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NuttyRutty 01-10-2012 10:52 PM

Base quest achievement
Iv'e been trying to get the base quest achieve Iv'e played a few quests without getting hit and still no luck is there one that anybody knows that the achieve popped when they did it as Iv'e had to start again because i have no quests left,,,,,,,THANKS

xRogue 5x 01-11-2012 09:16 PM

I was originally thinking along those same lines. However, a base quest isn't one you receive from your fellow survivors the base quest is the quest that pops up when you get near a base and it tells you that all zombies must die.

You can keep trying this one after game completion though it is more difficult because of the different types of zombies.

I did mine fairly late in the game at the police station base. To activate the quest simply approach the door and follow the button prompt.

If you get hit simply exit the game and reload. You should find yourself on that same map and go to the door to start the quest.

Don't try melee at all its just too easy to take a hit. I used the Level 2 sonic shotgun and the pistol/revolver.

Dany1981Mtl 08-17-2013 05:08 AM

the base quest achievement is when you see the All Zombie must die! on the screen then you must kill between 60 and 110 zombies on that map in order to make it safe for the base. You must kill all those zombies without getting hit once. I suggest that you do this at the first time the AZMD shows up at the police station. You only have 60 zombies to kill and most of them are normal zombies + some swat ones. Make sur you have at least 1-2 swap bombs too, it can help you a lot for killing multiple zombies.

If you can find a shield too, that will help too. If you get hit, just let you die, you will respawn at the same map.

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