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1morey 11-22-2011 03:09 AM

Hip Hop Music
There are two songs I am hunting for, ever since I first played The Cartel. One song is in the "lobby" for Mission 2, and the other plays throughout the game, and I don't know the names, but I really like the beat they have.
Most notably they make these appearences:

Song # 1:
1. In Chapter 2 it is the background music for hte "pre-game lobby".

Song # 2:
1. In Mission 2, there is an old car with 4-5 black guys lounging around (it is playing on the car's radio)

2. The cutscene that shows Flaco and his girlfriend shagging, it is playing on a radio in the background.

3. In the one of the Team Criminal spawns in LA Suburbs. It is a few buildings away from the jewelry store, and is in a parking lot, with three cars, and the middle car plays the song (It is loudest here)

The only words I can catch are "Maximum Respect" and either "for real", or "from rio". Something along those lines.

I really want to find these songs cause they have a real catchy tune.

I already checked the credits and the songs aren't "liscensed", so they must have been created by Pawel Blasczak.

TechnoAllah 05-13-2013 03:58 AM

Ah, I was just about to tell you to go check the credits since I saw some songs listed there, but after reading your post, you've already done that.

If they aren't licensed then chances are they are just one off songs done by the studio that weren't completed past whatever you heard. Keep listening to the song lyrics and type 'em in google and hope you get a match.

Nothin' worse than hearing a song you really like in a game and not being able to find it, like for me in Saint's Row 3. :mad:

Killerchronic 02-21-2014 08:35 PM

Use shazam or Soundhound if you have a smartphone, will tell you instantly (as long as it wasn't made by the devs.)

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