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Actiionz 03-12-2012 12:59 AM

Achievement guide
This guide is currently done, but i'm still looking for revisions.


- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10 (Gold Medals could be challenging on some levels)
- Offline: 40 (1000G)
- Online: 0
- Approximate time: 3-5 Hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1-2 (Explained below)
- Missable achievements: None (Chapter Select)
- Glitched Achievements: None
- Does difficulty affect achievements? N/A
- Extra equipment needed? Kinect sensor
- Avatar Awards: N/A


Everybody's favorite Master Cat from the Shrek series finally has his own spin off movie, and along with any great movie comes a game adaptation. How fun are those right? Well, this is a pretty great game for younger children. With the power of Kinect, you will be able to do such things as sword play, sneaking, posing, and more. The problem with it as with most Kinect titles, it’s really short and lacks diversity. Then again, this game is targeted for younger audiences, so it will probably be fine. There are only 9 chapters in story mode and each average about 15 minutes a piece. There's also challenges to play. You can go at them alone, or compete for the high score against a friend. I highly recommend this game if your looking for an easy 1000:gsicon:


Story Mode
During your first play through, try to earn a gold medal on each level before you advance. If you only rack up enough score for a bronze or silver medal, just replay the chapter again. You should have gained enough experience to achieve gold by then. I would say 2-3 more attempts should do it. There will also be collectibles scattered throughout the game and its up to you to find them all. There are 21 secret traps, 9 golden eggs, and 9 wanted posters in total. Upon earning gold in all levels, you will have earned about 750:gsicon:. Once that's done, you should have unlocked every achievement except...
  • Purrfecto
  • Such Moves, Such Handsomeness
  • Always Land on my Feet
  • Feisty FelineViva Gat
  • Real Cats wear boots
  • The Cat's Whiskers
  • These Eyes tell no lies

Clean Up
Once story mode has been completed and all medals are gold, you will have about 85-90% completion. If you haven't already, it's now time to find the rest of those golden eggs, wanted posters, and secret traps you've missed during your first play through. You will be able to use chapter select and head straight to the level you were missing collectibles on. The golden eggs and the status of your medal will be shown to you at the chapter selection screen. All wanted posters you currently have can be found in the extras menu. There's no way of telling which traps you have already found, so you will need to keep a mental note. See "These Eyes Tell No Lies" for more info.

Challenge Mode (Mini games)

Challenge mode should be completed after beating story mode. This way you will have enough skill to complete them. There are 4 mini games in total. You must beat the default high score in each mini game to earn the achievement.

Barrel Barrage - 5,000 points
Bandit Boot - 1,000 points
Market Mayhem - 30,000 points
Shape it up - 30,000 points

Make sure to complete and win a best of 3 series in multiplayer as well. That will net you another achievement.


In conclusion, this is a great kids game and is very simple to pick up and play. I highly suggest this if your an achievement hunter and you own a Kinect sensor. Hopefully this guide will help anyone in need. Happy Achievement hunting!

Actiionz 03-12-2012 01:00 AM Land on my Feet 15
Complete a best of three team challenge

From the main menu, head over to challenges. Then select multiplayer and make sure the rounds are set to three. You can choose either to play it alone or with a friend as the multiplayer mode is simultanious. Just make sure you win., Amigo 10
Boot an enemy into a trap

During fight scenes, you will be able to "boot" enemies in a trap. Attack an enemy with your sword in various ways to build up your kick meter. Once filled, line your enemy up with a trap in the background by side stepping. Then kick them. For more info, see These Eyes Tell No Lies! 10
Block an enemy attack

When sword fighting enemies, they will sometimes try to knock you out with a big hit. (An enemy will move in slow motion when doing so.) When this happens, just hold your sword in the same direction they are trying to hit you to block the attack.! 10
Perform a deflect

Same as the "Ole!" achievement, except you should block an enemy's attack at the last second to deflect it. That 10
Perform a Claw Frenzy

To perform a Claw Frenzy, you must first build up your Claw meter by making successful attacks with your sword during fight scenes. The more unique your combination of attacks, the faster your meter will fill. Once achieved, jump up and start scratching your enemy for the achievement. Peeved 10
Defeat 3 enemies with one guitar attack

When your sword fighting, you will notice guitars placed in the background. Knock an enemy toward one of them to fill your guitar meter. Then wait until three enemies are surrounding you. After that, raise your arms in the air and Puss will start playing the guitar. Enemies will dance one at a time. When all three start dancing, swing your arms in a baseball motion and you will knock all the enemies out at once. 10
Play every guitar tune

What they mean by playing every tune, is to play the guitar on every level. You will only be able to play the guitar during fight scenes. On three occasions, you will play the guitar during action scenes, but its to serenade another kitty cat. Those three instances are story related and can't be missed. To ensure you get this achievement, just use the guitar during every fight scene. Eyes Tell No Lies 100
Discover every type of trap

There are a total of 21 different traps to be found throughout story mode. These are only found during fight scenes. They are obvious to spot during gameplay. Just lead your enemy in front of the trap by side stepping. Then, either kick or use claw frenzy to knock them into the trap. Here's a text of the checklist, thanks to Wozamill. There is a video checklist as well, thanks to phish5529

  • Struck a Chord (Piano)
  • The Moosetrap (Moose Head)
  • Trouble Barrelled (Barrel)
  • Over the Ledge (Ledge)
  • Through the Pane Barrier (Window)
  • Well Disposed (Well)
  • Battered (Fish Head)
  • Vitamin Overdose (Pumpkin Stand)
  • Baled Out (Hay Bale)
  • In Stock (Stocks)
  • Snare and Snare Alike (Snare)
  • Net Loss (Net)
  • Sharp Exit (Cactus)
  • The Pits (Pit)
  • Rubble Maker (Rocks)
  • Carted Off (Mine Cart)
  • Hammered (Hammer & Anvil)
  • Kicked Up a Storm (Beehive in Tree)
  • Scorcher (Campfire)
  • Rakey Rakey (Rake)
  • Goose Frijoles 20
Defeat 20 enemies using the guitar

When sword fighting, kick enemies toward guitars to fill up the meter. Then raise your hands to start playing the guitar. After playing the song, they will be confused. You will need to whack them. To earn this faster, try to get as many of them as you can to surround you before you attack them with your guitar. (Maximum of three enemies per hit.) You will most likely earn this when going for the Virtuoso and Pet Peeved achievement. Sharp 20
Defeat 10 enemies using Claw Frenzy

Same as Scratch That, except you must perform this ten times. Over Easy 50
Collect all nine golden egg pieces

There are 9 total golden eggs to collect in story mode. These will only be found during fight scenes and are hidden inside vases. Its pretty easy to spot them since they have a yellow-ish glow around them. Just simply kick an enemy into the vases to collect them. Here is a video checklist thanks to

  • 2 Golden Eggs The Thieves Bar (Level 1)
  • 3 Golden Eggs The Chase (Level 3)
  • 3 Golden Eggs The Mine (Level 8)
  • 1 Golden Egg The Great Terror (Level 9)

Actiionz 03-12-2012 01:05 AM Pray For Mercy 50

Collect all nine wanted posters

Just like the golden eggs, there are 9 wanted posters. These are only found during fight scenes. Unlike the golden eggs, wanted posters are actually visible and easiesr to spot. To see which ones you have, check in the extras menu.

The Thieves Bar – 2 Posters
- Second Floor of bar
- Final area with Cat Lover

The Chase – 3 Posters
- First area, just to the right side once the fight stars.
- The area right after climbing the clock
- On the boat, accessible after the cat catcher come.

The Mine – 3 Posters
- First part of level, after enemies come out of the cave towards you
- In the cave after you get discovered and enter your first fight
- Final section of the level, in the same scene as the rake.

The Great Terror – 1 Poster

- Near the beginning area, next to a statue in the center of the area. on my Feet 20
Perform a perfect sneak

Reach the destination as fast as possible without getting caught. If you're using the Kinect, just run in place. You don't have to sneak slowly like Puss is doing in the level. Just make sure to freeze in time. The fewer the amount of times you freeze, the better your score. Here's a video of how fast you should be going to achieve a perfect sneak. He's using the PS3 Move by the way, which makes it look so much easier. Maybe this will give you an idea of how its done. Thanks to RazTehWaz 20
Perform a perfect shape match

The shape match mini games are easy. Just make sure the lighting in your play area is bright enough so the Kinect can see everything you do. To play this sequence, make the shape that you see in front of you. There will be an on screen demonstration of what shape to make. These are fairly simple shapes to make as its a kids game. Balanced 20
Perform a perfect balance

The balancing sequence is moderately easy to do. Just hold your arms straight out like an airplane and slightly tilt either left or right depending on what Puss is doing. If he loses his balance, you will only achieve a "great" score. If he falls off and you have to get back on the rope, you will only achieve a "nice" score. Feline 20
Get a high score in Market Mayhem

From the main menu, go to challenge mode and select Market Mayhem. In this mini game, you have to defeat as many enemies as you can before the timer runs out. Knocking them into traps will gain you more time to play. Keep in mind you will need atleast 30,000 points for the high score. Fairly easy to get. 20
Get a high score in Barrel Barrage

Select Challenge mode, then choose Barrel Barrage. In this mini game, your are suppose to collect as many coins as you can while dodging incoming barrels. Once you've been hit 5 times, the game is over. Achieving a score of 5,000 will be very easy. Gato! 20
Get a high score in Shape It Up!

Select Challenge mode, then choose Shape it up! This is definitely the easiest mini game out of the four. Just match your body with the shapes you see on the screen. The high score to beat is 30,000. Cats Wear Boots 20
Get a high score in Bandit Boot

I would say this is the most challenging out of the four mini games. You may only need to achieve a high score of 1,000, but you are definitely gonna have to earn it. For this game, you are simply kicking enemies into different traps. The catch is you only have a limited amount of kicks to reach the target score and for every round you advance, the target score increases. With practice, you should pass the high score when you beat round 5.

Target Score
Round 1: 100 points
Round 2: 100 points
Round 3: 150 points
Round 4: 200 points
Round 5: 250 points
Bonus Round: N/A
Round 6: 300 Points

Note: In later levels you will notice log fires in your way. To get rid of these, simply knock an enemy into a near by barrell so the water will put out the fire. Also, try knocking an enemy into a barrel with a boot icon on it. This will give you an extra boot for every round after that.. Moves, Such Handsomeness 20
Get a perfect time in the Beanstalk

During the Beanstalk level, you will be sliding on a leaf and at various points, flying on a flower. There are two sections in which you need to achieve a perfect time. Lean side to side to collect coins and dodge flowers. To move faster, lean foward to boost. Boosting the entire time for the first portion is fine, but when you reach the second part, (After the cut scene with you and humpty.) I would advise you to boost only part of the time. It will be much harder to dodge flowers at full speed.

Gold Medal requires you to achieve a score of 75,000 or more. When going for the perfect time, you will most likely net this one as well.'t Desert Me 20
Get a perfect time in the Canyon

During The Stagecoach Robbery, you need to quickly run through a canyon area and make a few jumps and ultimately jump onto the stagecoach. If you time your jumps right before a ledge, or right when a bridge breaks, you will achieve a perfect leap, thus making your completion time faster. This one is easy and will unlock without even trying.

Actiionz 03-12-2012 01:13 AM to Dance-Fight? 20
Perform a perfect dance in the Cantina

On the third chapter, Puss will challenge Kitty to a dance off. To perform well, just match all the shapes you see on screen. If this is done correctly without a mistake, the achievement will pop after the dance off. Score 20
Serenade three different senoritas with a perfect score

When playing through story mode, Puss will inevitably come across 3 senoritas. He will whip out his guitar and play music to try and impress them. When he does, its up to you to strum fluently enough to achieve a perfect tune. To play the guitar, simply hold your arms out like you would a real guitar and strum. 10
Bronze medal on every level

See Legendary for more info
Silver medal on every level

See Legendary for more info.
Gold medal on every level

There are nine total chapters to complete in story mode. You will have to achieve set amount of score on each level to earn a gold medal.

After playing for a while, I know there will be certain levels that you try over and over again, but still don't rack up enough points for gold. Well, here are a couple of things that you should keep in mind while playing.

1. During fight scenes, always defeat your enemy by kicking them into different traps. You will earn 2,500 each time. Simply defeating an enemy or knocking them into the same trap again will only net you 500 points. If you run out of traps to use, play your guitar. You will be awarded 2,500 for each perfect hit with the guitar. You can hit a maximum of 3 enemies per guitar attack. Also, try knocking enemies into barrels, crates, and treasure chests for extra gold.

2. When playing through action sequences, (ex. running scenes) make sure to always use your sword and swipe anything in your way. There are barrels, vases, and crates that carry gold in them.

3. During balance, sneak, and pose sequences, try your best to achieve a perfect score. Only earning "great" or "nice" the whole time won't cut it when going for gold. Trust me, it will make all the difference. Certain running scenes will involve jumping and you will earn an extra 1000 for executing a perfect leap. This goes for chain jumping as well. (Must be 5 or more consecutive jumps.) Here's the break down of all the possible scores.

* Nice: 250 points
* Great: 500 points
* Perfect: 1,000 points Cat's Whiskers 100
Complete the game with 100% progress

This will probably be the last achievement you earn. Its kind of like that achievement you earn for earning all the other achievements preceding it. Here's the requirements for 100% anyway.

- Play all 4 mini games
- Collect all 9 golden eggs
- Collect all 9 wanted posters
- Earn a Gold medal for every chapter in story mode.
Discover all 21 traps

Actiionz 03-12-2012 02:11 AM

Secret Achievements! 15
Serenade a senorita

Story related, can't be missed. You will encounter your first senorita within Chapter one:
Thieves Bar. This will unlock when Puss uses his guitar and impresses her. See Purrrrrrfect score for more details. Garde 15
Defeat the cat lover

Story related, can't be missed. The earliest you will find a cat lover is in chapter 1 during a fight scene. He will be a lot bigger than the other enemies and will try to hug/squeeze you to death. Before he does, simply use kicks or a claw frenzy to defeat him. Thirst for Leche 15
Complete The Thieves' Bar

Story related, can't be missed. This will unlock when you complete chapter 1. me Out15
Complete The Hotel

Story related, can't be missed. This will unlock when you complete chapter 2. with Cat-like Moves 15
Complete The Chase

Story related, can't be missed. This will unlock when you complete chapter 3. moves, Senor 15
Complete The Cantina

Story related, can't be missed. This will unlock when you complete chapter 4. Complete 15
Complete The Stagecoach Robbery

Story related, can't be missed. This will unlock when you complete chapter 5. Goose Chased 15
Complete The Giant's Castle

Story related, can't be missed. This will unlock when you complete chapter 6. Flirt with Danger15
Rock a pig back to sleep

Story related, can't be missed. During the sneaking sequence on The Beanstalk stage, you will have to creep past a barn full of pigs. Three of them will inevitably wake up. It's up to you to rock them back to sleep before they alert others with their squealing. To perform this, cradle your arms and rock side to side as if you were holding a baby. of the clouds 15
Complete The Beanstalk

Story related, can't be missed. This will unlock when you complete chapter 7. Cat is En Fuego 15
Complete The Mine

Story related, can't be missed. This will unlock when you complete chapter 8. is my Game15
Complete The Great Terror

Story related, can't be missed. This will unlock when you complete chapter 9. I need are the boots, baby! 100
Complete the game

Story related, can't be missed. This will unlock when you complete the 9th chapter in story mode.

nastymastadaddy 08-21-2012 03:43 AM

great guide! The only thing i may change would be the difficulty. I would say 4/10 because gold on a few of the levels isn't a given.

Actiionz 10-25-2012 04:29 PM


Originally Posted by nastymastadaddy (Post 5236423)
great guide! The only thing i may change would be the difficulty. I would say 4/10 because gold on a few of the levels isn't a given.

Thanks; and yeah, you're right. I did make this game seem like a walk in the park. I'll make the change to the difficulty.

Kairi 01-11-2013 11:50 PM


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