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Chada Darkmane 02-13-2012 05:16 AM

Oh my god this DLC is fucked
Everytime i get to wave 7 or 8 it lags like crazy til the point where i cant hit anything and i just die. Its happened 3 times now and i will go mad if i go through all the boring bullshit waves and it happens again. Is there anything i can do or do i just have to write this off as too glitched to complete?

Lancet 02-29-2012 10:29 AM

What do you mean, where you can't hit anything? Do you mean the enemies get too strong and numerous to defeat, or does the game glitch up and freeze or something?

One time I had the slow down followed by a freeze in Ghen Crag, but only once. However, the DLC IS incredibly difficult, but that alone doesn't mean it's glitched.

Chada Darkmane 03-06-2012 11:05 AM

I mean it lags to the point where i am getting only 3 or 4 frames a seconds and i just end up getting killed cause i cant hit anything. Happens everytime.

Draco719 03-05-2015 05:29 PM

Old post I know, but you have to kill those lil worm things some enemies leave behind.

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