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Ultima OXZ 03-22-2012 07:45 AM

Subquest Discussion!
HEY! On mission 01 i cannot find out how to do the subquest which asks you to destroy unidentified forces. If you know how please help!

Idain Auzkovyn 04-05-2012 06:03 AM

thats the Zodiac that shows up in that mission to get him to show you have kill everything take less then 5k in damage and reach the train in 5 minutes. instead of the police AC it will be the Zodiac AC.. I'm trying to get him to show up now.. not having fun with it.. ><

the real a 0bsolete 04-07-2012 05:10 AM

subquests are the unmarked quests right?

Anubisx2007 05-08-2012 07:02 PM

Not really sure kinda wanting that answer also..

the real a 0bsolete 05-08-2012 11:19 PM


Originally Posted by Anubisx2007 (Post 5056823)
Not really sure kinda wanting that answer also..

i have figured it out since my last post. the sidequests are the quests for each mission (order and story). order's usually have two, a damage subquest and a time subquest. check worhammer's subquest guide for the full list.

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