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The Pants Party 08-25-2007 01:16 PM

Meta-Games: Tips, Discussion and Help Thread
Thanks to Xyjar for the screencaps. This info can be found on Bungie's website also.

Check this link for some good tips from Bungie about the meta-game scoring. They recommend Heroic difficulty with at least one skull turned on, two will help even more.

ac2565 09-21-2007 12:56 AM

Points are earned based on the time it took you to finish the level. You also get points for stylish kills such as heashots. Dieing gives you negative points while killing other teammates in coop also gives you negative points. Finding skulls also gives you points.

Doskir 09-21-2007 10:18 PM

playing with skulls activated adds another 2x (i think) multiplier for each skull thats activated

AcidAngel 09-21-2007 11:35 PM

I think the multiplier is only for skulls you find during the playthrough, I played with grunts birthday on and didn't get any skull multiplier at the end for it

Doskir 09-22-2007 04:38 PM

alright it looks like the bonus modifier depends on the skull havent figured out how high the multiplier is for each skull but will do that later.

i recommend selecting heroic and activating the myhtic and tough luck skulls i got way more than enough points (50k+ in some cases) even when it took me so long that i didnt get any time bonus at all

Grantlionheart 09-22-2007 04:52 PM

Well i dunno about all levels but on the first mission i just turn on Health plan, death carrys, Bash to better health and umm tough luck, then i just run and bash every enemy in my way, by the time you have reached the dame u have 15000

A Grenade 09-22-2007 07:04 PM

I think there is a skull that gives you 3x multiplier, not sure though.

Grantlionheart 09-22-2007 08:05 PM

Kill another player -50
Kill NPC -100
Kill Jackal +15
HeadShot grunt +13
HeadShot jackal +19
HeadShot Brute +63

The time multiplier works like this.
Before 15 minets. 3.00x
After 15 minets. 2.50x
i dont know after that.

smallkid 09-23-2007 02:23 AM

Difficulty multipliers:
Easy: 0.25x
Normal: 1x
Heroic: 2x
Legend: 4x

Multipliers(for the kill)
Grenade stick: 1.25x
Headshot: 1.25x
stealth kill: 1.25x
Road-kill: 1.25x
Multi-kill: 1.25x
Needler superdetonation: 1.25x
EMP: 1.25x

Skull Multipliers:
iron: 3x
black eye: 1.5x
tough luck: 1.5x
catch: 1.5x
fog: 1.5x
famine: 2x
thunderstorm: 1.5x
tilt: 2x
mythic: 2x

Time bonus:
0-15min (3x)
15-20min (2.5x)
20-25min (2x)
25-30min (1.5x)

they are on this site i typed them up for easy copy and paste action because the site is in silverlight.

iskoot 09-23-2007 03:07 AM

I've posted this the Achievement Guide section...but you writing it out is probably easier for them. I just didn't have the time to do that last night.

The Fonz 09-23-2007 05:36 AM

i dont understand, how do you start a meta game and where do you find out the points for each level?:confused:

madhead360 09-23-2007 03:10 PM

the easiest way (for me anyway) at to do it on normal but activate 2 or 3 skulls to give me a multiplyer. i have 940 on this game ...

Grantlionheart 09-23-2007 04:17 PM

When in the campain menu press X to find the meta game menu.
Also the required points for each level is 15000 for an acheivment.
Dont know if the points vary between levels.

ArtzryD 09-23-2007 08:58 PM

TY, this will all come in handy tonight!

Xyjar 09-24-2007 12:59 AM

For anyone who doesn't want to install Microsoft Silverlight, I took screenshots:

OBM 09-24-2007 05:57 AM

OK, I don't know if anyone is having problems with these achievements but I played solo last night on crows nest, turned on the Mystic skull and scoring set to 'free-for-all' I got 18000 points by the end and never got the achievement. Then I tried with 2 friends and set the scoring to 'Team' with Mystic on again, we accumulated just over 16k points, still no achievement, anyone else having these problems?
Also the coop over Live is REALLY laggy for my friends and I, anyone getting that too?

Xyjar 09-24-2007 04:18 PM


Originally Posted by OBM (Post 414018)
OK, I don't know if anyone is having problems with these achievements but I played solo last night on crows nest, turned on the Mystic skull and scoring set to 'free-for-all' I got 18000 points by the end and never got the achievement. Then I tried with 2 friends and set the scoring to 'Team' with Mystic on again, we accumulated just over 16k points, still no achievement, anyone else having these problems?
Also the coop over Live is REALLY laggy for my friends and I, anyone getting that too?

I met the requirement on level 6, getting just over 50,000 on 3 player co-op using team scoring, and also did not get the achievement. I really hope this doesn't have to be done solo, but it looks like that might be the case.

Also, I haven't had any trace of lag in any of my co-op games (playing all the way through legendary). It's like we're all playing in the same room. The person hosting yours must have had a pretty bad connection.

Junzi Nicuzn 09-24-2007 10:23 PM

You can get the achievement in Co-op, but it will be harder. It uses individual score in either scoring method, not combined score. So you and your friend could get 16000 points on the first level, but if you each only have 8000 you will not get the achievement. My friend got this on Co-op last night by turning on the Thunderstorm and Mythic skulls, Legendary difficulty. He got just over 15000, and the achievement.

I found that doing the levels on Heroic with Thunderstorm and Mythic work pretty well. You still get enough points, and it's easier than trying to do it on Legendary.

lostboyz 09-25-2007 01:16 AM

We did it on 3 player co-op (normal with some skulls on not sure which ones) for the first two levels, first level we all got it. Second level just two of us got it, but if we spread the points out it is easy to get enough. You have to set the scoring on free for all, not team.

The Fonz 09-25-2007 07:06 PM

i knew you had to do it on free for all because me and my frinds didnt once on a level and got 100,000 points but yet not one achievement.really stupid

Skillet 09-25-2007 07:32 PM

Damn people! It's only been out for two days (if you count New Zealands[sp?])! How could you possibly be worrying about earning the Meta Game achievements already?!?

Of course, this is x360a...kinda the point.

Oh well, just decided to post this

It gives pretty much any tips and trick that you need to know about the skulls and special kills so that you can earn the highest score possible.

With this link and the previousely posted screenshots of the scores for each enemy, you should be well on your way to earning those achievements.

I on the other hand have to wait until tomorrow before I even get to play the game for the first lucky bastards!

mossberg 09-25-2007 07:44 PM

I dont want to sound stupid but i was looking thru the menu, how do you play a meta game. what is it

lostboyz 09-25-2007 08:44 PM

when you start the campaign you press x and can turn on scoring and skulls

ste900R 09-26-2007 05:25 AM

What does it mean when it says Achievement points: 15,000? Does it mean if you get an achievement in the level you get 15,000 points?

If it is couldn't you just get a skull in the level and have enough points?

MrRedrum 09-26-2007 10:09 AM

no, what it means is that you need to get 15,000 points in a meta game to unlock the achievement.

Phrozan 09-26-2007 01:17 PM

So can you only get skulls in the meta-game? I thought I read that, just looking for clarification. Do you set the meta-game up at the party setup screen? I played through the first two levels on legendary last night without campaign scoring don't know if you can get the level achievements and meta-game achievements in the same run through or not.

Skillet 09-26-2007 02:04 PM

Well, you can turn on scoring and play through the game, I'm pretty sure you'll also get the regular campaign achievements with the score achievements if you work at it.

Though, I can't test this theory as I won't actually be able to play the game until tonight.

Though, I don't think you have to find skulls in the Meta-Game. I think they're just like Halo 2...only you can turn the effect on and off right before a Meta-Game starts.

I'm looking forward to using the skulls that make enemies dodge faster and make their armor even more resistant.

The Pants Party 09-26-2007 02:14 PM

You don't have to have the meta-game on to get skulls. If you do have the meta-game on, you'll get all other achievements as normal.

RavenBlackthorn 09-26-2007 02:39 PM

Wow, pretty confusing. Unfortunately my input probably won't clear a whole lot of this up. :)

While working on my Marathon Man achievement I played through 3 Meta-game levels yesterday. I was playing by myself BUT I had the Scoring set to Team and got the achievements. So, technically I was playing Solo but the scoring was set to Team. Just figured I'd mention that since people were indicating that the Achievement unlocks only in Solo Scoring.

Some of the achievements may be glitched slightly as well. For example, I played through the Heroic campaign with my wife and got all the skull achievements together except for Catch. For some reason it triggered for me but not for her. SHE was the one the picked up the skull too. Odd.

And to respond to Phrozan, the Skulls can be grabbed in both "regular" campaign and Meta-game (scoring turned on) campaign.

The Pants Party 09-26-2007 03:29 PM

I think what people are confused about, is that in team scoring, the total will be something like 22,000... but that is because player 1 has 10k, player 2 has 8k and player 3 has 4k... your individual score still has to be over 15k for the achievement. Team scoring is just for friends to get the highest total together, whereas individual in co-op you'll try to steal kills and get all the points yourself.

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