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Oceans4Ransom 02-28-2012 06:03 AM

Glitched globe
I just got the globe for Jiggoseum and I was on my way to put it on the plinth as stated but the huge overhead metal detector thing near it took the globe and i cannot even grab it with the yellow grab RT button... I cant progress either so im not sure what to do. Can someone please help???

Actually nevermind everyone. I found that this actually has to happen. You need to move the crane that controls the metal thing to get the globe to where it needs to go. I just need to figure out how now. Thanks guys.

Just had to move it by going up the island tower next to it and spinning the stick so it makes the crane move. Scary, but it worked so all is well.

Sharike1 01-25-2013 09:36 PM

why is this game glitched its annoying

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