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SWi IVI IVI ER 06-26-2012 11:27 PM

Online Community
Hey all, I'm thinking of picking this game up to get ready for TTT2 and was just wondering how active the online is still. Seeing as it's been out for a while and with all the other fighting games currently out there I don't imagine it's crazy active but I could be wrong. I'm not a hardcore fighting gamer but just wanted to get idea. Thanks guys.

SUBJECT BK201 08-04-2012 02:52 PM

Its reasonably active. i still get a lot of matches most of the time. not too many high ranks though, *most* of them aren't really legit anyway and some just claim they are good on their bio's but run away at the first sign of impending defeat. check the replay leaderboard, that will give you a better idea in a sense as to who is still playing.

Dico 10-17-2012 09:00 AM

Picked it up last night, about three years since release, never had trouble finding a game. Some awesome players, some average, i got the cheevo's quite quickly mind

Destro 07-17-2013 05:20 AM

I really don't understand how this game can be still so active... I wonder if its a matter of bad matchmaking on other games(vs good matchmaking on this game) or this one is just really more played... what people love so much about Tekken? I would like to know...

I was on DOA5 the other night... wanted to play a few matches.... i was waiting in the search listing and after 10 mins... i got tired... i joked to my friend i would had to play Tekken to actually get a match... and he asked me to play MK with him if i still had it.. i said yes... kicked the shit out of him even tough i didn't played that game in like 1 year, and forgot most of my combos and all, and after a while he got tired of getting beaten, so i actually put back Tekken in the xbox... i was expecting to loose a lot... of course, im super bad at Tekken, but damn it was even worst than expected... lost maybe 9 matches on 12...

My question is why do i suck so badly at Tekken when im decent at most fighting game, and pretty good at some.

I mean... in DOA5 i got a 75%+ winning pourcentage, and i got in the 2000 fights+

In MK, i have if im not mistaken 1600 wins for maybe 350 losses...

Even on Smackdown vs RAW(the last one i played was 2007 online) i had something like 95 wins, 13 losses...

But put me on Tekken or Street Fighter, wich happent to be among the top played fighting games, and i suck royaly... WHY? Tekken to me seem to be very slow.... very very slow, most combos are probably made out of juggle cause i find it hard to make combos normally(unlike DOA where juggles sure are a plus, but normal combos are very effective too) and lots of character you can't get anything from normal expecting combo like X-Y-Y or such... When i play Tekken i play Hwaorrang(sorry if i botch his name) cause he has that B-B-B-B kick combo... one of the few combos i know how to do... But everything, even Christie's Capoira just seem like a slower and clunky version of Lisa(La Mariposa) 's Capoiera in DOA... and i don't like the feeling at all...

Street Fighter is a different story ill keep for another board... but really i can't understand why i can't be at least DECENT at Tekken when im pretty good at DOA.... cause at first these game seem alike, both are 3Ds, both are mostly hand to hand with very limited used of projectiles and magic(a few teleportation crap in both games but mostly hand to hand) both you can do juggles, they really seem alike yet when i play them, i feel if i play Tekken im really in a golf sandtrap... like im moving in slow motion of some...

Another exemple, Virtua Fighter, im not NEARLY as good as DOA, but i know a decent ammount of combos with my main, cause i picked them up just by playing, they where instinctive, some juggles too, but decent normal combos too, the games was pretty empty and yet when i fough i managed to won 1 on 4 fights against players that had a much better experience than me... and when i lost i didn't look like a fool who was button mashing(cause thats exactly what i do on Tekken) I was really what i would call a worthy oponent... sometimes people are just better than you and i get my ass handle to me on DOA too sometimes, but on Tekken really when i get a guy that know how to play i just look like a moron... and i loose matches against people just as noob as me that even look worst... wich i think really suck..

So i ask you, whats the secret of that damn game... why a fighting game veteran can't even be decent at Tekken when he is good at other games?

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