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Vwerdiir 03-22-2012 07:39 AM

Achievements Not Unlocking
I'm having problems with 2 achievements.
Rope A Dope and This Is Coming Out Of Your Pay Check.
I've performed successful springboards multiple times, and destroyed countless tables and chairs, definitely more than whats required. Neither of them are unlocking. Is there something i'm doing wrong?? I've followed the guide correctly for Rope A Dope, and This is coming out of your pay check is fairly straight forward.
Has any else had any problems with these?
If you have a remedy for the problems, please, let me know :)

lifetimegamer 08-07-2012 08:28 AM

Bit of a late reply but I started playing this game last night and was having similar issues with a number of achievements (practically all of them actually).

Cranking the difficulty up to Legend certainly helps (adjust the sliders to make your life easier)
Also, with the Rope-a-dope achievement I had to spring off the ropes at least 15-20 times before it finally noticed I had met the criteria, lol. I haven't tried the Paycheck achievement yet but I would imagine it's a similar principle.

Not incredibly helpful advice obviously but I'd basically knock the difficulty up to max and just keep meeting the criteria until they pop (at least they pop mid-match!)

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