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EloyOn 06-20-2012 01:22 AM

Card to khent guard missed
There is a guy in Ghotza that tells you to deliver a message to his cousin (or friend, whatever) that's guarding Khent gates. I missed that mission since the city was destroyed (I got the item in the chest though).

Which item does he give you? Also, there is something important if you miss it? I see thanks to the dreams guide that there wasn't one there, thanks god.

EDIT: Found out thanks to gamefaqs (Split Infinity faq), it's nothing important after all:

================================================== =============================

[City of Khent / Bastion Gate]

Talk to Gilghef and relay Gelf's message to obtain OBSIDIAN SPIRIT BAND (Lv5
Spirit Magic), then return to [Gohtza] and go see Gelf again.

GingerNinjerz 09-23-2012 10:27 AM

do you need to collect the OBSIDIAN SPIRIT BAND to gain all the skill master achievements and if so is there another place to get it? i was too hasty and missed this side quest aswell :(

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