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rupinderpaul 02-18-2012 12:07 AM

For those of you that got King of the Hill (Need Confirmation)
Hey, been recently going for the King of the Hill trophy and have attempted boosting with some people recently and just had a question regarding what actually counts as a win.

I know that you can't join late to a match (have to be in lobby before start) and also that the host can't quit/disconnect or it won't count. However, there was another booster that was saying that your partnership (you and your partner, not entire team) has to not only win the match, but also have the highest score and be the MVP on your team.

Now, we all know that this is a given for Co-op Deathmatch where you and your partner are your entire team, but what about for Warzone and Control where you actually have a team? Do you just have to win the match or does your partnership have to be in first place/mvp?

I know that the trophy says just to win once on each gametype/map and I believed this was the case, but this other booster was adamant.

If anyone that actually has gotten the trophy and knows 100% percent the answer to this it will be of much help and speed up any future boosting sessions. Thanks.

OffbeatLemur62 04-19-2012 06:46 PM

for as far as I know you don't even need to be in the lobby before the game starts and the host can disconnect because I don't recall winning all with that when I got the achievement, but I sure as hell didn't was MVP on all maps, so no you do not need to be MVP. Sorry for the late reply.

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