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Runner e-Girl 05-19-2012 06:09 PM

Game does not let you save unless you're online????
I tried to play offline at my brother's whose Xbox is not connected to Xbox Live and the game wouldn't let me load my save. We then tried with my niece's profile that was never connected to Xbox Live and we couldn't save any progress either, it was either playing without saving or connecting to Xbox Live to be able to save... Is this a glitch I found? Or is the game designed like that? I checked the box of the game and it doesn't say that Xbox live is required, so I was wondering... (and extremely annoyed by this, also) Any hints?

undergr3nades 06-22-2012 01:15 PM

I've noticed this thing you've come across not just with this game, but multiple other games, not just game saves, but xbla games. If you saved your game while you were online, then thereafter you will have to be online. If you saved your game while offline, then you're in the clear to play anywhere, anytime. its stupid but its a way microsoft made to prevent people from "game saving" or trading xbla games even though it is still possible to do. Just an annoyance, not a glitch.

Runner e-Girl 06-22-2012 04:13 PM

I'd forgotten my post here, thank you for the useful info. In the case of YS: FE however, the issue is different, you simply can't play with any profile, even newly created profiles that have not ever been on XBL, unless you are online. I posted a query on, and the answer I got is that this is a known technical issue of XBL as from the dash update (the previous one, not the one from this week) and that I should call their 1-800 number for a solution... so that's it for me, given that there is no official service in my country...

I will be checking with the new updated dashboard though, maybe they fixed this...

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