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Fried Cola 11-23-2011 01:26 AM

mini kuma, empty seven, justice guide
Beat this game on number 1 difficulty the other day and I figured I'd jot down some strategies I used on the tougher bits most people complain about.

brother 6 w/flame thrower: first really annoying boss. someone wrote a guide to beat him real easy, I can't find it. If I could I'd link it. What you want to do is dash up close to him (dash = push the left stick while moving around) and hit him with a dashing :ybut: I think the guide said dashing :xbut:, but somehow that attack had a tendancy to go through him for me. After hitting him once with a dashing :ybut: on all 3 phases, he should be stunned long enough for you to quickly dash away and back with another dashing :ybut:. If you do it right, he'll never attack again once you have him in this loop.

kuma: kuma is very easy. someone wrote a guide on him here but the guide is wrong. Well, wrong for me anyway. Every encounter with Kuma can be won by running up close to him, hitting :xbut: 3 times followed by a focus :ybut:. The guide said focus x, but that never worked for me. The focused vert slash seems to nail Kuma even if you mess it up leaving him open for another 3 :xbut: slashes right back into another focus :ybut:

maskless kuma: he's a bitch of a boss. according to the kuma guide linked above, there's supposedly a stagger loop you can get him into where you can keep whailing on him and I couldn't find anything like that. I did figure out you can coax him into attacking if you dash towards and away from him. As soon as his attack is finished, you can dash :xbut: or :ybut: into him and he'll get stuck in a blocking animation for a second. If you're quick enough, you can get behind him and start slashing trying for a xxxyyyxxx-finisher combo. If you're bold, you could try a focus :ybut: while he's turned for good damage, but he can counter it if you're not -exactly- behind him. Regular :xbut: or :ybut: slashing tends to be safer since he'll block a couple of strikes before deciding to counter.

empty 7: this is concerning the very start of the stage where you have to fight the waves of ninjas. The method I used was being good at deflecting attacks. I would wait for an attack and try to parry it. Normally I'd follow up a parry with an :abut: then an :xbut: or :ybut:, but some ninjas have the annoying tendancy to throw you off. Luckily parrying an attack gives you a bit of focus and once you have some, run up to a ninja, and while in focus press :bbut: then :ybut:. The ninjas will usually dodge the sweep kick leaving them open for the vertical slash. The kunoichi waves are the same, except they will never throw you out of the parry, pounce, :xbut: :ybut: so you can kill one with a deflection and then run up and kill another with the same focus sweep vert slash. I don't have much strategy in terms of the final waves of big swordsmen, I killed them all doing the parry, pounce, and x or y. That kills them instantly.

justice: The first part is the worst. What you want to do asap is run into the circle of trees he's standing in. If you hear him shooting, you can hold block. NEVER FOCUS REFLECT A BULLET BACK AT HIM. If you can, you want a tree in between him and you so he'll shoot the tree as you continue moving up towards him. The next part of this phase is just beating him bloody. I beat him by simply spamming :xbut: 3 times block cancelling and :xbut: 3 more times until he started to monologue. Sometimes he'll block everything but if you block cancel your own attacks after 1 or 2 :xbut: that tends to throw him off sometimes and he'll let his guard down. It'll look like he's blocking everything, but the blood spatter on your tv screen will indicate otherwise.

second part is easy and straight forward. the timing is annoying tho. I started focus dodging as soon as he put his hands in the ground and it usually took me 2 hops to the side to actually dodge his attack.

third part is annoying but straight forward. I don't have any real tricks for concrete victory over this part, but as long as you keep the pressure on him after his veil drops with combos he tends to eat most of the attacks. The only thing to watch out for is when he does that stupid crap walking around on his hands and shooting black waves at you. That was the only thing he was able to get me with.

hopefully this helps someone. Not sure if anyone is playing this game anymore. :drunk

spyd3r0x 08-10-2012 02:08 AM

Thanks for the excellent tips. I used each one, and found them all very helpful :-) I guess someone is still playing this, lol.

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