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Ashunera 08-07-2011 01:53 PM

Other World
Well , i shall start with something...

I'm in the Chapter , where you're stuck with minukelsus
And i'm on the part where you need to kill Shadow Gretchen
Normally i don't have any problems with this fight , but i play on witchslayer and she is almost unbeatable

she constantly cast Vlad's impaler (really annoying) and constantly summon black knights
i so hate that when she summon more and more knights

I did almost beat her , she had 1/4 of 1 life bar , then she SO needed to summon 6 to 8 knights , she do a area vlad impaler + vlad's impaler 3 over and over , , heinrich got cut down and minukelsus also die so easy

NOW i come asking , whats the best strategy to beat that shadow
i did beat every other bosses with EASE , but this is really the first time i don't enjoy the game ,because this is almost impossible , i spended 2 hours on that fight and always losing

i hope i get a reaction how to beat it easy


I finally defeated S-gretchen on witchslayer
after 39 times losing , i finally defeated her

Now i did it , i can help other people with how to fight her on witchslayer

When the fight stary , directly avoid (Shadow gretchen directly cast magic)
slash her 2 or 3 time , directly grab-throw her to a wall , and directly order minukelsus to stab her with a X attack

the fight is NOT easy !!!

the fight only can get worse
once she start summoning black knights , THEY kick your *ss

When fighting gretchen , slash+grab-throw+Minukelsus X attack
when the X attack reload , try freezing her , if she is frozen , wait till X is reloaded and stab her when she is frozen ,
the best way is to throw her to a wall and minukelsus stab her when she lay down (he still hurt her a lot)

For shadow heinrich , well he is only dangerous when he does a charged slash attack , (1 hit ko)
for the rest , heinrich is a sitting DUCK ,
all you need to do equip enoch's hammer + colchis trap

hammer him , and directly trap him
charge B and blow his health away

repeat till he is dead
thats it :)

i hope people can use this to beat those shadows on witchslayer

i think this thread can be closed

BigNasty2391 02-26-2013 05:07 PM

Dude thank you both worked like a champ!!!

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