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DMpimp13 09-08-2011 01:57 PM

Easy Ironman Performance
Start RTG, then you can create your guy. Make his primary position CB and his secondary HB. Make sure he is CB coverage. Then go to user settings and make your interceptions and pass coverage 100. Also, make the CPU QB accuracy 0. All you need to do is super sim until you get this.

It took me about 11 games but my friend did it in about 3. However, I tried it again and took me about 30. I guess it's kind of random, but you don't need to actually play to get this achievement. It will work eventually, you just need to be patient. It's a lot easier then trying to pick off every pass or force a fumble.

And yes I do realize this has been kind of mentioned before, but this is exactly what I did to get it.

Alpacaman15 10-10-2011 01:37 AM

I've super-simed about 40 games now and still haven't gotten it :(

TweetyNurse 01-17-2012 12:44 AM

:woop: I will give this a try and hopefully it will work...Thanks for the tip. :woop:

TweetyNurse 01-17-2012 03:10 AM

:woop: Got it on my 4th game...Got a pick 6 with my MLB....I was so happy... No on to Dynasty then Im done with the game. GL to everyone

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