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MikeydCT 11-25-2011 03:39 AM

multiplayer achieve speed question
is it possible to get all multiplayer achievements with in 48 hours? the reason why I ask is I rented this and there a online code for this game.

GrimSovereignty 11-25-2011 09:01 AM

I don't think it is possible, if you don't have the code you can't play past level 5. Now if you have the code you are good, even then it really just depends on how good you are. I would recommend playing Seize Ground and capturing points to really get a good amount of XP. However you could always try to find some people to boost with if that doesn't bother you.

Miles Prower F6 11-25-2011 06:31 PM

No way it could be done in 48 hours. Getting the level achievements alone will take up to a month based on skill and time available.

For the people that play well AND have time on their hands, they're still getting the level achievement in about 2 weeks. It will be even harder now that the game is not brand new and the players are all familiar with how to play the game.

Catasa 11-27-2011 07:06 PM

You can get the level achievements off exterminatus private pretty quickly

Belvik 01-09-2012 08:20 AM

12/28/11 was my first multiplayer achievement, 1-6-12 was the level 40 achievement. Probably could have shaved about 3-4 days off of that if it wasn't for work. Still plenty of people playing Seize Ground in you play between 2 P.M and 11 P.M CST. Generally if I play any later than that there are fewer games and they are almost always Eurpoean hosts, so a bit of lag for myself. Leveling achievements aren't the time consuming part anyway.

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