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P1TTMAN 10-09-2011 10:28 PM

Is this game anything like Gunship on PS1?
Pretty much what the title says.. I played the hell out of Gunship about ten years ago, and just played the demo for this. I know I'm controlling a helicopter and all - duh - but I'm wondering if the squad setup is similar.

For anyone who's not played Gunship, in that game you started out as a warrant officer and got promotions and medals for doing well. If you got shot down, you either died and your career was over, or you got rescued and you got a Purple Heart. Once you hit Captain you became a flight leader, and had four pilots under you. For every mission, you chose what choppers everyone would fly, and how they were armed/equipped. Sometimes you had to extract/drop off troops and stuff, but mostly you just blew everything to hell.

Mainly I miss the squad management stuff and the medals.. was damn fun to try to get a DFC or a MOH.

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