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iTs xLuiGi 05-12-2012 10:23 AM

someone new to fighting games.
i really only play like Tekken, was never into Street Fighter or any other fighting games, but i decided to give this a try.

in fighting games, is it normal to use the stick or the D-pad for moves?
i'm trying to do Ms Fortunes Cat Strike. online it says Down, Down/Back, Back + X. i honestly can't figure this out. and these are like... basics. i've played through tutorial but it really doesn't explain it there either. i'm stuck in one of the tutorials where it wants me to do something similar with a combo, but i couldn't get it to work there either.

all it does when i press Down, Down/Back, Back + x, is duck, walk backwards, then throw a weak punch.

UPR Captain 05-13-2012 06:38 PM

That is the traditional method for combos in most fighting games. You can still move and everything with the D-pad, but the stick is much more fluid. The issue is speed with combo execution. The stick can be flicked where the D-pad would have to be pressed. It just takes a lot of practice, especially with the tutorial combo special moves. All that said, the people I know who are particularly good at fighting games have joysticks instead of traditional controllers.

Most specials require this type of directional input + a button press. If your character is fully crouching or stepping back etc, then you are not doing the input fast enough. At the proper speed you will hardly notice a change in your character. And make sure you do the tutorials in order, they all build on each other, and most of them have you go through several different combo challenges of increasing difficulty in the same tutorial.

Tangled Virus 12-16-2012 02:21 PM

Look I recomend you to buy a arcade stick they are perfect for fighting games.
but this is my opinion.

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