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TheGrt14Real 03-22-2012 08:11 AM

Capcom needs to fix Resident Evil: ORC
I don't understand how this could be possible. How could Capcom have let a game like this even bear the name Resident Evil. The concept was a great idea. Step into the shoes of Umbrella and erase any and all envolvement with the events that were RE 2 & 3. Controls aren't bad. The storyline is thin but not bad ether. Enemy's could have been smarter but lets face it Nemisis and Wesker weren't rocket scientists and that was ok. What kills this game is AI. And not enemy AI. Its the retards that are on your side that do some of the stupidest things I have ever seen an AI do in a game. Picture this ok. Your in a room with your three teammates and everything is cool. All of a sudden a door in the corner of the room gets knocked down and all of these zombies start rushing in. So you aim your assault rifle at that doorway and start layin em' down baby. Blood Squiting, bullet flying mayhem baby! God I love the smell of T-Virus zombie flesh in the morning! The dust settles, your alive and everyone else is dead and I do mean everyone. See after you started in on those zombies with your assault rifle your whole team ran up in your line of fire and proceeded to melee that group of zombies and got theirselves killed so now you have to go res your whole team so they can do the exact same thing the next time. This sort of thing happens during every confrontation of any kind. The only time the AI ever gets in your way is when you're trying to fight the enemy. Slant Six games was the co-developer on this project. I hope Capcom can step in with an update or patch to fix this. I would be happy if they just removed friendly fire. That would fix alot right there. Or maybe make the AI hold back and let you lead. I have faith that Capcom will step up and make things better because this is truly a black eye on the Resident Evil Franchise.

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