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AltruismIsDead 06-09-2011 05:53 PM

Gal*Gun - Guide + Tips (WiP)
I suppose since there wasn't much for a guide on here I'll try to piece together something during my play-throughs.

Please be aware that this is a work in progress, if anyone finds any errors, incorrect information or has any tips or anything useful please post! Also all information given has only been confirmed by me, so once again if you use this guide and it works for you please confirm, if you did something different and still got the achievement please post to let me know so I can update it.

Achievement Translation by A47A47
X360A Achievements - Google Translated
Japanese Wiki - Google Translated - Posted by A47A47
Japanese Achievement list "Guide" - Google Translated Posted by A47A47

Game Instructions - Controls & Tips:
:abut: - Shoot pheromones
:ybut: - Dokidoki mode/Bomb
:rtbut: - Zoom
:back: - Fake Screen

Dokidoki Mode:
:abut: - Shoot
:rtbut: - Target/Zoom in - The longer you hold it down the faster each shot will fill up the "Love"/Dokidoki meter. Be careful not to hold it down for too long or else the girl will block your shot.
:ybut: - Once the meter is full pressing :ybut: will leave Dokidoki mode and instantly defeat any surrounding girls on the screen.

:lbbut: - Speed up text
:rbbut: - Resume normal text speed

End Stage Menu
:xbut: - Save and Exit to menu
:ybut: - Replay level
:bbut: - Save and Continue

AltruismIsDead 06-09-2011 05:53 PM

Achievement Guide: - Clear the tutorial
Story related can't miss it. Once you start the game and play the first part of it you'll get this achievement. - Make 10 ecstasy shots in a row.
This is simple enough. During the stage whenever you target a Gal, move your cursor up and down her body until some Japanese words appear. When you hit that spot shoot. Each girl has a different "Ecstasy" point, generally it is always either by their crotch, the breasts or their face. (Hey I didn't make this game :p )

Take your time, there is no need to smash on the A button. For the most part the girls slowly attack so you'll have enough time. If they do attack by throwing words at you either shoot her ecstasy point to stop the words, or shoot the red colored word to destroy the entire attack. - Watch Kaname's true ending.
See "Watch Aoi's true ending." - Watch Akira's true ending.
See "Watch Aoi's true ending." - Watch Kaoruko's true ending.
See "Watch Aoi's true ending." - Watch Aoi's true ending.
So far this has to be confirmed, but anyways.

I am not sure if points or what you respond with has anything to do with the ending. So far through each girls stage every time a girl asks a question that needs a response I've been pressing :xbut: and have been keeping all my replies with that. I figure if it's anything like the Japanese dating sims, just picking 1 response during the entire game will depend on what ending you get.

Otherwise it just might be as simple as playing through each stage and you'll get the achievement, I'll update when I find out more info. But so far all :xbut: button responses have gained me the True Ending achievement for each Gal I played. - Perfectly clear Kaoruko's event of iron balls.
This stage you will be facing Kaoruko in the schools swimming pool. She will hit iron balls at you. By perfectly clearing it you must not get hit by any of the balls she shoots at you.

Slightly target above her waist and keep firing, if you get hit just let her defeat you and retry the battle (:xbut: is retry at the game over screen)

It might take a couple attempts but eventually you'll see her pattern and should be easy enough to achieve. - Perfectly clear Kaoruko's event on the rooftop.

Slightly similar to the iron ball event with a few exceptions. First you are battling her on the rooftop, every time you shoot her she will come at you with her stick. During this time you want to shoot her in the targeted area. Then you have to also watch out for blowing debris - papers, leaf twigs and bouncing buckets.

The strategy I used for this is at the very start of the battle quickly attack her twice so she comes at you twice with her stick. After that wait and shoot down any flying leafs, paper and buckets. Shortly after leaving her alone and not attacking her, a target will pop up. Make sure to hit the target and you will enter "Chance" mode. You will start to circle around her, so just keep smashing on the :abut: button. Briefly after you leave "Chance" mode you want to still attack her a few times, but not enough where she will come at you. Again don't target her but make sure you shoot down all the debris and you will have the opportunity to enter "Chance" mode again. Just rinse and repeat these steps.

The only problems I had during this fight was accidentally hitting her when debris is flying at you. When she attacks and the screen moves to her you are unable to shoot the crap flying around and it will hit and hurt you. Then lastly the buckets flying at you are a bit of a pain, watch the steps behind her on the left side and quickly shoot it down before it comes at you.

If you do get hit by anything, the fastest way to lose health and restart is by attacking her and letting her hit you with her stick, which should take roughly 1/4th your energy. Also if you do manage to beat her and lose health restart the level by pressing :ybut: instead of replaying her entire stage. - Perfectly clear Akira's event of drawing.

Here is a picture guide with all the poses and corresponding dialog.

Although this might seem hard, the hardest part is matching up the correct dialog with the pose. When you start dozing off and have to battle the sheep you DO NOT have to defeat them all or hit them in the right spot. As long as you don't completely fall asleep or choose the wrong option you will get this achievement after completing 3 posing sequences. - Perfectly clear Akira's event of kidnap.

Again, similar to the other battles, Akira is held captive by her "bodyguards" inside a cage swinging from a helicopter. There will be 4 targets on the corner of the cage you have to shoot and then another target for the side of the cage. Take your time shooting these targets because if you hit Akira she will scream words at you which you have to shoot down. Along with her screaming at you her bodyguards will attack you with words as well. Simply shoot the RED word to stop the entire attack. Switch back and forth between the cage and the attacks making sure you don't get hit.

Again, it might take some practice, so if you do get hit just let them defeat you.

AltruismIsDead 06-09-2011 05:54 PM

reserved for updates

AltruismIsDead 06-09-2011 05:54 PM

Last reserve for updates

ikaruga 01-30-2012 11:15 PM

Thanks for this guide! Been looking for info everywhere. Starting this game tonight. :)

julianportman 03-06-2012 12:43 AM

I don't suppose this guide will ever be finished, will it? Cause this game has more than 10 achievements last time I checked. ;)

pegaso650 03-27-2012 08:08 PM

it seems so, but except for the 2 achievements about the titles, all the others are not difficult to figure out

iamdemon7 04-15-2012 11:31 PM

can someone tell me the requirements for each title for the collection of all titles achievement?

wbs 101 06-05-2012 09:36 PM

I have posted guides for some of the achievements not listed here. I really need help figuring out the title achievements the translated wiki is too vague. If someone out there can help me with this I will give you credit in the guide.

xD Rick 04-01-2013 04:10 PM

Guys, how´s the difficult and time estimated to 1k?

Does Not Equal 06-02-2013 04:53 AM

You swapped the names of Akira and Kaoruko.

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