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Original 04-14-2012 01:02 PM

99/100 Jiggies Glitched?
Hey there I have finished of the game, found every single Musical Note and now I just need to find two Honeycombs and a Jiggy. The last one (apparently) is in Gruntildas Lair and I can't manage to find it :(

I think I have done every step for Gruntildas Lair aswell but its just not working, is there such a thing as a Jiggy glitch which means I can not obtain the final piece? :confused:

EDIT: Apparently I also have a Jiggy left! Three hours now and starting to give up! :(

Pickproofswine 05-12-2012 10:02 AM

Try having a look in a walkthrough the Gruntildas Lair jiggys are usually in your face. Do you have the Freezezy Peak jiggy on top of the calender where u enter Freezezy Peak? Thats the one my friend missed when he played? I think the switch is under one of the big snowman in the middle of FP.

WOLVES R SWEET 12-02-2013 05:52 AM

this might be old but jiggies in grunty's lair #1 at the start look left then up #2 above the entrance to mumbo's mountain #3 shot out of the canon from the switch from treasure trove cove #4 inside the big witch statue #5 in the coffin in the room with the moving shock jump #6 inside the glass eye of the witch statue near freezeezy peak #7 pound the 2 eyes on the witch platform #8 above freezeezy peak entrance need the fly pad #9 in the tunnel there's a bomb bad guy in the middle of the water one of the small alcove 2 the right of the bomb guy need to hit a switch to make it appear #10 before the click clock wood stare at the door turn around look up a small space at the top needs a switch and also need to be the bumblebee to get it hope this helps:dance:

givemesomelager 12-14-2013 07:50 PM

Nope its glitches probably I'm having the same issue in treasure cove. the biggie for finding the last jingo glitched not counting it. the jinjos do not rapper so its screwed. can someone let me know if you need all of them to complete the game. I see theres no achievement for collecting all of them. theres no point to keep playing if this save is glitched.

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