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Toxaz 10-06-2011 06:53 AM

Split-screen is tough and other ?s
why is it so hard on easy. your health doesnt regen. the screen is tiny and they kill me quik. this is BS... any way to make it easier.

also this good job for killing all guys in 2-2-2 is making me mad.

other good jobs. kill 5 enemys when there att/def boosted with injection gun? swimming kills? support weapon transform 10 kills?

anyone know a good spot to boost VS/weapon damage for all noms.
can you boost damage in training.

someone explain what parts of the boss do i have to hit for the destroy all 8 pieces of armor on sub boss.

xxDAMRONxx 10-07-2011 05:46 PM

worry about getting xp for will want to get better weapons and grenades and such. The game becomes much easier when you unlock better equipment and also play with players who are good. If you are having trouble on Easy then you just need to get better.

also check the updated nom de guerre guide for good methods to boost any and all noms

Toxaz 10-08-2011 01:38 AM

ive been through all the guides and i cant find the answers to those questions.

i have all the unlocks. split-screen is like playing it co-op. i dont know why if you play it solo your health comes back without pressing start. they also do more damage. then i have to move the other controller there. i wish it was like online where if you walk past the red lines it ends. why cant the bots play that would make it easier. why o why did they make that a nom. i dont want to do it, but i want the nom. =(

i assume the last level is the best for weapon/grenade damage. i need to find a list or make one for the VS damage.

if you get damage with a VS. weapon while your on a VS does it count for both??

is there anywhere else or the best place for hand gun damage then 2-2?? then the good job for killing all the enemies in 2-2-2 to isnt popping.

on the submarine boss i see the back thrusters thats red, but i dont see anywhere else and do you have to do it on a higher difficulty because i kill it before finding them all??

there is a silver good job on 6-4 i cant find anywhere. im only 88% E6 and shows only one good job i missed.

i wish there was a video guide for basic training 3-5's. they are tough. why did they put these in here. advance isnt that bad. EDIT:i finished them. i found vids of one of the stages from each teir.

Im also looking for ppl to boost the emotes and good jobs and maybe the multiplayer if i need more than 1. GT:spiritedpims

xxDAMRONxx 11-09-2011 02:08 AM

check out hand of bloods guide for all the GJ awards. most of the tips in that guide will steer you in the right direction.

However, 1-1-2 is the best for all the akrid kill streak awards and 1-1-3 is best for all the soldier kill streak awards as there are grenades everywhere and you can have head start as an ability

yes damage with a vs weapon while not in a vs counts

you need to play the submarine on a higher difficulty to destroy all the armor. I found that easier difficulties you will destroy the boss before all the armor is gone

2-2-2 check the floor above where you start there are enemies there too, if you just go down you will miss them

6-4 has multiple paths you can take for the good job awards of killing all akrid and stopping production, make sure you take every possible path (will take more than one playthrough)

i get the feeling you are playing the split screen for band of brothers by yourself...I would suggest finding a friend to play it with you if you are having that much trouble

any more ?'s

Toxaz 12-22-2011 08:34 AM

yes of thx

if you get into a VS. with a shotgun. does that count as VS.damage and for that weapon?

do you know what spots to hit on Submarines armor and what difficulty?

in 2-2-2 are you talking about the 2 guys behind the door you break down? ive followed the guide. go down to the post, back up through door and down then back up. i still dont get it. one time it seemed like there were more guys. does that have to be on harder difficulty to and does it have to be with more players?

best spot for pistol damage?

i really thought last level would be best for damage, but ill try 1-1-3 becuz id hate to play the last level over and over.

do you know if theres a list of VS. locations for damage?

i think thats it for know i havent played in awhile. so when i do i might have more. lol thx so much for your patience.

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