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L0cke89 09-28-2011 09:16 PM

Achievement Guide and Road Map
Rotastic Achievement Guide

This guide may not be used without written permission by either the author or website admins. This guide has been put together for x360a and should not be used without permission.

+ Estimated achievement difficulty: 8/10
+ Offline: 12 (200
+ Online: 0 (0
+ Approximate time: 6-10 hours
+ Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
+ Missable achievements: None
+ Does difficulty affect Achievements? No
+ Unobtainable achievements: 0
+ Extra equipment needed?: None
+ Cheats: No Cheats

In Rotastic you use a rope to swing around poles to gather all the jewels in each level. You can't jump in this game and will fall to your death, if you don't learn the physics. With a little bit of trial and error, you can achieve 150 :gsicon: in about 4-5 hours. Getting gold on every level will take a while though.

The multiplayer in this game is local only. You can earn every achievement by yourself or use a second controller to make things easier.

Step 1 (Unlocking all 7 worlds)
Just play through the game and try to gather as many helmets (medals) as possible. Each one counts towards your total. So if you have a platinum helmet on one level, you add 4 new helmets to your total amount. To unlock the 7th and last world you need 120 helmets.

If you beat every level in each world, you'll also get the Mini copper achievement.

Step 2 (Multiplayer):
The multiplayer in this game is local only and you can play against up to three AI enemies or use a second controller and turn AI off. Now just play 20 different matches. Winning the matches doesn't matter in this case. After you have obtained the two skill based achievements, you can just open a game, press one button and do something else. After the match is finished, start another one until the achievement unlocks.

Step 3 (Gold medals):

If you've beaten every level in the game and got all three multiplayer achievements, you should now have 150 :gsicon: and "only" need to get a gold helmet on each stage, which can take a while.

You should now have 200:gsicon: in Rotastic. If you still miss anything, you can choose whatever level you like to get every damn gold medal. Good luck!

L0cke89 09-28-2011 09:16 PM Rotastic - 5 :gsicon:
Do the Rotastic trick.

This should be your first achievement in the game and you will get it after the first few levels, even if you don't go for it. Just hang onto one of the poles and spin around in a circle, until you fill up the blue bar, now press :abut: to let go at the right moment so you fly towards the side of another pole. Press :abut: again and you will spin around the second pole without losing any speed. Finally get back to the first pole to finish the maneuver (A line will appear looking like the one in the achievement picture). This trick will be helpful in getting gold on every stage. Hero's Debut - 5 :gsicon:
Complete 5 levels in campaign mode.

Easy. Just start the first level of world 1 and keep playing one stage after another. When you get at least a copper helmet for beating the 5th level, you'll unlock the achievement. Diamond necklace - 15 :gsicon:
Get 5 diamond helmets in campaign mode.

I would suggest stages, in which the games teaches you a new trick. These are always easy to master and also quick to finish. If you don't get platinum, just press :bbut: to try again.

Some simple stages I got platinum on:

1-1 / 1-2 / 1-4 / 1-5 / 3-6 / 4-2 Hero - 5 :gsicon:
Unlock access to World 3 in campaign mode.

Refer to A New King is Crowned. on the Rise - 10 :gsicon:
Unlock access to World 5 in campaign mode.

Refer to A New King is Crowned. New King is Crowned - 25 :gsicon:
Unlock access to World 7 in campaign mode.

You need to get 120 helmets to unlock world 7. Each helmet you unlock in a stage counts towards it. So if you beat a level with a platinum helmet, you add 4 to your total amount. Jeweler - 10 :gsicon:
Collect 5,000 jewels.

You should get this before managing to get every gold helmet in the game. Just play through every stage and by the end of world 7, you should have unlocked this achievement.

I don't know wether the jewels you earn in multiplayer count towards the total amount. copper - 30 :gsicon:
Get all copper helmets in campaign mode.

Refer to This is No Lifestic!.

Just complete every stage in each world. By completing a level, you'll automatically get a copper helmet. is No Lifestic! - 50 :gsicon:
Get all gold helmets in campaign mode.

This will definitely your last achievement in the game. You need to get a gold helmet on every stage of each world. Platinum isn't a requirement but there are still some levels that are really hard to get anything better than copper. Keep at it, learn the tricks, master the physics and you eventually can add another hard achievement to your collection. Butcher - 20 :gsicon:
Kill 10 enemies in a row without losing a life during a multiplayer game.

Just plug in a second controller and turn off the AI. Choose the first level and with your main profile get to one of the poles and start swinging around it in a close circle. Now press :abut: on the second controller, when the icon at the top is above your player. Press :abut: again to latch onto the same pole as soon as possible, so your character will cut the rope. Repeat 9 more times without messing up and the achievement is yours. Ninja - 10 :gsicon:
Kill 3 enemies in 4 seconds in a multiplayer game.

This one is a little bit trickier but also easy to get. I got it during my second game. Just play by yourself with 3 AI enemies and choose the first map. To kill an enemy you need to cut their rope, so they fall to their death. Just keep swinging from pole to pole, when you see another character interacting with it. try to get as close as you can. Only do this on the lower 3 poles, because the enemies still can rescue themselves, if they fall from one of the upper poles. Socialite - 15 :gsicon:
Play 20 multiplayer games.

Just play against one AI enemy, start a game (50 jewels) on a map and either put the controller down and let the enemy win or try to gather as much jewels as possible. Just start a new match after the last one ends and you should have played 20 total games in about half an hour.

L0cke89 09-28-2011 09:18 PM

As always: If you see and mistakes or can point something out to improve this guide, post it ^^

EDIT: Changed the difficulty to 8/10. Just finishing the last 2 worlds is hard but getting everything to gold is a little insane.

lucas1987 12-03-2011 03:35 AM

cant wait to try this game. hopefully will start tomorrow

Kairi 02-22-2013 02:31 AM


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