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thehellbeast 07-16-2011 10:40 PM

One With The Clans, Power Trio and Power Chord Master tips
One With The Clans: it is possible to beat the game without getting this. everything i've read says you should get this by the end of the game but i did not and i had five seals on all songs but one. if you don't get it by the end just replay the last gig again and it should pop. that's what happened with me anyway.

Power Trio: i did it three time with a friend and a fan on bombtrack and the cheevo wouldn't pop. i finally got it to pop after signing a profile in on the other 2 controllers.

Power Chord Master: i got it first try and i'm not a guitar player. it's very easy if you pause the game everytime you see a chord and get your fingers in the correct spot unpause and play it. also use the guide button to pause as it's faster than pausing the regular way because it skips the step of confirming you want to pause. hope this helps someone on completing the easy 1000 that i think should be rated a 6/10 at the most.

kitlerc 08-16-2012 05:28 PM

Thanks for the tip on One With The Clans. I did what you said and the achievement popped after the first song in the set.

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