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Cmpunk 12-12-2011 10:48 AM

Hell Mode Guide: Under Three Hours.
Hello. I am writing this guide as a gamer to all people who have 999- gs on this. I've 1,000 gs'd this game already, and Hell mode literally took me less than 3 hours. Basically is 1g worth it? Even if the game isn't that good? If you're an achievement hunter.. then yes! As added precaution. I've played Hell mode twice, beating it the 2nd time around in 2:10 minutes. Enjoy the guide! If I even help 1 gamer, I'll be pleased!

Chapter 1: Estimated time to beat: 10 minutes (counting 1-2 deaths)..

How to accomplish: By now, you're arsenal of gunfire should be pretty maxed out, so beating this level on Hell can be done with ease. Literally, all you need in this level is running/jumping, flame element shot, ravens panic/cannon gun. Let me give you the run down!

- Killing the early stage bad guys? Why? Simply run/jump your way to the first walnut head and take out your trusty gun/element shot. Literally five bullets will make it catch on fire and the brain will die.

- Do this trick on ALL brains.

- Skip the tank, run past the men and get to the bridge as fast as possible. Kill the two men you see arriving on the bridge to gain MP and then use ravens panic to shoot down as many army men as possible. With that done, simply use the cannon gun on the tanks(4-8 shot kill), finish the men and use element shot after cutscene.

- Shoot down the brain before he can even lift one car and finish the level. Easy. Huh?

Chapter 2 Estimated Time: 25 Minutes(Give or take 2-3 deaths)

Numerous geists. 3 shot kill. So many demons.. What to do? Um.. this?

- Starting the level you'll notice the geists and the army men facing off. Use them as a distraction to kill off the geists and power up element shot to take out brain #1. Skip the boring cutscenes. We've seen em already! We want the 1g

- Continue running/jumping passed the lame AI using ravens panic at the "2nd" checkpoint near the barricade for a quick escape. Now you tell me. How do we quickly beat a walnut head? Element shot! Once the barrier is down, RUN to the checkpoint and take a breath. Kill 1-2 geists on the way towards the next walnut head and take it out, like before! Now within the checkpoint.. we get 2-3 geists per brain.. so this isn't hard. Same strategy to beat all four brains. With that done, SKIP all men/giants afterwords with your jumping ability! Get to the final cutscene and beat the level. Grats. 1/3 of the way done. 35 mins of painfree jumping accomplished.

Chapter 3 Estimated Time: 25 Minutes(1 death mandatory)

Oh no! No ravens panic for 80% of the level! How to.. wait.. that's it? I'll make this quick. Jump/dash to the metal staircase in the very early stages of the level. Jump all the way down! Dash to the checkpoint in the tunnel (you'll probably die).

- Once you continue, just dash/jump as quick as possible through the tunnel to your next checkpoint. In checkpoint 2, use ancient wall/gauntlet gun to your advantage.

- Ancient wall to block the first door behind you/gauntlet to destroy the geists. Once this is done the level is easy! Run/Jump/element shot brain til you get outside. Ignore ALL guys cept the two creatures who release the ghosts. They are the only ones who need to be killed to revail the walnut head. Go outside and make a half impossible easy by jumping/element shot down the brains to advance to the boss! Which is easy as well.

Airplane Boss:

How do I dodge those eyeballs and beat him?

- Jump on ANY of the airplane wings. It gives you more room to dodge the eyeballs/kill the eyeballs and makes the flying demon an easy lightning three times. Plane will take critical damage but won't fall down if done quick enough. Go get em tiger!

Half done? Sadly next half is.. easier!

Chapter 4 Estimated Time: 25 Minutes. (1 death if any)

- No explanation needed. Just run/jump til you the helicopter finale. Kill only two guys on the way to the helicopter finale for MP. Big demons once again pointless,

- The finale is tricky, because this takes patience.. but can be done. Ravens panic right away!

- Shoot down men/use LIGHTNING instead of tornado to beat the helicopters. Faster and easier. Continue both tips to finish the level.

Chapter 5: Estimated Time: 7 Minutes(no need to die once)

Why was this level created? For progress of story? Whatever. Its easy. VERY EASY.

- Dodge all men til you reach the church.

- Kill little creatures to gain MP.

- Run til you reach the checkpoint with geists/barricades.

- Ravens panic and finish level. Done. Skip final cutscene and advance!

Final Chapter Estimated Time: 40 Minutes

- Well how can I put this? Level is no different than level 2 strategy! Let me point out that instead of using meteor on the 1st/2nd walnut head(once you obtain meteor) just element shot em. Dodge all geists/tanks and advance to the lackluster boss.

Final Boss Fight: Not even tough!

- Let humans break barrier dodge his attacks and kill his ghosts to gain MP. Spam meteor 6 times for insta kill!

Game complete!

KrazyKevin1 06-27-2012 03:37 PM

I wasn't even going to do Hell mode, not for the difficulty but more that I'd completed it 5 times already. Your guide was helpful though, after like 2 years of not playing it I'd forgotten about the elemental trick with the brains. Seeing I could do it in 3 hours also made me want to go for it. I think it took me around 4 hours as the last boss just takes too many bullets.

Toombs2008 07-02-2012 10:20 AM

Thank you for the guide, it made my Hell playthrough a piece of cake.

Cmpunk 11-03-2012 01:37 AM

No problem guys. Anytime.

PureRuby 12-23-2012 11:41 AM

I find meteor on the last boss being quite useless and actually dangerous. I pref the nice and steady fight without the risk of killing myself

Cmpunk 02-23-2013 01:59 AM


Originally Posted by PureRuby (Post 5476839)
I find meteor on the last boss being quite useless and actually dangerous. I pref the nice and steady fight without the risk of killing myself

Everyone has their own way haha. I just prefer my way because that boss fight can take awhile.

justG0Twicked 06-20-2013 03:35 PM

Thank you for tips. I was about 1/2 through my last playthrough, when I hit the wall. The basic tip about lighting everything on fire with the machine gun did the trick and I was able to destroy the WalnutHeads much faster. Thanks again.

dragon49 08-05-2014 04:24 AM

Your guide worked well, with a few minor tweaks:

- Level 3: Killed all enemies in subway area just before reaching 1st cutscene (much easier and less riskier)

- Level 4: End fight used Tornado, not lightning. Got rid of about 40/80 enemies or approximately 50%. Used Raven's Panic and Element Shot as well as the 400-bullet machine gun to deal with the rest.

- Level 6: Used lightning at the beginning of fight to get boss in the air quicker. Used meteor rest of the way.

Kez 09-15-2014 11:31 PM

Nice, will be testing this out soon. Still have to do hard, chaos and hell runs.

Campasaurus 04-06-2016 08:45 PM

This guide offers many great tips to make hell mode easier, but I don't know how you were able to take no damage while jumping consistently. I noticed that jumping diagonally gives me a higher probability of not taking damage, but it is not very consistent.

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