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Mister Buds 07-16-2011 04:55 PM

Trapped in Butcher Bay Mines! Please Help!
I was following a walkthrough for all the side missions and cigarette packs. i got lost going to the feed ward emergency ventilation area because of some really bad directions. i tried backtracking but the vent i traveled through was destroyed.

my only other choice was to reload my previous checkpoint which was all the way back at the start of the mines. after progressing all the way back through the mines i get back to the mine elevator and it tells me that i don't have the code! i'm pretty sure i've used this elevator earlier in the game so i don't know why i wouldn't have the code now.

i don't remember ever getting this code or picking it up anywhere. i've searched all around google and can't find an answer. unless someone knows a different way back to the recreational, or even work pass area, i believe i'm totally screwed.

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