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Doominatorx6 11-25-2011 10:33 PM

I am the animal's choice
All bragging aside, I'm more than down to answer any questions about this particular achievement. Feel free to ask away.

Did I cheat? NO. And shame on you for asking that.

On a scale from 1-10, how painful was it?
With 10 being "a jackhammer to the balls," I'd say about a 9.5.

Skill? Luck? Perserverance? All of em are factors.

Did you EVER lose? When I did (or was about to), I'd either quit or sign out before the game saved.

Gunning for recounts? Yeah, but not right now.

What does "Losing a primary" mean, anyway? If you finish a minigame in a position that IS NOT FIRST. You gotta win EVERYTHING.

Easiest/Hardest challenges? Only Bean, Moxie, and Cracker's challenges legitimately pissed me off. The rest of them I didn't find that bad. Hell, I beat Santo's challenge (7 primaries) on my first shot.

Hardest Gametype(s)? It really seems like "A Clam in Every Pot" and "Benefactor" seem to be based on speed and luck. I win these not very often, and when I do, it's not by a large margin.

("Yard Signs" and "Flip Floppers" are a pain too, but you don't run into those minigames in the campaign that often.)

Is the hardest achievement you've ever done? Harder than Rabbids, not quite as tough as Monster Madness. Easily in the top 3 though.

Any tips/tricks for 'insert level/challenge here' There are quite a few strategies I found playing through this. I'll share them in time, but for now I wanna keep this a little exclusive. Know what I mean?

Are the recounts harder than the first go-round challenges? No idea. Haven't done em yet.

I already beat a challenge and didn't win a primary in it. Am I boned? Probably. But if it's just ONE challenge (preferably one of the earlier ones), try doing the other ones flawlessly and then replay it. Don't cross your fingers though.

The game doesn't save to your hard drive, so you won't have a save to delete if you screw up.

Some people say to constantly rely on "team ups." You agree? Yes and no. Most of the time (particularly near the end), the AI is an asshole and refuses to team up with you, no matter how much you bash the B button. On the flip side, the AI's kinda dumb in the sense that two of them could request a team up right next to each other and nothing happens. You gotta act on that, jump in, and steal the team up.

Also, keep in mind that if you team up with someone who's close to winning (has say, 8/10), kill them and yourself if possible and applicable. If its a gametype where if you die, you lose (Say, "Political Minefield"), then don't do that.

I'll pay you X dollars to do this on my profile. You down? As in down to torture myself AGAIN, but this time for money? ...I'll get back to you on that one.


Doominatorx6 11-30-2011 06:30 PM

And now some answers regarding Recounts.

Are they harder than the main game challenges? OH GOOD LORD YES. They're about as tough, maybe slightly easier, than Crackers Challenge.

Are they different in anyway? For the most part, yes. It seems that the AI opponents aren't always the same characters, but the levels are still the same. The minigames themselves are different then in the main game as well.

In addition, the recounts are longer. The challenges that were 3 primaries are now 5, the challenges that were 5 primaries are now 7, the challenges that were 7 primaries are still 7, and Crackers Challenge (which was 9 primaries) is now 11. Thankfully (or not), Crackers Challenge's recount is nothing but Character Assassin primaries.

I read somewhere you don't have to 'win' the recount to get the achievement for X character. Is that true?
Beats me. I'm going for the perfect recount achievement, so I wouldn't know. All or nothing, baby!

What types of minigames get thrown at you in the recounts?
Honestly? A lot of Political Minefield, Stench of Corruption, and Character Assassin. LOTS OF THEM. I have yet to see Flip Floppers and Yard Signs more than twice, and I have NOT (mercifully) seen Benefactor or A Clam in Every Pot.... yet.

UPDATE - I finished the recounts, and thus have finished the game. Am I the first? I dunno, but I don't care. I'M DONE. The recounts are WAY harder than the first challenges, and yes, I'd reconsider that earlier offer of the jackhammer to the balls than playing this again.

Felonious Monk 08-16-2012 04:59 AM

So let me get this straight; there's no way to start over once you start it and lose a round or so?

That fucking sucks.

Anyone tried clearing their hard drive cache to start clean, or does it do something funky like save to your gamertag directly? I hear Nail'd suffers from this same type of idiocy.

Congrats just the same, Doominator, this many months later. Gotta feel real good to have completed something that, well, no one else will.

TheFalcon 03-22-2013 09:20 PM

Yesterday I completed the game as well for the 1000.

These 2 achievements are absolutely brutal and very few people will ever get these. I put some info up on TA if anyone cares to read it.

Animal's Choice

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