R-4360"
6 - Airplane Part
Achievement Unlocked: The Nose Knows
When you return to your car you will meet a man. Fred Nicholson
Fred Nicholson
Nicholson plant explosion: Doubt
Whereabouts of Okamoto: Lie / Spy Camera
Whereabouts of McLellan: Doubt
After leaving in your car, drive around until you find a phone to use and trace the address of Superior Laundry, then drive there.
Investigate Superior Laundry Services

Superior Laundry Services
Walk in and talk to the man behind the counter. He will direct you to their ledger. On the second page, tap the listing "J2620, Oscar Hangstrom". Make sure to use the phone before you leave to get the address you need, but don't drive there yet. Go to the Deciphered Address.

Deciphered Address
Inspect the mailboxes as you arrive to learn that Tomoko Okamoto's apartment is #1. Go upstairs, turn right and go in the first door. Inspect the fridge to find a frozen body. Inspect his head to learn that he was shot point blank.
7 - Wristwatch: inspect the victim's left hand
8 - Ring: inspect the victim's right hand
Go over to the fireplace and inspect the left corner.
9 - Tie Pin: small metal piece to left of fireplace
Go into the bedroom and inspect the shelves beside the sink.
10 - Microfilm: inspect the small golden item on the shelf
Achievement Unlocked: Skeletons in the Ice Box
Use the phone before you leave.
11 - Clue Updated "Prop Spinner"
Investigate Hughes Aircraft

Hughes Aircraft
As you arrive the two MP will deny you access, but a friend of Biggs will show up and get you in. Follow him into the warehouse and ask him some questions.
Venon Mapes
Nicholson plant explosion: Doubt
Knowledge of Okamoto: Doubt
Knowledge of McLellan: Lie / Prop Spinner
After asking your questions, take the stairs and go into the office. Inspect both pictures on the desk at the far end.
12 - Photograph: inspect left picture
Go back downstairs and to the far end where the mechanic is working on the engines to learn that they coat the metal in Linseed Oil. Go across the other end and check beside the stairs into the aircraft.
13 - Linseed Oil: big blue barrels beside stairs
Head inside the aircraft and use the ladder on the right
14 - Nagivation Note: on map to right just after using ladder
Next, use the machine nearby. Use the left stick to input the latitude 2415 and the right stick to input the longtitude 7600.
15 - Bahamas
Leave the warehouse and drive to the Wilshire Station.

Wilshire Police Station
Enter the station and speak with the officer at the front desk to find Pinker wants to speak with you downstairs in Technical Services. Head down and speak with him.
Investigate Tech Services
Zoom in on each picture to learn more of the case.

1. Man in the second picture

2. Second picture
3. Third picture
4. Man in the fourth picture
5. Man and woman in fifth picture
Investigate House in Photograph
After inspection, Pinker will have an experiment set up for you that involves chemicals.

1. Linseed Oil
2. Perchloric Acid
3. Acetic Anhydride

After learning that these three chemicals can cause a nice explosion, there is another clue to be found. On the other side of the desk where you looked at the photos, a sample of the microfilm will be waiting. Zoom in to find out that it is a patent.
16 - Aluminum Polishing Patent
Now you can leave for the House in Photograph.

House in Photograph (3941 West Second Street)
As you arrive, you notice the front door is open. Enter and inspect the two stains on the carpet. then the table across from the bed. Inspect the ticket and the passport on the table. Afterwards, a molotov will be tossed into the house. Shoot the propane tank beside the stove in the kitchen to make your escape. You find Mapes outside.
Pursue Vernon Mapes
If you pursue him the entire length of your trip without failing you will earn an achievement. After chasing him for a while, some MP vehicles will start showing up and you need to take them out while still following Mapes. He will take lots of shortcuts through crowded areas and back alleys.
Achievement Unlocked: Out of the Frying Pan
As you arrive at the aircraft warehouse, there will be a shootout with the MP. If you shoot the two drivers of the cars that will pull up before they stop you will earn another achievement. This can be quite tricky to do. The first car that shows up does not count. After killing a few enemies quickly get close to that first car and turn left. The first car that is tied to the achievement shows up. Turn 180 degrees for the second car.
Achievement Unlocked: Bulletproof Windshield
Shoot your way into the warehouse and take out all the goons inside.
Achievement Unlocked: The Big Unfriendly

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