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Teh Phantomz 02-24-2012 03:48 AM

Achievement Guide and Roadmap
This Roadmap may not be used without written permission by either the author or website admins. This guide has been put together for x360a and should not be used without permission.

-There will be spoilers in the guide
-Constructive Criticism is always welcome
-Please keep your posts clean.
-Any help is greatly appreciated.
-Post your thoughts on where you would like to see more info added.

-Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
-Offline: 44 (830:gsicon:)
-Online: 6 (170:gsicon:)
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 80+
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2
-Number of missable achievements:9
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? None
-Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes
-Glitchy achievements? None so far
-Unobtainable achievements: None
-Extra equipment needed? No


Welcome to Binary Domain, this Squad Base Third Person Shooter is a great game with a very intricate story which uses squad based commands either through the use of buttons or through the use of the microphone to shout commands at your team mates. This game also uses a trust system and your aim is to gain max trust with each team member for the achievements. This game is fairly straight forward with a solid online component. The achievements are mainly from the single player campaign. There are about 9 missable achievements but some are quite straight forward that you shouldn’t miss them if you follow the guide. The online might take some time to reach rank 50.

1. Campaign (Survivor):

NOTE: It is important that you stick to Faye and Bo as they have high trust achievements relating to them. Just look at the certain achievements within the guide to see how to do so. Also, when you receive Cain in the campaign during chapter 3, always have him on your team as he does not have a method to max trust.

I highly recommend playing your first playthrough on Survivor difficulty; it is not hard at all, though some spots will be a pain. There is no achievement related to playing on the lower difficulties and survivor is needed to unlock the ‘No Mercy’ difficulty. This is where you will gain the bulk of your achievements, from the story-related to the kill bonuses such as headshots and smashes, most of these will occur naturally through gameplay. There are a few collectible achievements, only one requires you to collect the lot through the campaign these being the Nanomachines. The Security-coms once collected you will keep and maintain through any subsequent playthrough. I recommend that you after spending credits on nanomachines try and upgrade your weapons accuracy and damage most importantly as well as rate of fire. Anything else is a bonus but these are the most useful.

2. Campaign (No Mercy)/Mop up

This is where you will play the campaign the campaign on the hardest difficulty ‘No Mercy’. Again, it isn’t too hard but some spots will be a pain. The beauty is that what you missed from your last playthrough, except ‘Skill Master’ and Trust will carry over, so this playthrough acts as a mop up.

3. Missable Achievements

There is 9 missable achievements you should get a few of these but they are technically missable these being:

• Skill Master
• MAX Trust: Big Bo
• MAX Trust: Faye
• MAX Trust: Charlie
• MAX Trust: Rachel
• MAX Trust: Cain
• MAX Trust: Shindo
• A Private Moment
• Comrades in Arms

Follow the guide s
o these are not missed, these are fairly straight forward but some require certain trust levels.

There are 6 achievements related to the new trust system and this involves getting MAX trust with each team mate, in which there are six. There are some tips and tricks that will help raise as soon as possible, such as keeping the same team members to raise there trust. I personally chose Bo and Faye to start with as they have achievements tied to them and this will work better for you.

4. Online

There are 6 achievements related to online which include grinding to level 50. The achievements require you to play one game and win with any setting, this can be done in private matches. There is another related to winning with all match rules. You will have to complete what is called 'Invasion mode' and this mode is about clearing waves of enemies. This could prove difficult as you must clear 50 waves with a team and must not fail, if you do you must restart. Ammo is scarce so it must be shared equally and used wisely. For a greater chance to succeed it is better to go in with people with microphones and people you might know. Reaching to rank 50 requires approximately 110,000 exp, you do not gain exp in private matches only in public. This can be boosted, just create a public game, and name it 'Boosting' or whatever you like which ever game mode and rules. Invite your friends as quickly as possible as you can not hold private spots, so anyone can join. An effective method is to heal each other. Finally and what seems to be the most time consuming achievement in the game is to clear all the Xbox Live challenges, there are challenges for everyone and gametype. From getting X amount of kills, winning X amount of games and also getting X amount of multi-kills. This will require a dedicated amount of people to help boost. It will be very hard to do through regular gameplay.

5. Conclusion:

All in all this is a fun game with a great story, those familiar with Gears of War will have a blast. Remember to build trust up with the same team members and that collectibles and kills do transfer over to the new playthrough.

Teh Phantomz 02-24-2012 03:48 AM 5
Earn all other achievements in the game.

This will obviously be the last achievement you unlock, just gain every other achievement and this will be yours. Members 20
Add each teammate to the party at least once.

This is technically missable but is really easy, you can’t get this until chapter four and all you have to do is pick each member at least once to your squad. Story missions where certain members are forced into your squad does not count. You have to actually physically pick them. 10
Get onto the Grand Lancer's head.

This is story related and can’t be missed.

Though note, when you are fighting the Grand Lancer, do not try to jump onto his head (like I did), Bo will tell you to and an actual prompt will come up. Killer 15
Destroy all of the Spider's legs.

This can be missed as Bo tells you to shoot his belly, instead and this will achieve the same result grab the rocket launcher on your left and shoot his legs, there are 8 in total and by shooting them with a rocket or throwing a KISS grenade you destroy its armour and must shoot the canisters on his legs, best with your assault rifle. No matter how many legs you shoot he still won’t go down until all 8 are destroyed. You will have to run around the area to find more rocket launcher ammo. 15
Destroy all enemies with the mobile gun battery.

Story related, can't be missed. 15
Hit the jackpot on a vending machine.

This is an easy achievement, simply buy something from the vending machine and the machine will spin among a blue, green and red sectors on a circle. If it lands on blue or green you get a free item and this achievement. This will definitely be one of your first achievements. Takedown 15
Destroy the Iron Whale's four engines.

This is missable and you can get this one in Chapter 1-3, you will come to a hill and the Iron Whale will come down, Bo will shout "Transport" and from here all you have to do is shoot the engines/turbines. Don’t be confused the first battle with an aircraft that has 4 engines that you must destroy is NOT an Iron Whale, it is an Iron Raptor and is more of a fighter style aircraft. The Iron Whale looks similar but is just a transport vehicle. It comes out when you are defending Bo and Charlie on the zipline with Cain. Just use your assault rifle on each engine/turbine; they are surprisingly weak so you should get this no problem. Master 20
Get 50 smash bonuses in Campaign.

This should come naturally, just walk up to a weak enemy and press X and you should get the Smash bonus. If for any reason you are having trouble with this at the end of the 2nd Chapter when you are in the sewage plant after saving your comrades, you wait for an elevator and Crazy monkey bots, the small brown ones will infinite spawn and will keep coming to you. Just walk up to them and press X, they are one hit, you should get this is no time as they clump together and you can get multi-kills. Make sure NOT to get on the elevator until you are done. Run around the elevator if you are hurt too much. Master 20
Get 50 multi-kill bonuses in Campaign.

Multi-Kill is 4 or more kills at once. You may not get this on your first playthrough, but don’t worry it carries over through each play through. There are several areas that you can attempt this. Chapter 4-5 you take control of the mobile gun battery. After taking control a Iron Whale (transport plane) will come in from the the right. Simply face the hanger door that will open on the side and shoot a shot and destroy all the bots at once, you will get a multi-kill that will flash on the left side of the screen in blue. Now press start and load checkpoint and rinse and repeat until the achievement pops. In Chapter 5-4, when you fight the prototype hollow children (Zombie scrap-heads) you will come to a point where your team opens a door and you must protect them in a narrow hallway, make sure your electric burst capacity and damage, especially damage is upgraded. They will clump together, overcharge your shot and you can score multi-kills. Another method is when you are storming the building near the end of the game, you take control of the big robot with the cannons after Cain hacks into him. Iron Whales will come close to you to drop off some assault robots. Before they drop them off shoot into the side of the iron whale, the door will be open and you get a multi-kill. Killing 4 or more of them, just reload the checkpoint, rinse and repeat. Master 20

Get 50 headshot bonuses in Campaign.

You will definitely get this early on, if you aren’t a headshot person be a headshot person. It is a quick way to kill robots but also when you shoot their heads off they start attacking there fellow robots. This is good in that they will shoot one another and while this is happening they aren’t shooting you and can pick them off easier. This achievement coincides with the ‘Tactician’ achievement.

Teh Phantomz 02-24-2012 03:50 AM Master 20
Get 50 one-shot bonuses in Campaign.

As the name suggests you get this medal when you kill an enemy with a single bullet of anything. Melee doesn’t count, this would probably be easier on lower difficulties but since we are playing on survivor this might prove difficult. The best way to go about this is the little electric leech robots. You first encounter them in Chapter 3 when you are trying to reach the rooftop. They are annoying but are easy to kill, if they ever get on you make sure to melee. 10
Use first-aid kits to revive teammates 10 times.

This is technically missable but this does accumulate through playthroughs so don’t worry if you don’t get it at first. Simply keep some first-aid kits on you; some enemies will do a heavy number on your team mates. They will sometimes call for you but usually the case is they will heal themselves if they have a first-aid kit. So best thing to do is not to give them first-aid kits, and let them fight, this can prove difficult though as if you don’t fight much it could lower trust. I managed to do a fair bit of healing against the mobile missile robot in the tunnel and against the Gorilla bot. Friend Indeed 15
Purchase nanomachines for a teammate.

Should be one of your first achievements, before you come to your first vending machine you will have accumulated a fair bit of credits. I recommend you buy all the nanomachines you can in the vending machine. You will still have plenty of money leftover. Master 15
Access all shopping terminals.

This is missable but is accumulative, once you have accessed a terminal it will be counted as accessed through all playthroughs. Fairly simple, just access all shopping terminals. You don’t have to buy anything just open it up and close it. Make sure whenever you are in a new area to look around, they should be fairly obvious but with a flurry of enemies you may just miss one. You can always come back to a certain chapter, open the terminal and exit. It will still count.

The video for all shopping terminals will show a little popup box when a collectable nanomachine is nearby. One click on the box and the video for the nanomachines will begin to play at the correct point. 15
Spend 10,000 credits at vending machines.

Easily one of your first few achievements, credits are easy to come by you should have at least 8000 before your first terminal. Just by nanomachines, ammo, first-aid kits or upgrade your weapons. Anything you purchase will count towards it. Shooter Killer 15
Destroy 100 Assault Shooters in Campaign.

These guys are your standard green robots. This will come naturally through the campaign, mine popped while in the tunnel after the chase in chapter 3, an infinite amount will spawn if you want this achievement as soon as possible, get it while in the tunnel as they infinitely respawn. 15
Get enemies to kill each other 50 times.

This can either work 2 ways. The quickest way is to headshot the robots and they will kill each other, this comes surprisingly quickly. The other way is to use the Chaffe grenade, which confuses the robots. Either way this is a fairly quick and easy achievement. Crafter 15
Upgrade a weapon.

This should be one of your first achievements. When you first access a vending machine, you will have quite a bit of credits, enough so to buy all the nanomachines and upgrade your weapon. Just go into the ‘upgrade’ option and increase whatever attribute to your weapon you desire. 30
Fully upgrade one weapon category.

This will come later on in chapter 3 or 4 depending on how much money you have, simply just keep upgrading an attribute of your weapon until you can’t raise it no more. Some go to level 6 some go to level 7, the attribute I upgraded was accuracy as it only unlocks at level 6. You can’t do this any earlier due to certain levels being locked until you progress deeper into the story.

A nice way to get credits early on is at the end of the 2nd Chapter when you are in the sewage plant after saving your comrades, you wait for an elevator and Crazy monkey bots, the small brown ones will infinite spawn and will keep coming to you. Just walk up to them and shoot/melee, they are one hit with melee. Make sure not to get on the elevator.

Teh Phantomz 02-24-2012 03:50 AM Collector 30
Collect 20 SECURITY-COM in Campaign.

See "Data Retrieval Complete" Retrieval Complete 30
Collect all SECURITY-COM in Campaign.

SECURITY-COMS are little hologram note pads you find within the campaign, once you have collected one, it will automatically be saved and will not appear in future playthroughs. They are cumulative, so you can just pop into a chapter, pick up the SECUTIRY-COM and back out, it will save. You can check how many you have and need by going to the Chapter select menu, it will tell you how many you have left in a chapter and also within each act. There are 40 in total. Here is a video thanks to PowerPyx. Master 30
Get all nanomachines within 1 playthrough in Campaign.

This is the only really non cumulative achievement; it must be in one playthrough. This isn’t as hard as it sounds. Most of the nanomachines are bought from vending machines. So what you must do is try and save up as much as possible, whenever you find a vending machine buy all the nanomachines BEFORE purchasing anything else. Only certain ones are found in each chapter. So what might be available in the vending machine in Chapter 2 won’t be available in Chapter 3. If you keep doing this you won’t have a problem. However there are 6 that you must find. (Thanks to DOPE BOI)

  • After you go swimming and use the zipline to go up, it is very hard to miss and is on the ground on your left.
  • This one is in Chapter 1, it is after a Iron Whale drops off some enemies, it is in front of a big barricade, this one is very hard to miss. It is right before you meet the scavengers. (Assault: Bulletproof Skin I)
  • This is in Chapter 2 on some barrels near a vending machine and car, it is right before you fight the grand lancer and jump on its head.
  • This next one requires 500 credits, after you fight and destroy the Spider robot you will be taken to a underground city. Turn around and walk in the opposite direction of a alley. There will a Yakuza with a tattered Red number 18 jersey. Talk and buy this off him.
  • After talking to Mifune and you say goodbye to Yuki and before hopping on the Jet skis in the same location, there is a fenced off area. When you walk in look to your right it should be in the corner.
  • This is in Chapter 2 and is the time when you are by yourself in the Sewage treatment plant, when you are going up to save your team, it will be on the top floor on a table, just look around carefully.

Once you have these, just keep buying Nanomachines from the vending machines and this should pop near the end. Crew 30
Clear all chapters on SURVIVOR Mode.

Just finish the campaign on SURVIVOR mode and this is yours. Victory 15
Win an online vs. match with any rule set.

This is a very simple achievement, when you win your first game this will pop. This is possible to boost, just create a game with any rules, invite your friends as the maximum amount of spots is 10. Just alternate between each team until both teams has won. In Team deathmatch, you play in rounds which ever team wins 2/3 rounds wins the match. Alive 15
Clear a stage in INVASION mode.

See 'Resistance Hero' Hero 30
Clear all stages in INVASION mode.

This mode is very similar to horde mode from Gears of War. There are 50 stages of enemies, you have to go through each and everyone to get this achievement. If you fail you will have to start all over again. Now if that didn't sound bad enough. You have to do this with all 3 maps. Beating 50 waves straight is required to complete the "Challenge Master" achievement. This is probably the hardest achievement difficulty wise. It is extremely recommended to even have a fighting chance is that you and your team be above level 40 to have the best nanomachines. 30
Win an Xbox LIVE vs. match with all rule sets.

This achievement requires you to win with all rule sets. Basically just play each mode and win. There are 7 modes you have to play:

-Free For All
-Team Deathmatch
-Team Survival
-Data Capture
-Domain Control

Simply play each mode and win and this achievement is yours. Master 50
Clear all Xbox LIVE mode challenges.

This is the most time consuming achievement in the game, there are weapon challenges for each weapon. This includes buying a weapon and getting a certain amount of kills with them. This also requires you to play each mode and win a certain amount as well. This pretty much requires you to use equipment and get certain amount of kills and heals and multi-kills. You can do this legitimately but it is very difficult. It looks like this will have to be boosted. There is a fantastic guide here thanks to Ayx. Soldier 30
Reach Xbox LIVE level 50.

It seems that to reach level 50 you will need a score of about 110,000. I played one game and my score is 700. It doesn't seem at the moment leveling will be such a problem. It could be possible to boost if you create a match and revive each other using first-aid kits, with 10 people. An effective method will be made soon enough. If you are boosting for "Challenge Master" it will get your level up fairly high if not at level 50 by the time you are done.

Teh Phantomz 02-24-2012 03:51 AM and Destroy 15
Clear the swimming stage.

This is story related and can't be missed. Slider 15
Clear the giant slide.

This is story related and can't be missed. Chase 15
Clear the jet ski chase.

This is story related and can't be missed. 15
Clear the car chase.

This is story related and can't be missed. AND RUN 10
Clear "HIT AND RUN."

This will unlock when you complete Chapter 1. FOR REFUGE 10

This will unlock when you complete Chapter 2. GROUND 10

This will unlock when you complete Chapter 3. AND RESIST 10

This will unlock when you complete Chapter 4. ARTIFICE 10

This will unlock when you complete Chapter 5. DESTINY 50

This will unlock when you complete Chapter 6. Truck 15
Clear the truck chase.

This is story related and can't be missed.

Teh Phantomz 02-24-2012 03:52 AM Private Moment 20
See the love scene with Faye.

This achievement is missable. This achievement occurs in Chapter 4 after fighting the Gorilla. You will attempt doctor work on Faye and she will kiss you. This only occurs if you have a high trust, bar 4, with Faye.

Refer to "MAX trust: Big Bo" on some tips and methods to gain trust early on. Bo Rescue 20
Save Big Bo from the Cerberus.

This achievement is missable, during chapter 5 you will fight a Robot named Cerberus, it is a Tiger like robot. You will kill it and will move on to destroy the dish. Cerberus will attack Bo, do not listen to racheal and continue on with the mission. Go back and aim at the head of Cerberus, but you have to avoid shooting Bo, this can prove difficult as Cerberus keep swaying. in Arms 20
Earn Big Bo's loyalty in "DENYING DESTINY."

This achievement is missable, you must have a high trust, bar 4 trust, to get this achievement. This achievement comes up at the end of the game in Chapter 6. Bo will attempt to betray you. You will have time to gain his trust as this occurs at the end of the game.

Refer to "MAX trust: Big Bo" on some tips and methods to gain trust early on. Bo: Max Trust 20
Earn maximum trust with Big Bo.

The trust system works in that if you support your team mates they will get a liking towards you. Something that is frustrating is if you shoot your team mates they lose trust in you. No matter how careful you are they will walk into your line of fire. Just take extra precautions, and move away from your team. You support your team mates in that when they talk to you, you don’t walk away, I did this to Charlie and I lost trust. Just sit back and listen to what they say. You kind of have an idea of each characters personality, so if Bo talks about picking up Hookers you go for it. If Faye talks about you being a player even if you are, just say no. Support them and always agree usually. Make sure to read carefully. I agreed with Bo that Faye had a nice body and I lost trust in her. So if one member talks about someone behind their back and that person is not around agree. You will gradually get the hang of it. The times that you walk slowly and your team stands around and this is usually all members, go talk to each, they will either have a conversation and this will build trust or will just say one line. This is when you enter the underground city after fighting the spider and also once you come out of the sewer into the upper city. When you go to chapter select and do a mission, your trust level will be at the base point.

It is best to stick with the same people to build up their trust. I chose Bo and Faye. Now this is a little trick to build up other people’s trust. This is in chapter 2 so you won’t have Cain or Shindo. As I had Faye and Bo in the sewage treatment plant, Charlie and Rachel did their own thing. You have to go save them once you do and you get to the elevator DO NOT hop on. An infinite amount of Crazy monkey bots will spawn. Just keep shooting the monkey bots and melee when they get to close. You get heaps of doubles, triple and even multi-kills. Just keep killing them, Charlie and Rachel will be very impressed by your awesome killing. I never picked Charlie or Rachel so I had the lowest trust levels with them and I got their trust almost all the way up (I ran out of ammo, so I recommend you fully stock up). This doesn’t have to be Charlie and Rachel, it can be anyone. It will all depend before you enter the sewage treatment plant as your 2 team members go off and you save the other 2. This is A LOT easier on lower difficulties so you can come back to chapter 2.

Please see "MAX trust:Cain" and "MAX trust: Shindo" for another method. Max Trust 20
Earn maximum trust with Faye.

See "Max Trust: Big Bo" Max Trust 20
Earn maximum trust with Charlie.

See "Max Trust: Big Bo" Max Trust 20
Earn maximum trust with Rachael.

See "Max Trust: Big Bo" Max Trust 20
Earn maximum trust with Cain.

There is no best method at the moment for Cain. All the other characters have their own seperate methods. I recommend to keep Cain on your team once you get him from Chapter 3. He is an awesome team mate and can take a ton of punishment. All you have to do is be nice to him and impress him. If you continue keeping him throughout the game until he leaves you should get this. Max Trust 20
Earn maximum trust with Shindo.

This method is great, I never had Shindo on my team and it works so well that I even got Kurawara, the cop to max trust. Simply you will meet Amada and will be knocked out by Cain, you will awake in a trash area and this will be the first time you encounter zombie scrap heads. Just go through the level killing them, always try for headshots. You will come to a point where there is a door with red handles one on each side. Shindo and Kurawara will turn them to open the door, at this point you will have to defend them as zombie scrap heads will come and attack you. It is a narrow hall way and they will keep coming. A lot will come, just go for headshots and try to kill as many as possible. If you have upgraded your electric shock and its capacity you can use this to kill multiple of them at one time. This is great because they drop a lot of electric shock recharges. I feel it is still better to go for headshots and doing so quickly. You can keep doing this even after the door is open. The enemies will eventually stop and you can continue on. Soon you will again come to another door exactly the same as the one mentioned above. Only this time the enemies are infinitely spawning and there is 4 ammo boxes. Just sit back and keep going for headshots and quick kills. You will Max trust Shindo in no time.

Teh Phantomz 02-24-2012 04:57 AM 50
Clear all chapters on NO MERCY Mode.

This difficulty is unlocked by completing the campaign on Survivor difficulty. This playthough will be slightly harder but since you played the campaign on survivor, you would already have a feel for the game and the way the go and also how to defeat certain enemies. Some areas will cause you hardship but just use your cover wisely and use first-aid kits. Always try for headshots. Don't underestimate the power of upgrading your team mates weapons. They can be fairly helpful with the right commands. You should already have the 'skill master' achievement and can spend credits on actual nanomachines you would use and to further upgrade your weapons. Doing the 2nd chapter monkey trick will help in gathering credits, remember to get to the elevator with a lot of ammo.

Teh Phantomz 02-24-2012 05:13 AM

Reserve #2

DOPE BOI 02-24-2012 06:32 AM

Good start ock. Like I said though I wouldn't say anything is missable but trust and getting all the mano in 1 playthrough. Everything else can be earned using chapter select, but missing nanos will require another playthrough.

Its best to focus on the nano Cheevo on first playthrough that way on 2nd you can focus on leveling weapons and buying the nanos that you actually use.

Also put in for trust that the mano the buy from the guy in the Jersey will increase th.e amount of trust rewarded by 5%, so its a good idea to have that equipped.

Also there is another easy nano and should be the 2nd one they will get. Its on some rocks right in front of you and Bo and they will have to basically climb on it to hope over a barrier. This is basically unmissable. This is in Chapter 1.

oaklay 02-24-2012 08:09 AM

Transport takedown alternative:

I did it in chapter 1-3 after sliding and after the big bo hologram scene.
You will walk up a street and a transporter will drop some robots.
Easy to do and a checkpoint just before the transport arrives.

Another easy spot is the beginning of chapter 2-2.

TooL LiSTNeR 02-24-2012 10:35 AM

I'm trying to MAX trust Cain but before i reach max he goes away from me (story related)

Isn't there a way to max Cain's trust as early as possible?

DOPE BOI 02-24-2012 01:01 PM


Originally Posted by TooL LiSTNeR (Post 4910018)
I'm trying to MAX trust Cain but before i reach max he goes away from me (story related)

Isn't there a way to max Cain's trust as early as possible?

I'm trying to work that out myself. Using chapter 2-1 through 2-5 and using the money spawn works for Bo, Charlie, Rachel and Faye but looking for something for Cain. Shindo there should be a bot spawn that might work.

Im replaying on Cakewalk and it is extremely easy to impress them with shots and wiping out the bot with one clip. Maybe by just focusing on Cain and playing on cakewalk might work. Will post soon.

Teh Phantomz 02-24-2012 01:04 PM

Good idea, will have to experiment and look into that to find some good spots.

DOPE BOI 02-24-2012 04:13 PM

Trust with Cain. The first chance you get to make Cain a team-mate is a good spot to gain some extra trust. You will be having a shoot out in the tunnel and one of your mates will say to go on, I stayed and kept killing the bots coming out the right hanger like doors. You will get shield bots too, but there is a vending machine right behind you.

Also Chapter 3 when you have to board the lift and the blue and white bots are entering from the other side. I stayed here for a sec getting headshots and earning trust.

I'm doing this on cakewalk and will update with more results

DOPE BOI 02-24-2012 04:56 PM

This game Multics is going to be a real ball buster

You can not boost any challenges in private. Just between assualt, smg and sniper, that will require about 1k kills. This is not even counting the other challenges or Invasion. Invasion you will have to go from 1-50 in one go, if y'all die, you will have to restart from 1.

Just off of that the difficulty increases and time too.

Say you have 5 people with 2 xboxs and 2 games. You would then have to find each other and boost 30 MVPs for each person, that 150 and at about 3min a match that's 450min just for 1 challenge.

If anyone finds a better way or that I'm wrong Please feel free to drop some knowledge.

Thanks to Mr Stoat for testing some methods.

xOTICA 02-25-2012 12:55 AM

***spoilers ahead***

Just letting you know, the achievement "A Private Moment" is MISSABLE.
I forgot what chapter it is (please shed some light) but it's the chapter after the final fight with the gorilla as it heads to Shindo.s base. The cutscene we're looking for is when Dan patches Fayes bullet wound.

You must get Fayes trust to at least the beginning of the fourth blue bar. If you don't, then Cain will interrupt their kiss therefore making it a MISSABLE achievement.


This also goes for the "Comrades in Arms" achievement. you must get Big Bo trust to at least the beginning for the fourth blue bar by the end of the game. You'll need this by the end of the battle with Faye and the Shinobi's. After the battle, head to the next room and the achievement should pop up right after Big Bo "supposedly" betrays you


The achievement "Big Bo Rescue" happens on the chapter as you reach the top of the Amada building and trying to blow up the big antenna. After defeating the Cerberus and heading through the door, a cutscene will show and the cerberus will awake and tries to drag Bo down the building. It is MISSABLE if you ignore him and decide to blow the antenna immediately.
But if you turn around and help, you have to shoot the Cerberus in the glowing part of the head and try to avoid shooting Bo too much or he'll die.

FroZeNSouL 02-25-2012 01:39 AM

Chalenge master prob the hardest then?
Suddenly sounding very Lost Planet2 / Gears seriously achievement style :/
If its seriously hoard 1-50 without dying, very tempted to stick far away

Teh Phantomz 02-25-2012 01:41 AM

Thanks a lot for confirming that, "Big Bo Rescue" is Chapter 5, "Private Moment" is Chapter 4 and "Comrades in Arms" is Chapter 6 pretty sure or is near the end. I had high trust with Bo and Faye and I knew they had achievements so I kept them with me. Glad this is fixed up.

jpg30 02-25-2012 10:37 AM

im a bit confused with this max trust, can u replay chapters to get them done or do u have to keep going through new campaigns to get them?

Teh Phantomz 02-25-2012 11:14 AM

If you start again in chapter select, you will start at base trust with your team mates. So you would have to start a new campaign but, if you chapter select at the points I mentioned within the campaign it wouldn't really make a difference. This doesn't work for Cain, once you get him in the campaign always have him so you can max his trust.

DOPE BOI 02-25-2012 12:10 PM


Originally Posted by FroZeNSouL (Post 4911434)
Chalenge master prob the hardest then?
Suddenly sounding very Lost Planet2 / Gears seriously achievement style :/
If its seriously hoard 1-50 without dying, very tempted to stick far away

Yeah this achievement (CHALLENGE MASTER) is going to be like Seriously 3.0 or worse. For the Invasion cheev you will need to do 1-50 without fail and conserving ammo between ammo drops 3 times. There are a lot of challenges, so you will need some very dedicated people to try and with.

This game is a easy 800+ and even the invasion ones don't seem to be a deal breaker. Its the challenges that will keep some away from the 1k.

the action frampton 02-25-2012 08:33 PM

Thanks for the guide, but IMO it is harder than 4/10 for the full 1000 G.

Teh Phantomz 02-25-2012 09:42 PM

Thanks, don't worry too much about the difficulty yet it still is a work in progress.

jpg30 02-26-2012 12:37 AM


Originally Posted by Teh Phantomz (Post 4912056)
If you start again in chapter select, you will start at base trust with your team mates. So you would have to start a new campaign but, if you chapter select at the points I mentioned within the campaign it wouldn't really make a difference. This doesn't work for Cain, once you get him in the campaign always have him so you can max his trust.

i was hoping to just be able to get these achievements as i have just finished the story, that's why i was hoping to do them in chapter select rather than have to do the whole story again.

transport takedown.
multi kill master.
shop master.
data retrieval complete.

Teh Phantomz 02-26-2012 12:51 AM

You can do all those achievements in chapter select, except Max trust:Cain, until further advised.

jpg30 02-26-2012 01:12 AM


Originally Posted by Teh Phantomz (Post 4913129)
You can do all those achievements in chapter select, except Max trust:Cain, until further advised.

ok thanks, i have max cain already, the only ones i didn't max out were charlie and rachael.

the action frampton 02-26-2012 03:06 AM


Originally Posted by jpg30 (Post 4913155)
ok thanks, i have max cain already, the only ones i didn't max out were charlie and rachael.

Ditto. I confirm I used chapter select act 2 chapter 5 on cakewalk to do it. Don't worry if you kill all the monkeys and still haven't got it because it just continues to the next level and that's where they unlocked for me.

The achievement I can't seem to nail is Big Bo Rescue - anyone have any tips?

jpg30 02-26-2012 08:37 AM


Originally Posted by the action frampton (Post 4913275)
Ditto. I confirm I used chapter select act 2 chapter 5 on cakewalk to do it. Don't worry if you kill all the monkeys and still haven't got it because it just continues to the next level and that's where they unlocked for me.

The achievement I can't seem to nail is Big Bo Rescue - anyone have any tips?

don't go and destroy the dish after being told to, turn around and head back to bo.

with big bo u need to hit the tiger in the head, it's hard to do but when he's swinging bo about, while he is being swung about hit the tiger with some shots to the body away from bo, at a point he stays still and u can hit him in the head, he will drop him and pick bo back up, just keep trying to get small shots in on his body and head if u are brave enough, when he stops unload your gun on the tigers head, im sure i hit bo but it unlocked after a cutscene triggered.

if u mess it up u can reload the checkpoint.

Barad 02-26-2012 01:57 PM

4/10 difficulty? Game must be a lot easier than I thought judging from the annoying bosses on hard and multiplayer challenges!

the action frampton 02-26-2012 08:13 PM


Originally Posted by himalaybarad (Post 4913853)
4/10 difficulty? Game must be a lot easier than I thought judging from the annoying bosses on hard and multiplayer challenges!

I think the author hasn't decided on the difficulity yet, buy it's higher than 4 IMO

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