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memories 07-30-2011 08:49 PM

Kim Evans Collectables
Kim Evans Collectables

- The collectables are golden revolvers.
- They are marked with a eye icon above the item when you are near.
- Do NOT let the AI see you.


1) After taking the zip line down the mountain. Turn 180 degrees and walk straight to the last shack on the right. It's on a box.

2) After you land from the zip line you will go up a little ways and enter a little village. The first house on your right will have a wrap-around porch. It's on the porch.

3) Proceed through the first village. Plant the first bomb. Go forward under the shacks in the middle. You will see a place to put a bomb. Go around to the other side and it's on a box.

4) Facing the second bomb turn left and and enter the house that is connected to the water tower. It's on a table.


1) Secret Agenda: Enter the first house. Fist gith some guys, and you will come to a stairway. Go past the stairs and into the next room. Plant the bug on the phone.

2) Exit the room with the phone, go right and down the hall (Not up the stairs). Open the doors on your left and the item will be on the stove.

3) Go up the stairs of the house and fist fight some guys. Follow the banister of the stairs, Enter the second room on the right, and the item will be on a table with a fan.

4) Exit the room with the third item and go past the window on the right. The item willl be on the shelf, on the left, as you enter the room.

5) After proceeding through the alley way, you will enter the second house. Go through the door and make a left. It's in the room behind the door on the right.

6) After exiting the second house you will fight off some gang bangers and fight your way through the alley way. About half way up, there will be a car parked in the middle. Go left towards the open door. The item is on the table.

7) Fight off the guys in the parking lot. Walk up the right side a little ways and it's on the ground.


1) After the stipper brings you to your table, it's the room behind that.

2) When you enter the second floor of the strip club, it's the first door on the right. Item is on the couch.

3) On the thrid floor of the strip club, beat the first two guys, then the second two. Open the second door on the left and the item is on the table.

4) After Javier through the strip club and alley, you will come to a parking lot. Kill all the guys and the item is next to a green car on the ground near the end of the lot.

5) Go across the street and chace Javier into the first garage. Enter it and go through the doorway. Proceed straight through to the other doorway. The item is on the workbench.

6) Exit that garage and go immediately to the one to your right. Go through the doorway and it's on a cabinet.


1) Fight your way through the shipyard and you'll enter the first warehouse. Go straight through to the waypoint (door entrance) and it's sitting on the bottom of the rack.

2) Go up the stairs and enter the room. In the middle of the room there are two generators. The item is sitting on top of one.

3) Go through the room and you'll enter some hallways. At the end of the hallway on a box on the right just before you exit the building and down the stairs.

4) Secret Agenda: Enter the second warehouse and continue up the right. There will be a metal cage with the door open. It is in there.

5) After the secret agenda in the second warehouse, you will proceed up the stairs on the left side. As you enter the little control room, it is on the desk to your right.

6) During the cover sequence, there is a garage on your right. The item is in there on a crate.

7) After talking with the girls in the van, you will go through a narrow corridor, and then into a big room. There will be guys above and below you. The item is on a crate in the sixth door on the left side of the room.


1) Secret Agenda: Protect Luiz. After the driving sequence you will enter a yard. Firght off the guys and proceed to follow the van driving away. Before you turn the corner to the left, there is a blue car parked in the far right corner. Stand by the car.

2) From the secret agenda, go back (the way you came) a little ways and look on the stairway.

3) After the second car chase scene. Fight off all the guys and proceed to follow Alvarez up the stairs. Keep following him to the right and it's on the crate.


1) After the driving sequence, run up to the alley way to follow your partners. It's in the first shops doorway on the right.

2) After protecting the girl the first time, you will enter a building. Upon exiting the building, it's on the left next to a dumpster.


1) As soon as you start the mission, your friends will go right, and you will go left. Enter the gate and proceed to the right, between the two cars. The item is sitting ontop of a garbage bin.

2) After you jump onto the second roof, proceed straight and it's behind the A/C units.

3) After going down the fire escape, proceed straight down the alley and it's on a dumpster on the right.

4) Go back to the fire escape and proceed down the alleyway. Kill off all the enemies and proceed through. There will be a blue van on your right. Behind that van is the item.

5) After the cover sequence, you will meet up with your partners. Proceed through the doorway and the item is to the right.



1) after you get out of your car and follow the suspect to the alley. Fist fight 2 guys and proceed forward. It will be on your right on the ledge of a window (You can pick this up before or after the second fist fight).

2) After entering the doorway, proceed through the hallway and down the stairs. The item is on your right on a couch (before entering the club).

3) Proceed through the club and go up the stairs. Turn around at the top of the stairs and it's on a table.

4) After the gunfight, proceed up the stairs and turn left. Walk a little ways and the item is on a table.
missed this picture

5) Secret Agenda: Free The Prisoner: After you get to the second floor od the gunfight, you will enter a room. Go to the end of that room and enter the doorway on the right. The prisoner is back in there. Shoot the rope to get him down.

6) After the rooftop gunfight, proceed down the stairs and follow the wall along the left. It will be on top of a garbage bin.

7) Immediately after the last item, on the right on top of a barrel.


1) When you are done shooting the gun, you will start by 2 white Hummers. The item is right next to the Hummer.

2) From the Hummer; pursuing the Vatos Locos, go around the tree then there will be a fence on your right. Right after the fence there will be some crates with some bottles on it. The item is on the crates.

3) From the previous item, you will come to a crack in the road. You will have to turn left. Go forward a little ways and you will come to a water pump. The item is next to the water pump.

4) After you get the Secret Agenda call, you will enter a brick building. It's right in the corner as you enter.

5) Secret Agenda: Once inside the saloon, the item is in the back corner.

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1) Once you exit your room, go down the stairs, and follow the waypoint to Jesus. You will go around the parking lot car barrier and straight through to the other part of the motel. Walk up the right side of the motel and it's the fourth room (There will luggage cart before it).

2) Secret Agenda: After picking up the first item, walk up the left side of the motel and it's on the floor of the second to last room.

3) Proceed through the first house in the contruction yard. Kill all the enemies, right before you enter the second house turn right, and it's on a pile of lumber.

4) Inside the second house, walk up the left side and enter that room. It's on a pile of lumber.

5) After breaching the doors, turn left and the item on the left on top a generator.

6) Enter the next house and proceed right. Go into the next room and turn right. Shoot down the planks in the doorway and the item is on some bags.

7) Need to Find.


1) After going down the hill and making your way onto the dirt road, there will be two vehicles on the left. The item is between them on the ground.

2) After the driving sequence. The item is behind the blue van that is behind the trailer.


1) As you enter the compound, the item is under the water tower.

2) After you perform the cover sequence, do not enter the house. Just kill off all the enemies ourside first. The item is halfway up the left side to the house next to a shed on the ground.

3) Go up the stairs of the house and turn left into the bathroom. The item is on the floor.

4) After the tunnel sequence, you enter a room. Open the door and turn right into the next room. The item is on some lumber.

5) After the cover sequence, kill all the enemies. Proceed up the stairs and over where you came in. Open the door and it's right there on the ground.

6) Go down the balcony and make your way to the barn thats in front of you. The item will be in front, on the ground, next to a van.


1) The item will be a ways into the cemetary, to the right of a Virgin Mary statue.

2) Just past item one, you will come to a courtyard with a large Virgin Mary statue at the end. Mendoza runs up some stairs. Almost right in the middle is the item off the right of the main path.

3) Secret Agenda: Plant GPS Bug.Before the cover sequence. There is a Hummer. Plant the bug on it.

4) The item is on the stairs before you enter the church.

5) When you start defending the church, the item is on the floor by the entrance.


1) After the driving sequence there will be a white truck. To the right of that on the ground by a double door.

2) After clearing the next alley. Then go up the stairs to the next area. There will be some guys in front of you, take the stairs to the left, and it will be on the ground.

3) Secret Agenda: Pickup package. Your partners will run ahead when in a long corridor move through the house to the room where its located.

4) When you open the door and enter the market, turn right kill the guys and turn right again (It will be a dead end). The item will be on the ground.

5) After the next market you will have a cover sequence. Afterwards when facing the cars, turn left and the item will be by the dumpster.


1) After going through the building corridors you will come to a balcony. Turn left and it will be on a table.

2) After the first item, you will enter the interior courtyard. Follow around to the right and it's on the table near the couch.

3) After the last item go through the door and to the left. Kill a bunch of guys and follow to the right into the room. Then into the next room and turn right, the item will be on the table.

4) After the last item continue through the corridor and exit it. Follow the small open area and there will be a door on your right (right before the double doors). Enter the door and the item is on the table.

5) Secret Agent: Bug Mendoza's office. After the cover sequence where there are A LOT of enemies, go to the left and up the stairs. Enter the room and it's between the dressers.

6) During the UAV sequence and after you run under the third gazebo look to the right in the little alcoves.

7) When you are inside the garage, follow through and in the back on the right is the item.

memories 08-01-2011 03:19 AM

Video Guide: Thanks to Plasma SKX

memories 08-02-2011 03:29 PM

Chapters 3, 4 & 5 added. I missed the last one in chapter 4. I will have to go back and grab it.

memories 08-15-2011 12:29 AM

Finished. I just have to go back and get a couple.

memories 08-15-2011 08:09 PM

I found the last one in chapter 4. Updated.

SuperSouter 08-28-2011 09:33 PM

Thanks man, appreciate your work. I have followed you up to the end of Chapter 6, gonna wait till those extra's are found and posted :)

memories 09-07-2011 07:51 PM

I found one of the two missing in chapter 7. updated.

AliXreza 09-09-2011 08:39 AM


Originally Posted by memories (Post 4476235)
I found one of the two missing in chapter 7. updated.

thanks man:)

memories 09-21-2011 03:58 AM

I can't finish this. My Lite-On bricked trying to update LT+.

Plasma SKX 01-04-2012 10:03 PM

This is a Very Good Guide Shame chapter 7 and chapter 10 gun cant be found. i have tried looking everywhere but nothing. i am making a video guide of this to.... is it OK that i copy and paste this guide in the video Description. but of course give you full credit

jkr363 01-05-2012 12:43 AM

thanks awesomo man

VashPR 01-09-2012 10:19 PM

Many thanks for this awesome and descriptive guide.

Killerchronic 02-14-2014 10:50 PM

You're right and left changes so much, never asking you to read a map! :eek:

Even on the same item you say team goes right when they go left, then we right and then the item is on the right, nope, left :drunk

What is funny is that you switch from knowing left and right to not, to mixing the two and then back to the correct version lol
It's not so bad to work out when you say left and there is only a wall, its obvious that right is the correct one, but still lol

Aspirin18 03-14-2015 11:27 PM

I checked and found the last two. ;) One easily (in episode 10), you just missed it – at the beginning of the level before you got the first gold revolver; to the door behind a red car – you can see the gold revolver on the table near the white Samsung monitor. ^^ And the other one (in episode 7) is a buggy one – stupid level designers, but it's possible to pick it up - you need to kill all the bad guys at the very end of this level and go to Jesse's transmitter. After that go through the red gate, but don't open it! I did it three times (tekes 20 minutes). Then, take the gold revolver and open the red gate from the other side.

Missing gold revolver on 10 level:

This one:

Or this one. Your screenshot are inexplicable:

Last gold revolver in level 7:

Go through this red gate, but don't open it from this side!

And you finally can get that buggy gold revolver:

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