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Zacry072 12-09-2011 12:35 AM

Are the Online Dynasty servers messed up?
I recently rented NCAA from Blockbuster so I could try and knock out the online achievements (wanted to do so before college football was completely done). I could only keep it for one day since Blockbuster is stupid, but anyway I brought it home and did the online pass free trial.

Well, last night the servers wouldn't even let me connect to EA. I tried again this morning and they connected, but when I tried making a new online dynasty it would load the rosters and always fail between 66-80%. When I would try and join someone's dynasty it would either send me back to the main menu, I couldn't go any further because the commissioner hadn't allowed it yet, or the dynasty would be set to private.

I went to my friend's house who owns the game after work, got on his online dynasty, and sent my profile an invite. I got on my profile and when I accepted the invite it told me his dynasty is full....when it definitely isn't. WTF IS GOING ON!?

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