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Giddimani 12-15-2011 08:37 PM

Golden trophies (points)
hey, first I have to say this game is addicting, mashing up points gets me really going, 210m is my best so far but I am only in the early levels (~25% career).

But my question is, in nearly half the levels there is a point goal for the golden trophy and until now its not hard to get them, but do these affect the progress or any collectable or achievement?

The stars are for the progress to "buy" levels but what are the trophies? I don't get why there is no star for points or am I missing a function of these trophies?

Bum Commando 12-16-2011 12:08 AM

from what i can tell soo far the trophies are awarded for points in a level. and the amount of points you get in your highest round is what is posted to the leaderboard. so it seems like thats all the leaderboards do is track score which doesnt have anything to do with any of the achievements.

Giddimani 12-16-2011 12:50 AM

yeah I think so too, just got to the last level of the career to see if there are some changes in the last world, but you just need stars to unlock (fast forward, only about 50% of career)

Seems they point system is really only for leaderboards and does not unlock anything (except the 100x combo) in the game, a wasted opportunity but funny game anyways :woop:

Bum Commando 12-22-2011 07:56 PM

i think leaderboard support for point scores is perfect! although i kindof wish they have a support for time trials in the leaderboards. highest score ive managed is about 941 million but some people have broken up to 25 billion which is just beyond me. this takes me back to my thps 1 and thps 2 days where i would constantly try to break a million points haha

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