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Nozza XBA 07-05-2012 04:21 PM

FUBAR - Tips & Tricks
Noticed a fair few people where having issues with this difficulty and that is understandable - It's a bitch in a lot of places. So using THIS guide - credit to immikeulate - but a few edits and extra info, I thought it'll help!


Tips & Tricks

Squad: Though these guys may get in the way or be useless sometimes, they really are not there to annoy you. These guys will be the heart and soul of killing and saving your life in the long run, so use them.

If an enemy AI is a little too close to you, target him to take the heat off of you, so it gives you more time to kill off other enemies or take a break. In some occasions, it may be best to let the enemy AI bunch up, so the 'Stun' command pops up. This is really handy, as it leaves all the AI stunned, giving you the chance to make a dent the amount of people you have to finish off.

Adams: He's actually the best squad mate for a couple of reason. One he uses a heavy weapon, so when attacking or targeting an enemy via a command, he'll unleash a hail of bullets! The other great thing about him is that he's the only one who throws grenades. Not all the time, but occasionally he'll launch one into the group of AI and it'll be a big help. Not only for clearing a group of guys, but for the dust it may kick up.

Lugo: Anyone at a distance will get killed with one hit by him. So when you see people at a distance, command your guys on them and it'll save you having to take time at aiming and even wasting ammo. Other than this, Lugo is another good back-up.

Ammo: So if you've read the points above, hopefully you should have enough to last you. Ammo is a little scarce around the game, but when you come across some, don't pick it up straight away. Search the dead bodies first to grab anything little and then open the ammo crates.

Just make sure that if you're only missing a small amount of bullets to not open the crate right away because it'll be a waste. Try and save it until you feel it's the right time, so it doesn't go to waste.

Guns: There's a few that you're going to want to make sure you have in your arsenal at ALL times (if possible).
  • M4A1: Most common, but best assault gun in the game. Loads of AI enemies use it, so ammo is plenty, and I personally feel that having it set with the silencer attachment, it works a bit better.
  • 417: Again, a very powerful assault rifle. This will be a 2/3 hit kill weapon on most enemies - bar the juggernauts - and is super handy. It's also a must, due to it's optic scope. This will save you a lot of time and hassle with anyone at a distance. Aim for the head, shoot one bullet and smile.
  • SCAR-H: I don't prefer this over the M4A1, but it's very useful because of the grenade launcher as it's secondary. Personally, it kicks up way too much to get those headshots.
  • AA12/M32 MGL: I wouldn't really keep these guns on you at all times, because they're very rare and ammo off the AI is little to none. But when in a sticky situation and you need to clear a spot, hands down they'll do the job. They'll kill a Juggernaut in an instant.
Aiming: Always try and aim for the head. I know in some situations it's hard, but there's a nice little trick. When in cover, you'll notice that the reticle is still visible (not when using certain scopes thought). So with that in mind and you in cover, control it over to the enemy you want to shoot at/kill and with a bit of skill and general guessing, you can actually aim for the head.

Once lined up, quickly press LT and then RT and you'll most likely be aiming at the upper body or head. It's a quick and easy way to aim at your targets without having to come out of cover until the last moment.

This leads me onto blind-firing. This is actually pretty accurate, so if someone is close but you can't risk coming out of cover, us it. Remember you have the reticle there for guidance! You may also want to head over to the Options and turn on Auto-Aim. It'll head lock onto any AI and also auto move up to the head in some occasions.

Time: Don't rush. In none of the missions is there a time limit, so don't feel like you must complete the game in record time.

Checkpoints: Good point here. Play the game by checkpoint to checkpoint and not chapter by chapter. If you've had enough for one night and have just reached a checkpoint, stop there. Don't feel like you have to stress yourself out anymore by getting to the end.

Executions: Don't go out of your way for these if you're swamped with enemies, but if you can achieve one or more of these, do it. Doing so will net you a nice bunch of ammo and grenades.

Grenades: Very handy when you want to move position or clear an area of guys.
  • Explosive: As well as killing groups of enemies in a nice radius, they're also kick up dust clouds when thrown on sand, which is most of the time. Doing so will help you clean any remaining guys without you being harmed, but it'll also help you move positions and cover.
  • Sticky: Same as above, but try and stick it onto one of the AI. If done, they'll run right up to their squad and hopefully you'll take more than one out. Take note, these take longer to detonate that the standard explosive.
  • Flash: Again, these will help you kill off guys without worry of being shot at.
Cover: As well as being a life saver, it can also get you killed. Not all cover is indestructible, so take that into consideration. It's also worth noting that, if an enemy is higher than you, they'll most likely get some hits on you, so try and find some side cover.

Turrets: This is mainly for when you take control of them. Again, personally, I always crouch. Though the aiming is off a little, it'll save you from getting hit. If you need to get a more accurate shot off, press in LS, kill the guys quickly, then go straight back into a crouch.

Squad Down: Tricky really. Do you save them or get your remaining squad mate to? This all depends on your location, cover you can take and who's closet. Take these into consideration before you rush half way across the map to be the hero.

Stealth: In some areas, it'll be noted to you that taking a quiet stealthy approach is the best tactic. For this, get Adams/Lugo to do the work. They'll sync their attacks and it'll be a one hit kill all the way. This saves you making a mistake or wasting ammo.

Spawns The spawns in this game are not infinite, so feel free to hang back and take your time to pick each guy off one by one. It's also worth noting that the spots and areas the enemy spawns are always the same, so use this to your advantage if a certain area is giving you some trouble.

This also goes for what enemy moves up on you or throws a grenade, it'll be the same one each time unless you intervene.

Priorities: This is mainly for what enemies to kill first. If you a CQC guy is running at you, deal with him first. If he gets close and hits you, it's an instant kill. Then there's the Juggernauts. They'll take a bit more damage than usual, but there's a few things I've learnt.

First off, I command my guys to kill any normal enemies about and I'll concentrate on the him. Aim for the face with every shot and don't settle for anything else. If he's shooting at you, take cover and only shoot during the slight pauses or when he's reloading. If you want to get a fair few good hits on him, throw a flash or for some nice damage a few grenades.


Nozza XBA 07-05-2012 04:22 PM

Chapter Help

Chapter 6: The start of this Chapter is the tricky part as you're without Adams and Lugo for the start of it. You'll start the Chapter behind cover and with a Desert Eagle in hand but you'll be surrounded by a few enemies. You're going to want to make sure that make no mistakes with your DE because it's a one hit kill but you're limited to only 5 bullets.

You'll also want to take note, that to your right, but up the area a little is a grenade box and a shotgun. You're going to want to run and grab these. At the start I ran to these, grabbed them, ran to the other end and killed the guys that'll be to your left with a grenade. Once done, I ran back to the car at the start, and defended until the squad turned up.

Either way, aim true and watch your sides! Remember to use the grenades wisely to clear a few enemies in one go! The video below may help.

Chapter 13; Part 1: For me, and I think for most, Chapter 13 will be a little tough! Here's the tactic I used.

Once Adams, is against the helicopter, take cover against the right metal plate in front of him. If you need more grenades, pick them up while still in cover. Then strafe left to the edge and pick up the 417. Now swap to the left cover. Doing so, the AI should move about a bit. Note, if you need ammo, pick it up here.

When that happen, throw a grenade to the right section lot and then a quick second to the left lot. Aim for the middle, so the dust cloud gets a lot of them. Once done, QUICKLY get out of cover, run left towards the water. First pick up the grenades next to the cover you were up against - near a sunken object - then run towards the water but back a little.

You should be up against a sunken boat and level to the crashed helicopter to your right and looking down the map at where all the enemies are spawning. Being at the back of the boat, you'll also be able to leap over into the middle of it for extra cover, but you shouldn't really need to do this.

From here, no one from the right will shoot you, and you can then look up ahead with the 417 scope and kill the AI when they spawn. So take your time and kill off the enemies one by one. Only 2 guys should run up close to you, so deal with them quickly, but hopefully Adams will get them.

Once you've cleared the area and the JN comes. Try and kill the 2 guys first, then run to the rubble cover behind you. With all your might, grenades and a little help from Adams, you should have no trouble taking him down!

Chapter 13; Part 2: This is the part where you get ambushed by the big beached ship. The video below shows you a good tactic at the start, so I'll leave that to do the job. Just remember to take your time and to take out the JN first!

Note: This is a whole Chapter video, but I feel the PT 1 tactic I've mentioned above, may work a little better than what is show in the video below.

i fist brown i 07-05-2012 05:49 PM

while this will help, the main factor in FUBAR is consistency. Keep trying and keep these tips in mind and you will eventually pass that devastating checkpoint after keeping at it.

the ammo tips is kinda weird...

it would be better worded along the lines of:

if you're about to enter battle with almost full ammo and there happens to be an AMMO crate, do not grab it until you finish the battle, therefore maximizing the potential of the ammo crate.

the way you make it sound is, if you're only missing 10 bullets, do not grab the crate at all... which is kinda silly because there are a few crates located in random spots that are between battles, and if you need 10 bullets you might as well grab the ammo crate because its a waste if you dont.

Maka 07-05-2012 07:54 PM

Turn on auto-aim.

SIMPLYMIDGET 07-05-2012 08:11 PM


Originally Posted by Maka (Post 5162673)
Turn on auto-aim.

Yes, auto-aim does not effect any of the achievements and will greatly help you out.

Nozza XBA 07-06-2012 04:17 PM

I'll make the edit to the ammo part. Did look through it and noticed it doesn't sound right.

Auto Aim - I was on my mind to add this but got a little caught up and I missed it out.

When I'm not on my iPhone I'll make the changes!

FLIPADELPHIIA 07-06-2012 06:00 PM

I think its important to note that the enemies have the same exact spawn location every single time for each level. And if any enemy is going to throw a grenade, he will do it every single time, or if he is one of the ones that rushes you, he will do it every single time. They will use the same exact cover most of the time as well. Unless you do something to throw off his pattern.

upindat 07-06-2012 06:38 PM

GREAT TIPS. just finished my fubar run last night. NIGHTMARE!!!. I had more trouble on level 6 where you have to defend your self until teammates arrive. ACED the part where you are on top of boat. Very stressful but feels good to have it on my completed list. HUGE thanks to you and flip for all the helpful advice. thanks!!

Nozza XBA 07-06-2012 06:55 PM

What I'll do as soon a I get to a PC is make the edits then do a tactics section on the #2 post for those tricky chapters/parts.

Make life a little easier because certain ones are a pain unless you get a the steps right!

immikeulate 07-07-2012 02:14 AM

Nice work. You really flushed out and focused on the core of what I was getting at.

Nozza XBA 07-07-2012 02:45 PM


Originally Posted by immikeulate (Post 5165278)
Nice work. You really flushed out and focused on the core of what I was getting at.

Thanks! You had some nice info and most of what I really wanted to put, plus the stuff I came across. So I worked on what you initially wrote.

Well, I just completed FUBAR, so I'm now at 100% completion. I've also, now got my hands on my laptop, so I'll spend an hour or so doing the edits as mentioned above!

Edit: All done. If you guys feel any other Chapter tips need adding, let me know and I'll go through the best ways to deal with them!

Sceneman 07-08-2012 04:40 PM

I just finished my FUBAR run and thought I'd add some more pointers.

- make sure you are tagging enemies all the time with RB. Like, all the time. As soon as your squad kills the target, tag another asap. Your squad buck up considerably when they have an active target, and they generally kill them fast. Its also nice to hold down RB for re-con, as this will highlight enemies hiding behind things during a firefight.

- while doing this, master popping out from cover and getting quick headshots with the M4A1 etc.

- keep a good rhythm of constantly tagging baddies and constatnly shooting the assholes in the head, and work fast. keep a good battle momentum going. You dont want to get flanked and/or grenade spammed.

- if an enemy is close to you and giving you some serious heat, tag him (even if another baddie is already tagged and being persued). This will often actually trigger that enemy AI to focus on your AI teammates straight away, leaving you free to shoot him.

- there is a distinctive pause in the enemy's animation when they are about to throw a grenade, learn to keep an eye and that and quickly nail the guy before he throws that 'nade.

- always pack a shotgun as often as you can. the enemy AI is very aggressive and will often flank you and get right up where you are hiding. Blindfiring a shotgun is about as accurate as firing it normally, so blindfire shotguns furiously from cover if bad guys are rushing you. this has saved me soooooooo many times. Also a great way to take down the heavy troopers, just take cover close to them blindfire your shotty, and you'll never have to enter their line of fire! This came in handy so often, esp. during chaps13&14.

- finally, make sure you are wearing a fresh diaper and actually good at videogames before attempting this mode. I was worried I was going to be in for a hell of a ride after reading posts on here, but FUBAR is mostly pretty fun and easy to get through! I'm not going to lie about chapter 13 & 14, they were rough, but the rest of the game isn't that bad at all. This game has NOTHING on CoD 2 and CoD 4 on Veteran. No siree. There was a checkpoint in CoD2 I was stuck on for 8 hours. Due the infinite spawns and dudes rushing you and one hit kills and all that.

Super Happy Go Go 07-14-2012 06:39 AM

Finished FUBAR last night & tbh, I found my first playthrough harder because I tried to be gung-ho, and didn't use my AI buddies well & didn't work out a strategy for beating Juggernauts. Man I died like a million times...
2nd play was different. As these guys have said remember:
Patience, Prioritisation, Patterns & Covering fire
Sit tight in cover & 9/10 you'll be fine. Just make sure you know where to go if a grenade gets thrown
Priortise deadly targets like snipers or shotgunners. The AI is ALWAYS the same. Figure out the pattern & it's a turkey shoot with snap aim. Pop up quick and burst fire (AK47 was my choice) rinse & repeat.
If your AI is going down too easy you're probably picking the wrong targets that are too far away, or not giving them enough covering fire. Make sure you take out any target firing at them. Use them to distract an enemy & get their attention then pop up & kill them. Think of them as aggro magnets (like Army of 2) and use them to get the AI to pop out of cover & fire. I know the AI is flakey, but on Lvl 14 my AI buddy never died because I killed any soldier that was shooting at him.

BTW - Thanks for all the great FUBAR tips guys. I came close to quitting a few times, and had some major rages at times, but I knew I could beat it...

T00L 07-15-2012 06:55 AM

Well.. that was a hell of a ride. Thanks for the tips, some of them are definitely life savers.

The only tip I can give anyone. ALWAYS carry a fu**ing shotgun !!! It saved my ass probably hundred times. The enemies on Fubar are that agressive and flank your sides, this weapon became a absolut must have for me.

piquadro 08-04-2012 09:31 AM

Well, I've made it! It took me about 10 hours to finish FUBAR. Most tricky moments - chapter 6 (beginning) and chapter 13.

Very useful, thank you a lot!

Ninja Eagle 08-29-2012 11:45 AM

The best tip for any third person or first person shooter I can give is to just take your time and include plenty of breaks. It wouldn't hurt to just do a few chapters a day for those who are really struggling. Very simple stuff but that's the recipe for success

DarthVolod 09-12-2012 01:02 AM


Originally Posted by Ninja Eagle (Post 5248181)
The best tip for any third person or first person shooter I can give is to just take your time and include plenty of breaks. It wouldn't hurt to just do a few chapters a day for those who are really struggling. Very simple stuff but that's the recipe for success

This is one of the best tips here. It is amazing how much a break can help you focus. There have already been so many points where I almost gave up completely, but instead I just stopped and came back next day and aced the checkpoint I was stuck on first try.

Sometimes it is also nice to have a buddy there can help too even though it is singleplayer. When you die so much you tend to get quite angry which can make you overlook simple solutions. An observant friend fixes this.

Am well over halfway through now and going strong thanks to these tips :)

lilsting 10-06-2012 02:32 AM

I'm currently 3 hours in on my Fubar playthrough. I managed to make it to chapter 10-2 (the part when you are on the side of the truck with the grenade launcher). So far Fubar hasn't been to difficult for me, but I'm pretty good at games in general. Some tips that have helped me in bullet point format:

-417 assault rifle: This gun is amazing. 1 shot to head on most enemies with 2-3 shots to the body. It also has a 4x scope, use it.

-Let your teammates do a lot of the killing you can't do. You kill the guys that you can kill, but let your teammates take care of the ones who are in a position to kill you. An example of this would be enemies who are elevated above you. Instead of popping out risking to take him out, utilize your team.

-When stuck in a situation, change up your strategy. I remember early on, I think it was chapter 5. I died like 3 times so I changed up my plan. Instead of guns a blazing, I spammed my grenades to get the AI to dive or get stunned. Then I picked them off.

-Take your time. There is no rush so stay behind cover for 10 minutes if you have to.

-When aiming with LT, clicking in the right joystick changes the angle of which you can hit targets at. Utilize this feature.

-Popping out of cover to shoot someone is not always the best idea. Rather detach yourself from cover and then crouch. Slowly side step out of cover to pick off the enemy and then side step back. Normally when you pop up you can get hit from multiple angles. When you do the strategy I just mentioned, the only person that can hit you is the person you're picking off.

Using these strats I steam rolled through chapters 1-5 in a little over an hour. It's taken me 2 hours to do 6-10. When I wake up I'll finish off the game. I know that chapters 13 and 14 are probably going to be a bit tricky. Keep at it gents, you'll get there.

One last tip. I noticed that when you don't move up, your teammates don't move up. They normally only advance if you tag someone or if you move up. They will sometimes move ahead a little bit, but never to far. Keep this in mind and try to pick out most enemies from as far back as possible so you don't have to deal with your teammates dieing all the damn time. GOOD LUCK!!

Edit: I wanted to add one more tip. I can't stress the importance of vantage points. Always look for the best spot to place yourself for the duration of a fight even if you have to die a few times to find that spot. Once you find a good vantage point then things become a lot easier. Only advance when you're SURE all the enemies are dead or nobody can hit you. We are talking about 2 shot deaths so take your sweet time.

Update: I started playing the game again when I woke up now I'm on chapter 14. Chapter 13 wasn't too bad, but I can see how some people are having trouble on it. Chapter 13 was all about having optimal points for me to have to pick people off. The weapons I had on me during Chapter 13 was a 417 and either an M4a1 or a scar. I definitely died the most on this chapter, but I got through it in under an hour. I wish I had a capture card. I would post walkthroughs on how to make it through. Right now I'm on the middle of chapter 14. I'm at the point where there is a big battle with 2 turrets and a bunch of soldiers. It's the big battle right before the Juggernaut that Walker envisions as Lugo. This part seems to be the toughest part for me because of the damned turrets, so I decided to take a break. I'm currently 4 Hours and 35 minutes exactly in on my Fubar playthrough. I'll update once again when I beat the game.

Final Update: I finished the game and cleaned up the few remaining achievements I had to do. My fubar playthrough clocked in at 4 hours 48 minutes 44 seconds. That's not too long considering my suicide playthrough took me 4 hours and 46 minutes. As for some closing remarks, just keep at it and you'll eventually overcome this game. When you start to get frustrated, take a break and comeback to it. You'll do better the next time you come to it. Also, TURN ON AIM ASSIST. I did both suicide and fubar without aim assist because I didn't know it existed. I probably wouldn't have turned it on anyway due to pride issues, but that's besides the point. I cleaned up my remaining cheevos on easy and aim assist was automatically on. It made the aiming MUCH easier. If you get stuck, don't hesitate to use aim assist. With that said, I'm sending this game back to gamefly. If anyone needs some tips feel free to message me me here or on XBL. My gamertag is lilsting.

Aronsky 11-12-2012 12:59 AM

Thanks to all for the tips. Think I'm on chapter 9 or 10 atm. Little frustrating at some parts but not too bad.

Also, I know it would probably make the game too easy but am I the only one who has been constantly wishing that you didn't die right away and your partners could revive you? Just seems weird to me that the ai can be revived but you can't.

Update: Just finished my chapter 14 on Fubar. Killed last guy by sticking him with a grenade. Poor bastard. Epic final kill though. Thanks again to all the tips.

The only tip I can really give that made chapter 13 and 14 a piece of cake is to make use of the 417. Don't try to pop out of cover with it stand behind walls or other tall cover and slowly strafe around corners picking off targets. Doing this I was able to easily cross the bridge in chapter 14 without dying. Speaking of which for that part when you have to destroy the mortar with an rpg. If you like the weapons you have then quickly pick up whatever weapon you switched for the rpg after you shoot it. That way if you die you'll have your preferred weapons when you respawn.

Morgan Everett 01-01-2013 03:32 PM

After COD 2 and COD 4 veteran, this should be a walk in a park...

I hope!

DecadentBeaver 01-20-2013 01:19 PM

Thanks for the tips. I only have the Fubar achievement left to get. Been in 2 minds wether or or not to go for it. 1000g would be nice to have in this game. I probably will go for it with a video walkthrough at the ready.

Morgan Everett 01-23-2013 05:11 AM

I just got done with it. Occasionally frustrating, but not COD level madness.

whoadude 03-14-2013 03:05 AM

A little late to the party. Just now re-rented and running through on FUBAR.

My 2 cents on difficulty. And the damn glitch that came with it.

Hardest missions for me were 6 (beginning) and 14. Didn't think 13 was all too bad.

Mission 6 was just a trial by fire. See what works when you die constantly, and stay away from the car. Stay behind the building. Let them come behind to come kill you, and get their weapon when you kill them. That helps more than you know.

Mission 14, the glitch from hell.
After the first area with the turret, sniper and a slew of enemies, all I can say is stay back and don't tell your help to kill anyone but the turret, are you kill off approx 12 enemies. He will constantly run out and go down, and that's almost a guarantee you will die. I stayed at the original tunnel and picked off almost everyone from there, including the turret.

Part 2 was an hour long "OK, how the hell do I do this"? When I finally did get to the bunker on the right, and took over the turret, I killed everyone off, and started to the wall. Checkpoint. Death. And a respawn back at the beginning of the area, with HALF of the ammo I had when I started. Now it's really WTF do I do now? I'm not going back through part 1 again.

This is when I learned the quicker method. Don't worry about either bunker of turrets. Start out killing the 5 or 6 on left that jump wall. Have help kill 2 near car, and then join him in the bunker. If you take the path to the end, out of sight of left bunker, you are also blocked to right bunker. He will then advance and take a few enemies with him. A this point, jump the wall, sprint to car, then to grenade box. When you reach that, you may have a few to kill, but again, don't worry about the bunkers. Jump the wall, get directly underneath right bunker, and grenade it. Dont forget sniper on the right up high. Ally will jump wall and clean it out. Checkpoint. AGAIN!!! You will then have about another 25 to kill, most of them with the turret. Another checkpoint.

Gt more ammo in the bunker, I believe it was the grenade launcher and a scar. Go to wall to activate the next wave of enemies. Back to the turret and they will come to you. All that's left here is the heavy (Lugo) that comes through the door. 1 grenade and 3 from the MGL took him out.

After this it's pretty self explanatory. Take your time and check the corners.

Achievements for this is a well earned 1000. IMO, harder than any COD that's been made. This is the first game I've played that I wasn't concerned with missions, only checkpoints.

THC BLUNTED 04-23-2013 09:56 PM

I finished this game a few days ago and I have a few tips for anyone going for FUBAR. First use blind fire as often as you can, poping out can get you killed half the time so dont make a habbit of it. Also, the majority of the time you will be telling your squad to take down targets BUT if you are having trouble with them always going down you might have to not designate targets and kill the enemies yourself(this is a big problem near the last couple chapters). And just take your time, you may think you have the area cleared out but sometimes there is a guy hiding somewhere that can ruin your day. Good Luck!

Silicon Iceman 07-29-2013 11:17 PM

I have to disagree with whoadude.

The first part of chapter 6 was definitely one of the hardest if not the hardest point in the game and both times I got past it was only when I ducked for cover behind the car. The main reason for doing so is for the vantage point. You can see the entire field with relative ease while ducking behind the car. Blind firing the shotgun will easily take care of anyone that rushes you. The only real problem is when they throw grenades at you. You'll either have to move all the way over to the opposite side of the car or sprint towards the building. The problem with hiding behind the building is that it is very difficult to constantly look left and right to see if someone is flanking you from the opposite side. By the time you notice them, you will be dead. I've also noticed that if you are behind the building and an enemy uses the car for cover, he will most likely kill you quick if you don't dispatch him immediately.

As someone before me mentioned, the key to beating this game on FUBAR is getting the best vantage point. In this scenario, it's behind the car. It's not a very good vantage point, but it's the best one in that area.

For the beginning of chapter 13, you will spawn front and center behind some cover and facing a platoon of soldiers (when you die). Most people like to strafe left and right in cover while popping out of briefly to get some quick headshots, but it's way too hectic; especially when they toss grenades your way and you get cut down in a second when you pop out. The way I did it was to grab the 417 rifle (on your left) and the grenades (to your right), toss one into the crowd and then run back behind the tail end of the fuselage of the downed plane (or chopper) so that Adams is positioned to your left and forward of your position. Be sure to also grab the SCAR rifle as you are running back there. With the 417, zoom in and headshot everyone. If they are flanking you, Adams will most likely take care of anyone that approaches on you left. You'll have to keep an eye out to your right, but you'll be able to see them coming from a mile away. It's a lot easier to take out people from this distance because some of them can't even hit you, but you can still see their heads! They key to this method is that you MUST go back to the original barrier (right in front of Adams where you spawn if you fail) BEFORE the armored heavy guy comes out. The reason for this is because if you are anywhere else on the battlefield, the heavy will approach your position and kill you while two or three elite soldiers flank the shit out of you. It is incredibly hard to take them out popping out of cover because the heavy will mow you down in less than a second. For some reason, if you stay in cover on the left side of where you spawn, the heavy and an elite (or two) will stop just shy of where you are hiding. This will allow you to unload on them at point blank range while blind firing. Toss the one grenade you have left while he is far away or when the other soldiers are close to him. Use the SCAR's grenade launcher to soften him up and then finish him off by blind firing the 417. Make absolutely sure there is no on left alive after you down the heavy. The last thing you want to do now is die because of a careless mistake.

For the yacht part, follow "Dat Boi Treezy's" guide and it should be cake. Make absolutely sure that you bring that sniper rifle (from the previous fight) with you. It makes the fight with the heavy a joke. The only thing I did different was grab the shotgun when you head up the stairs of the yacht during the second half of the fight. This will allow you to easily decimate anyone that comes up there with a point-blank blast. Also, order Adams to kill everyone as much as you can. For some reason, he was invincible for me during this fight.

On chapter 14, the part right after your burning hallucination is the hardest in this level. Once you get to the checkpoint at the bunker, you should be fine, but getting there is a pain in the ass. My advice would be to bring a precision, long-range weapon with you and don't ditch it when you pick up the rocket launcher because if you die and respawn, it won't be on the ground where you dropped it. The key to this fight is to take out everyone before you move, even the people in the bunker and on the turret. It's hard, but not impossible. Worse case scenario is that you are stuck with the SCAR and the RPG. Save the RPG rounds for when gunners get on the turret and don't miss. After you pass the ammo refill box about half-way up on the left side, you'll get an extra rocket. Use it on the turret gunner since they are the biggest threat. Remember that when you kill one, another guy will spawn and man the turret, so never think that they are down for good unless everyone in the area is dead. Take heart in knowing that the enemy spawns are limited so once you take out enough or all enemies, you'll be in the clear, or at least clear enough to sprint and hop over the sandbags of the right bunker to trigger a checkpoint.

There is a grenade launcher and a SAW in there. You shouldn't have any problems after this point.


redbrent24 08-20-2013 10:18 PM

This achievement was a huge pain in the ass but I finally got it

The Great American Savior 11-28-2013 10:01 PM

Thanks for the tips, this definitely helped me when I was going for the FUBAR trophy!

madein1 11-29-2013 11:11 AM

Finally got the FUBAR, this guide/tips sure helped alot.

J7Y 01-02-2014 05:37 PM

Will be using this, thanks :)

Vz Skyline 08-04-2014 01:23 PM

The fubar difficulty, what a bad memory ! ^^

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